Dire Straights

After posting the last essay, I realized that I may have been painting too rosy of a picture for the US military and I feel I need to set things straight. Yes, we have all of these really great super secret weapon systems BUT you have to understand this strategy was developed for a large and strong US military to defeat one or two other strong powers like the Soviet Union and, maybe, China. We are no where near that right now, which is why the US military is desperately disclosing such weapon systems in an attempt to warn off or discourage other nations from attacking the US.

First, Obama and his commie and Muslim pals have so severely sabotaged the US military that we will soon have the manpower the US had prior to WWII, you know, when the Japanese handed us our butts at Pearl Harbor. Just in case you have not noticed, you cannot make up that much of a loss in boots on the ground with just pure technology. That is why they keep talking about putting boots on the ground in places like Iraq in spite of our vastly superior technology. You still need manpower and, especially when it comes to operating your high tech weapons. Somebody has to pull the trigger for it to work.

Second, the failed containment strategy forced on our military by our liberal commie traitors to keep the military from destroying our enemies one at a time when we could have easily done so has created an army of much stronger armies for our military to fight. Instead of just facing the Soviet Union and, maybe, a much weaker China, we now face 1) our liberal commie traitor upper class trash and their army of liberal activist traitors for whom many such weapons won't do us any good because these monsters are an internal threat (what are we going to do, EMP attack our own cities and government to defeat them? Think boots and lots of them.), 2) the Muslims as both an internal (more boots) and external threat for whom we must destroy at least the top Muslim countries (Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and others) and those Muslims already in our country (many more boots), 3) a significantly stronger Russia because of weapons technology sold and billions of US dollars given to them by Billy Boy and Hilarious Clintstone, 4) a very significantly stronger China because of weapons technology sold and billions of US dollars given to them by Billy Boy and Hilarious Clintstone, 5) North Korea, who now has nukes, thanks to our liberal commie traitors like Billy Boy and Hilarious Clintstone, 6)Mexico, whom, in of herself is not much of a threat but in combination with the others is more fuel on the same fire, 6) Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and others who just add even more fuel to the fire.

BTW, you know we will have to take and keep at least Mexico and Cuba because of their complicity in this mess and the threat they will pose to us, if we don't.

That black closet strategy wasn't designed to simultaneously handle all of these threats the liberal commie traitors have created with their acts of treason. Now you can see how dire the straights are for the US military and why they are desperately trying to dissuade some of these hostile elements working to overthrow the US. If the US military can make it obvious they will turn the weaker of these threats to rubble, then the US military will only have to deal with a few of the stronger threats, which will greatly enhance their potential for success. This is called psychological warfare.

Think not?

Then why did the US military get the House to pass a bill a few years ago giving the US military unilateral authority to stage a preemptive attack against China and use nukes, if the military feels they are required, WITHOUT the consent of the president? Gee, the US military wouldn't be wanting to quickly take China out of the picture by turning her armies and cities into rubble so the US military would have a better chance of defeating the rest of our enemies, would they?

Very clearly, the first few threats will require a lot of boots because quite a few of our best weapons can't be used against our own cities and people, which requires using a lot more boots and Obama and company are doing their best to decrease the number of boots available to the US military (think sabotage and treason). If the US military can scare off all but the first two threats, it will still have its hands full with a very bloody internal war, far worse than the US Civil War, which explains why the US military dragging these super duper weapons out of the black closet is an act of desperation. Clearly, the US military wants every nation outside of the US to know that, if they attack us, we will turn their nations into rubble and send them back to the cave with much smaller armies of animal skin clad warriors carrying clubs and spears.

Of course, the fewer enemies the US military can discourage, the tougher this fight will be. The US military is in dire straights even with all of those really great and neat-o weapon systems. So the US military is sending the message that all countries attacking the US during this time of crisis will pay a very sudden and high price for their hostile actions.

You know, just how many of your cities do you want turned into really huge craters and piles of smoldering rubble? How deep do you want the bodies stacked in your countries?

Mean while, we have the twits in Congress openly asking why our military is suddenly releasing knowledge about classified weapons systems?

This is why, if we have revival and prayer, God will use the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to destroy most of these enemies so we can have a second chance. If we don't turn back to God, He won't take as many of these enemies from our countries to the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to destroy them and we will have to fight many more of them for our freedom, which will mean a much bloodier war we may still lose and find ourselves dead or in slavery to our enemies.

Therefore, the most significant weapon we have is prayer. We need to repent of our crimes against God's Laws and turn back to God, called revival. We MUST turn back to true conservative Biblical Judeo-Christianity, which God used to create the West or we will lose everything including our lives and freedoms.

You have to ask, "Just how much are your sins worth to you?"

You know, when you are dead or living in slavery, you don't get to sin any more. When you tick God off enough, you will quit sinning one way or another. One way, you are still alive and free, another way, well, not so. We don't have much time left and we are all going to have to decide very soon which way we will quit sinning and we will quit sinning. Not if, but how and when?

Without God, we are mega screwed!!!

Right now, the most important thing is your eternal salvation because you may not be alive tomorrow. Therefore....

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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