You remember that the evolutionists have been using cave people and nomadic hunter/gatherers to help prove that man evolved from apes? The evolutionists tell us that man first lived in caves and were nomadic hunter/gatherers before becoming agrarian and building communities. They say we have been evolving up to higher intelligence and developing better technology.

The evolutionists have also used these cave people and hunter/gatherer communities to stretch out the time and history of man. I realized a long time ago that many of these less developed cultures or sights the evolutionists and historians put on a linear time line in order of technological development had existed at the same time on a parallel time frame.

For example, if you take a large city, small town, and a hunter's camp in the woods, all being used at the same time, today's archaeologists would put the three sites on a linear time line with the less developed site being more primitive and earlier in time and the most developed site being less primitive or more advanced and later in time. This very flawed system effectively extends the time line for humans living in that area in spite of the fact that the humans from all three sights were in the same area at the same time.

But there is something else I am noticing based on new evidence and evidence which had been hidden by the evolutionists and is now being made public by both creation and evolution scientists.

In the Bible, God said that He gave man the intelligence and knowledge right out of the Garden of Eden for building cities (things like massive stone works), making music and musical instruments, and advanced metallurgy for bronze and steel. This is exactly the opposite of what evolutionists are telling us happened, they say we started out living in caves and mud huts while beating our food to death with clubs.

More and more, I am seeing ancient sights with building techniques we cannot seem to replicate with today's technology. In other words, these ancient people were technologically and intellectually far more advanced than we were told they were. Much of this our upper class trash knew about but kept it covered up because it disproves the pagan fairy tale of evolution.

Then what about these people who lived in caves and were nomadic hunter/gatherers?

Ever since the first conquest of the first town by some power mad, greedy, lunatic ruler, people have been afraid of and regularly fleeing those crazed conquerors, you know, the great rulers of history. Those terrified people would grab whatever they could carry and beat it out of town to hide away from the advancing armies of these power mad nuts.

Where did these people flee to?

For that answer, all you have to do is look at what people are doing today to flee the insanity of our power mad, greedy upper class trash. Many flee to other cities but many more flee to unoccupied areas and started new and smaller towns with much less technology and would, therefore, be considered more primitive and older communities by today's archaeologists. But some people flee into the mountains and hide from this insanity in caves becoming hunter/gathers to survive and would be considered by archaeologists as our primitive ancestors, you know, just like today's preppers are planning on doing when our crazed lunatic leaders start the killing today. The big difference is those preppers didn't have the internet to help them plan their escape and they were forced to leave behind most of their technology and all knowledge they did not personally have. This required yesterday's preppers to live under much more primitive conditions when they fled.

In other words, the cave people and hunter/gatherers weren't about evolution but the terrified people of the past fleeing the insane ravaging of the upper class trash and their armies just like today's preppers are preparing to flee, hide, and return to being hunter gatherers to escape the insane power mad, greedy upper class trash today. Several thousand years from now, the camp sites where today's preppers flee to in order to survive will be considered cave people and hunter/gatherers who were our primitive ancestors in spite of the fact these people are living here with us right now.

Just a wee bit of a flaw in their logic, huh?

What should this tell you?

First, the building sights where they used technology we don't know and understand today tell me that we have been losing information for thousands of years due to attrition and not gaining all of that information back. This tells me that our ancestors were at least as intelligent as us and probably more intelligent so that, instead of evolving to more intelligent and knowledgeable beings, we are devolving to less intelligent beings in agreement with what the Bible says.

All of this lost technology and knowledge we are finding out about now didn't come from aliens but our much more intelligent ancestors. We are trying to interpret these findings based on continuing to believe the evolutionary lie that our ancestors were less intelligent than us and not more intelligent, therefore, we assume that superior technology and knowledge must have come from some one else, you know, aliens. But, if you realize that we have been devolving in accordance with the second law of thermodynamics instead of evolving, then you also realize that it was our ancestors who had the superior knowledge and technology and not aliens.

Suddenly, history looks very different and fits the Bible instead of evolution.

You need to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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