And then there was Rita. Another million plus people have just been made homeless in the US and more fuel refineries have been damaged or destroyed driving both gasoline and home heating fuel prices to increase again. I know that, if you only pay attention to the US liberal news they are not telling you but the terrorists in Israel are already using the evacuated Gaza Strip to launch surface to surface missiles at Israeli citizens killing and wounding many just like it was predicted would happen if the Israeli's evacuated and turned the area over to the Palistinians and guess who just started paying for making them endure this hardship.

I find it very interesting that the liberal media keep turning to preachers they know will either give them a politically correct answer or be wishy washy to ask if God punishes us. I also find it very interesting that they are only asking whether the God of the Bible punishes us and not the other gods from other religions even though they like to refute the existence of the God from the Bible, Yahweh.

As I have stated before, I show in my e-book that God does punish us and also teach why He must providing the scriptures for you to read for yourself. I recently heard one liberal journalist ask a prominent preacher why God would punish even His Christians and the preacher gave a very wishy washy answer. The answer can be found in the Law where God repeatedly states that for us to stand by watching others commit crimes against His Laws and doing nothing, what the liberals call tolerance, is a crime against God's Laws and that He will punish us for that crime.

Very interestingly, in Leviticus, God tells us that He punishes us in six steps and gives details about the steps that I provide in my e-book and discuss in some detail, providing insights, in one of the discourses between my lead character and Yahweh, of which, I provide quite a few answering questions most Christians can't seem to get answered. What should concern everyone is that in each of the first four steps, God says pretty much the same punishments but says at the beginning of the second through fifth steps that, if we persist in our deviant behaviors, He will increase the intensity of our punishments by seven fold. This means that by the time God begins our punishment in step five that He has increased the intensity of our punishment 2,401 times. These steps usual take from decades to one or more centuries for God to go through them because He is much more patient than we are. If I were Him, I would have wiped our butts out a long time ago.

In the fifth and next to last step, God adds that He will make our cities desolate and adds pestilence as part of our punishment. Considering that He has just made almost every coastal city, town, and village from east Texas to Alabama desolate from just two hurricanes, this should begin to be frightening to all of us including the God haters because it looks like we may be in the last phases of punishment and warnings before the last punishment in which God said he will destroy our country and scatter us among the nations which usually means as prisoners and slaves or hiding in fear.

Then we have to understand Biblical pestilence. It is used for both animal infestations such as locusts and grasshoppers destroying our land and economy but is also frequently used for epidemics and pandemic's. When we consider this in relation to the pending bird flu, which the media have started calling the avian flu, and its implications, this should be frightening beyond belief.

Recently, ABC had a show on disasters which was, at best, poorly done because they either provided incomplete information or false information but since their data was more conservative than mine, I will go with their data for most of this essay. In this show about a number of different disasters and how to survive them, they discussed the bird flu and its pending disaster. They stated that the mortality rate was only at 55% which is really terrible but also stated that there is a drug from Switzerland which can help people survive the disease then started telling the story as if the drug is a miracle cure providing no estimated mortality rate even with the drug.

But let's first look at the statistics they provided and what they really mean. They estimated that, out of 300 million Americans, 200 million will be infected within one to two years and then, very tactfully, stated that one to two million of us will die within the first month and did not say anything about how many will die during the pandemic. Just a little math should tell you that they expect at least 110 million people in just the US to die from the pandemic in one to two years or over one third of the people in the US. That is so many people that they won't be able to burry most of them, except in mass graves, and many families will just cease to exist within just one or two years. Globally, it will be much worse because we have the best medicine in the world. It is possible that the global population will decline by half within two years from the time this pandemic starts. In the worst disaster to every hit mankind, the Black Plague, the global population only declined by 25%. The experts are expecting this to be at least twice that bad with a much greater global population and mortality. The pending pandemic won't be pleasant for anyone and they stated that it could begin as early as this winter making my estimates very conservative, again.

So, are we being punished by God? It sure looks like it because current events have exceeded Biblical scale. Maybe we should either turn back to God and His Laws or practice kissing our butts goodbye. It should be very obvious that God is not tolerant and one key thing here is that, if the God of the Bible is real and He is punishing us, being in denial about His existence and Him punishing us won't solve our problems and will only make them worse so it becomes crucial for us to deal with whether Yahweh exists from a very objective basis if we want to survive. At this time, God is the only being on the planet who can make the bird flu not happen. Our experts are clearly scared to death.

Note: in the ABC show about disasters and how to survive them, was very incomplete and provided incorrect information so, to help you, I have decided to start working on another e-book about what these disasters will really be like and how to increase your chances of surviving them. I have noticed in watching a number of disasters on TV that almost no one including the experts have been taking the right steps. Did you notice that before hurricane Rita they took the survival steps I said they should have for Katrina and there was very little life lost? Think about it. It will probably take me a few months to complete the e-book. I will post it on this site when it is finished.

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