Dream 7

God gave me another dream last week in which my country was divided into two parts. In the dream, the new country I was in was smaller than the other new country with water or the ocean some where behind me and the people were oppressed, impoverished, and very unhappy. The upper class trash who were in control of that new country created an illusion of lies, misinformation, and propaganda we couldn't see through to see how things were doing in the other new country which used to be the other part of my former country. The illusion made it look like those people were also oppressed, impoverished, and very unhappy so that we would not revolt and over throw our new oppressive government. I kept moving, trying to see through the illusion, until I reached a small peninsula which was split in half by the new division between our two new countries where I could see through the illusion. I saw that the people in the other new country formed by the division of my former country were not oppressed and impoverish and they prospered and were very happy.

When I woke, I quickly realized that, in another dream I have not yet told you about, a theater represented the US and there was an aisle separating the two sides of the people in that theater which had also meant the US would be divided into two new countries. I had not realized this until I had this last dream.

I have been thinking about this last dream along with the first one telling me that, When God punishes this country, He will divide it into two new countries when I had an opportunity to listen to some retired military and CIA people talk about the corruption in our government including the military, intelligence, and law enforcement agencies. While listening to them, I realized that our government has become very corrupt in every area at every level. There are some good people but the bad people are in majority control and there are so many bad people who have infiltrated every aspect of our government that, in the words of one Army sergeant, it is impossible to clean up the mess because there are just too many bad people involved in running everything.

In vain, I had been hoping that the military and Federal law enforcement agencies would come to our rescue when the fecal matter hit the fan but it seems they are also out of control and part of the problem. We have reached a point in this country that, without direct intervention from God, there is no hope for the good people of this country.

It was then that I realized that God must punish this country for its corruption just as He has all other corrupt countries before us or He will have to apologize to every other country He has punished. As a matter of fact, no matter what punishment God will subject us to, we deserve much worse and the only reason we will not get the worse punishment is because of God's mercy. The only reason we have not been severely punished by God yet is because of His patience and mercy, but God is also a just God and must uphold justice by soon punishing us for our crimes against His Laws.

This made me very sad and my heart wept. We cannot blame God for this because we have brought it upon ourselves. As the scriptures would say, we have become a wicked and evil people and must be punished. The only reason we have not yet been punished severely is because there are plenty of good people still left in this country and God is giving the evil people one last chance to repent and turn back to Him.

Just as He warned us in the scriptures, when He does punish us, He will divide this country into two parts, just as He did with Israel before He scattered the 10 northern tribes. One part will be taken over by the corrupt pagans and their people will be oppressed and impoverished. The other new country will be taken over by good Christians and the people will not be oppresses and they will prosper and be very happy. Apparently, enough conservative, born again Christians have been praying and God is listening to them so that God will provide an escape for those who seek to live good lives under a conservative Judeo-Christian country or theocracy. The US will be divided between the Christians and the pagans. Both will get what they want. The Christians will be very happy and the pagans will regret what they get. So keep praying because God is listening.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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