I realized that I need to share with you some more of the details for what God is showing me is going on and what to expect.

First, God is concentrating on making people choose for or against liberalism while beginning the work of making people choose for or against Islam. At this time, most of the concentration is on liberalism verses Christianity, which is why the liberals are still in charge with Obama posing as a liberal though more are figuring out he is really a devout Muslim. When God has caused everyone who still has to decide between liberalism and Christianity, to make their choice, then God will permit the Muslims to take control and God will increase His focus on making people choose between Christianity and Islam. God has to deal with getting liberals purged from the church first, especially because they are the ones who made this mess possible and then caused it.

I keep reading about increasing numbers of people turning from liberalism to conservatism and we see entire church denominations turning to liberalism with individuals and some churches leaving those denominations. We just found out that Christianity has declined by a little more than 6% of the population but many liberals are still calling themselves Christians, especially entire denominations, who will eventually stop calling themselves Christians when the Muslims take over and the liberals openly convert to Islam to save their butts.

Right now, God is focusing mostly on separating the liberals (Satanists) from the true Christians. God is doing this by permitting the liberals to increase their persecution of Christians and permitting the liberals to openly increase their sins via changing laws to tempt the poser Christians into leaving the church.

You have to realize that better than 6% of more than 300 million people is 18 to 20 million people who have already made the move of disassociating from Christianity but you also have to realize that part of this drop in percentage is going to be due to Obama and his liberal pals bringing in millions more non Christians, especially Muslims, increasing the number and, therefore the percentage, of non Christians and not so much decreasing the number of Christians. Plus you have to remember that there are still large numbers of liberals still calling themselves Christians so the number of "Christians" in the US is still going to fall much more.

Plus people are already starting to convert to Christianity because of liberalism and Islam, just not as fast as they are converting out of Christianity or non Christians are being brought into the US. I keep seeing increasing numbers of people increasing in anger and open hostility towards each other based on liberalism and Christianity. Increasing numbers of Christians and other conservatives are getting fighting mad. Eyes are opening and they do not like what they see as they find out exactly what Biblical Law is "oppressing" liberals from not doing.

When God is mostly finished with this job, He will permit Obama and his Muslim pals to seize control of the US. The first thing the Muslims MUST do is purge every liberal who is currently at the top or in any management or control position down the ladder to the local groups. They have to do this to consolidate their power and prevent a counter coup by the upper class trash liberals and you know they know this. This purge by the Muslims will get rid of all of the liberal leaders and managers giving the Muslims absolute control over the liberal puppet activists.

The next thing the Muslims must do is turn to all of the liberal commie traitor puppet activists and tell them to submit to Islamic rule or die, making these liberals second class citizens and Muslim puppets. The Muslims plan to kill all of these people later, even the ones who convert to Islam, as is being shown by ISIS killing people who convert to Islam in hopes of saving their lives. It is just that Obama and his Muslim pals will need the puppets for the initial take over of the US and invading Israel.

For example, I have seen that Westerners who convert to Islam and go to fight for ISIS keep getting "volunteered" for the suicide bomber jobs. It gets rid of the enemy and also kills Westerners who might be Western spies. The way this works is the Muslims will build a car or truck bomb and have the Western convert drive it to the target and then remote detonate the bomb just in case the driver decides not to detonate the bomb. It was recently reported that a couple of Western twins who converted to Islam and went to fight for ISIS died in two separate car bombs within days of each other.

When Obama and his Muslim pals seize control of the US and, possibly, the rest of the West, the persecution of Christians will increase driving the rest of the poser Christians out of the Church. When God has caused everyone to make a decision between Islam and Christianity, He will purge many of the Muslims and most of the remnant of the liberals making it possible for the rest of the Christians to fight for their freedom and earn it the hard way so we will appreciate it more.

It is going to get much worse before it gets better so hang on tight.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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