Dream 16

This morning, April 9, 2017, I woke to a dream at 4:30 am I want to share with you because it is a great learning opportunity. I do not know whether it has any prophetic value or meaning but it is a great dream for teaching certain truths but, first, let me set the background.

My sister, Carol, died April 5, 1967, was buried April 8, 1967, I had my 18th birthday April 13, 1967, and I graduated from high school May 1967, 50 years ago or half a century ago this year.

The dream I woke to was very logical and not the usual weird dream. In the dream, Carol was raised from the dead (the dream didn't say how she was raised from the dead), she got a job, and went to work. Everything was fine until the government made her boss fire her because she "was not allowed to work because she had been raised from the dead." Believe me, I would not put something that stupid past our liberal pagan government. Our government has recently done things at least that stupid.

The government started an investigation into whether she was actually raised from the dead and the evidence from the investigation was overwhelming and conclusive but the liberals running our bureaucratic government refused to accept the truth and started investigating and harassing everyone who had testified or provided evidence that she really did rise from the dead.

That was when I woke from the dream and began thinking about the dream. As I thought about the dream, I realized this is what has happened to Jesus and has been going on now for two thousand years. We have overwhelming historic evidence, most of it from pagan sources, that Jesus was murdered by both the Gentiles and Jews, and was raised from the dead BUT, for two thousand years, the God hating pagans have ignored that evidence and refuse to believe Jesus was really raised from the dead. They also ignore and refuse to believe the conclusive evidence which proves the Bible to be true and not myths and old wives' tales.

If Jesus were to return today, most of those God hating pagans would refuse to acknowledge Him as the real Jesus and God and the Bible tell us that, on Judgment Day, standing in God's courtroom and facing Jesus in their trial for their eternal destiny, many will refuse to accept Him as God and will curse Him and blaspheme His name.


Because they love their sins so much they will reject God forever so they don't have to give up their sins even though they will definitely give up their sins forever in the Lake of Fire. They will gladly believe or even create ANY lie rather than accept the truth about Jesus being our God because they love their sins and, therefore, hate God. You simply can't love your sins and God at the same time, you have to chose one or the other and most will chose to love their sins, even after burning for trillions time trillions of years in the Lake of Fire, they will irrationally love their sins and hate God forever.

Then I thought about this more in other ways. One way was that no matter what evidence, proofs, and undeniable miracles, those people will chose to ignore those proofs and evidence and gladly chose to believe ANY lie rather than accept the truth. You can perform all of the miracles you want again and again, including raising people from the dead, and they reject the truth, you know, just like they did with Jesus. Jesus performed more miracles than all of the Bible prophets and pagan prophets combined and most of the world has rejected Him now for 2,000 years. He fulfilled more than 300 Old Testament prophesies, many of which it is not humanly possible to fulfill and only God can fulfill those prophesies, the Jews are still waiting for someone to fulfill and most of the Jews have rejected Jesus for their sins for the last 2,000 years, which is why they spent the last 2,000 years in exile and being persecuted. But, in spite of their exile and persecution, they still refuse to accept Jesus as their messiah and God, just like people will after they have spent trillions times trillions of years in the Lake of Fire.

We humans tend to be bullheaded, don't we?

Absolutely, no matter what miracles God causes and how many, most people will still reject the one true God because they love their sins.

Then I thought about this dream from the aspect of poor Carol. We humans tend to be selfish and would love to have our loved ones raised from the dead so we can see them again, not thinking about how it would be like for them, only thinking about ourselves. We are a selfish lot.

Just think about what it would be like to be raised from the dead, when you have been dead for the last half century. This world has changed in every way imaginable and it would be a massive culture shock for her. Our nation alone has been involved in more than half a dozen wars and scandals and has been taken over and ruined by the liberal commie traitors. The Soviet Union has collapsed, the only personal computer was the human brain, the global population has better than doubled, and there is a huge amount she would have to catch up on before she could possibly understand what is going on around her. She would probably think most people are crazy and would probably be right.

Even if your loved one were dead for just the last 5 to 10 years, raising them from the dead would be a significant culture shock because so much has happened. It definitely would not be a pleasant experience for them. Note that the people Jesus raised from the dead had only been dead a few hours or days and not for months, years, or decades.

Then there is the fact that she is a Christian. If she were raised from the dead as a pagan, the liberals would think it was a wonderful miracle for at least a while, though it would conclusively disprove their ideas about reincarnation and those people who WANT to believe in reincarnation would reject her and turn on her, causing her problems. They would ignore the obvious evidence disproving what they want to believe.

But, with her being a Christian, she is going to be returning from Heaven to this hell on earth being run by satanic pagans and they would quickly and gladly turn her life into the worst possible indescribably living hell. I would not wish that on a person I love. I would much rather wait to see her in Heaven, where we would both enjoy the reunion, you know, away from the satanic pagans.

I pray this has given you some things to think and pray about and that you better understand why God has performed very few Biblical type miracles like raising the dead for the last 2,000 years but we Christians know He has continued to perform many miracles during that time the pagans refuse to recognize as miracles because they hate God.

If God were to miraculously create another planet with all of the life on it within sight of this planet in just a few days, almost all pagans would reject the truth about it for some pagan fairy tale because they hate God. They already rejected the many miracles of Jesus, they will reject them again. Very few would accept those miracles and convert.

The proof of this is that God regularly performs miracles the pagans make up fairy tales to explain away and He is about to perform some of His greatest miracles since the Flood and the pagans will reject those miracles and the truth for their false pagan fairy tales and false gods because they hate the one true God, all because they love their sins.

So, if you see a man of God performing incredible miracles, don't expect the entire or even most of the world to convert. They will just create pagan fairy tales explaining those miracles away.

How was that for a 5 am essay?

That will definitely give you something to think and pray about.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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