Dream 2

Last night I had a really terrible dream. I was working in a dry cleaning business and the police came into the business and began finding dead men every where. As I walked around completely ignored by everyone except the occasional investigating officer telling me something important about what was going on, they kept finding more and more bodies stored in the facility and the size of the business kept growing with more and more rooms that included other businesses and factories.

The businesses and factories represented the industrialized west and each room represented a country in the industrialized west. At first, the rooms were smaller but they got bigger with more dead men as the dream continued. The numbers of dead men quickly grew from thousands to tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands to millions to tens of millions to untold hundreds of millions with, at one time, one officer telling me they had reached 84 million dead men. I still don't understand the significance of that number.

The dead were everywhere in every room. They were on shelves, in bins, in bags, in any kind of industrial container, or just lying about. I finally ended up in a very large room with very advanced technology and massive numbers of dead in shelves and bins. They even found dead men in boats and ships. The bodies were often terribly mutilated.

When they first started finding dead, it was light inside the businesses and the factories and the machines were working. But as they found more and more dead, it grew darker and darker until it was like night inside the rooms without lights and the machines grew quiet and still in the dark. Except for the officers and myself, there was no sound or movement in the darkness. It was really terrible.

It was made known to me that what I saw was the Muslims invading and conquering the industrialized west one country at a time. As they conquered a country, they killed all the men and enslaved the women and children so that there wasn't anyone left to work the businesses and factories so that each country fell into darkness as the businesses fell silent and the west fell into a dark ages far worse than anything man had seen or could even imagine.

What I saw was that the west had failed to stand up and fight against Islam permitting Islam to conquer it one country at a time until they were all conquered. The west only wanted to talk about peace and the Muslims said, "Fine, keep talking while we slaughter. We can talk and kill at the same time until the last of you are dead."

The interpretation is that Islam will conquer the industrialized west slaughtering all the men who were too cowardly to fight and taking the women and children as sex slaves. The Muslim men are permitted to have as many sex slaves as they can support without it being adultery, can have sex with little girls down to less than one year old without it being adultery, and can have sex with young boys without it being considered adultery or homosexuality.

When the young boys reach a certain age, if they are not Muslims, they will be killed in front of their mothers. If they are Muslims and are not Arabs or Persians, they will be sent off to die fighting for Islam. Either way, they will end up dead.

You have to understand that, in Islam, dogs, pigs, and monkeys are considered the three lowest life forms on earth. Muslim men consider Muslim women to be as low as dogs and regularly call their women dogs. Non-Muslims are even lower than Muslim women so that the sex slaves will be at the mercy of the Muslim women and you can bet they will be your task masters making you do the worst and dirtiest of the jobs. If you don't do the jobs, you don't do the jobs fast enough, or you don't do it the way they want it done, they will beat you and your children. Some will beat you just for the fun of it. If you try to defend yourself or your children, they will kill you and your children.

Basically, life will be hell until you die and your death will probably be terrible. Maybe some of you women should stop believing the lies of the Muslims and our idiot media and politicians and tell those cowardly boy friends and husbands of yours to start fighting. It will at least keep the Muslims at bay until the Tribulation when they will definitely conquer the world as prophesied in the book of Revelation. It would also be a good idea to accept Christ as your savor and get your family to do the same so you can all beat it out of here in the Rapture.

Get smart or life is going to get really nasty. I believe that this dream was meant as a warning to the rest of the world to pull your heads out of your butts before it is too late and the Muslims cut your heads off. Or you can keep being stupid until you end up dead. Your choice. Choose wisely, you won't get a second choice.

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