Deep State Death

This morning, God woke me up and said, "Hey, stupid, what about this" and gave me the following revelation. If used properly, this can bring down the entire US deep state and all upper to mid level lefties in one stroke, including the media and upper class trash. This could be absolutely devastating to the lefty commie traitors and their effort to set up their glorious commie dictatorship in the US...and globally.

You are about to find out that I really did study federal law in college...along with everything else I have studied. God did a very good job of preparing me for this job.

By bringing charges against 13 Russians for "interfering in a US election as non US citizens", Mueller just opened Pandora's Box and kicked it over, scattering his potential destruction everywhere, baby, because he cannot prosecute one person or group of persons for committing a crime while permitting or encouraging any person or group of persons to commit the same crime BECAUSE, in 1977, the US Supreme Court ruled that ALL laws must be enforced equally and fairly.

Therefore, the FBI prosecuting the Ruskies for committing this crime is unconstitutional because the FBI is permitting and encouraging lefties to commit the same crime by permitting, encouraging, and/or helping another group on non US citizens, called illegal aliens, to interfere in a US election by voting, making the prosecution of the Ruskies unconstitutional.

I wish I were the attorneys for the Ruskies because this is an easy "slam dunk" case because...

For Mueller to prosecute the Ruskies for the crime of non US citizens interfering in an election, he MUST also bring charges against himself and all lefties who have permitted, encouraged, and/or helped other non US citizens, called illegal aliens, to interfere in a US election by voting OR Mueller MUST drop the charges against the Ruskies or his prosecution of the Ruskies is unconstitutional.

BTW, this also means that the entire Mueller investigation into Trump colluding with the Ruskies to interfere in a US election while Mueller was openly permitting and encouraging lefties to collude with non US citizens, called illegal aliens, to interfere in a US election by voting is also unconstitutional and MUST be immediately dismissed or Mueller MUST also investigate himself and all of his lefty pals, you know, like Hillary, Obama, Holder, Schumer, Pelosi, Soros, and the rest of the lefties, including the deep state, for the same crime. Because Mueller was not investigating obvious cases of the same act being openly committed by the entire left, this means the entire investigation of Trump was unconstitutional.

I want to know why Trump and his legal team are not bringing charges against the entire left for these crimes (as a US citizen he can bring charges for crimes just like you can, that is right, YOU can bring charges against the left for these crimes so start a petition to bring charges against these criminals) and litigating against the FBI and DOJ for this unconstitutional act. With Mueller bringing charges against the Ruskies, this just became an easy case to win.

You have to understand that what Mueller just did, just made it openly possible to bring down everyone on the left because Obama, Holder, Hillary, Schumer, Pelosi, Jerry Brown, and ALL of the other top lefties have been openly permitting, encouraging, and helping non US citizens, called illegal aliens, to interfere in US elections by voting and should be prosecuted for this crime because they have also colluded with the illegal aliens to interfere in a US election by voting, which is now obviously a federal felony.

(You need to know that just encouraging someone to commit a crime is a federal felony.)

George Soros and the other members of the upper class trash funding organizations to help illegal aliens to interfere in a US election by voting have also committed the same crime and should be prosecuted for that crime.

Mueller just handed you the entire left, especially the deep state and their puppets who have been OPENLY, PUBLICALLY colluding with, permitting, encouraging, and/or helping non US citizens to interfere with US elections, which is now obviously a US federal felony. All lefty members of the government MUST now be dismissed from office because they have ALL openly and obviously committed a federal felony, which disqualifies them from being able to hold government office, and MUST now be prosecuted for their crimes.

That instantly wipes out almost half of Congress from being able to hold office and gets every lefty judge removed from their bench and disbarred for life just for starters. There should be a federal warrant for the arrest of George Soros, Obama, Hillary, Holder, and all of the rest of the lefty criminals who have been openly committing these federal felonies.

AND because they have been openly and publically encouraging non US citizens, called illegal aliens, to interfere in a US election by voting, there should be warrants for every lefty journalists, their editors, their company managers, members of every TV show like the "View", Oprah, members of Hollywood, and all others. They have all committed the same federal felony Trump was being investigated for and you, the public, are the witnesses to their crimes.

YOU, the public should be crying out for these obvious criminals to be prosecuted for their federal felonies.

Why are you not?

Oh yeah, you didn't know about it until I just told you about it.

For the Ruskie cases to not be unconstitutional, EVERYONE on the left who has openly colluded with, permitted, encouraged, and/or helped the non US citizens, called illegal aliens, to interfere with US elections by voting MUST be prosecuted for the same crimes.

Now, you can get this started by copying and pasting this EVERYWHERE you can on the Internet, including Trump's Twitter account. Spread the word and start putting these criminals away for their crimes. Show them they are not above the law. Do your job as US citizens and take the power they have abused back away from them and give it back to yourselves, where it belongs. Take back control of your nation.

If you do your job as US citizens, Mueller just brought down the entire left with his great sounding stupid idea of saving his butt by prosecuting the Ruskies. Oops.

BTW, if you do your job, we are about to find out if what's-her-face on the View still thinks Christians listening to the voice of God are nuts, you know, while she is standing before a federal judge facing federal charges for her federal crimes because a Christian listened to the voice of God. God just told me, "Go get her, boy!" And I said, "OK."

And God said, "Thinking themselves wise, they have made themselves fools."

I did my job, now you have to do yours. See, I really did study federal law.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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