Bad Dream

Do you remember the dream I told you about recently in which a very strong wind suddenly blew from the east and blew me and the other people out of a certain building in Chicago. I later realized the dream was about a 10 k nuclear blast to the east of the building. I thought it might have been the Sears building but I wasn't sure whether the Sears building was in Chicago or another city.

One of my friends just emailed me this news story from UPI. It should scare the beejeebers out of you or at least make you think.

Shadowy trio seen studying Sears Tower

CHICAGO, March 16 (UPI) -- U.S. federal officials have confirmed they are investigating an incident where three men were seen studying and taking pictures of Chicago's Sears Tower. The men were spotted outside the 110-story building by security guards about three weeks ago. The men were questioned and allowed to leave, but the guards notified the Chicago Police Department. They in turn notified the Joint Terrorism Task Force, the Chicago Tribune reported The guards recorded the car's license plate and it was traced to a rental agency, which said the car was returned about an hour after the incident. It was later determined it had been rented with a fictional name, sources told the newspaper. Also within the last three weeks, WLS-TV reported a man was questioned about sketching the Boeing World Headquarters building.

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Some of the things I didn't tell you about the dream were that the offices were full of people and it was day time so it would be safe to interpret that the dream was during work hours of 8 to 5 from Monday through Friday. When we left the building and were falling, it was warm outside and there wasn't any snow or ice on the pavement and sidewalks below so it must have been during the spring or summer.

Pray hard and long it doesn't happen. I hope they get these guys soon.

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