Dream 8

I was just reviewing this web site on April 4, 2012 when I realized that I had not published a dream I had back on November 19, 2009. Oops, my bad! I had written the dream up on a Word document and wanted to think about the meaning of everything before I published the essay. I have been thinking about the meaning of everything since then and often enough that I eventually began to think I had published the dream. Sorry it is late but here is the dream almost exactly as I wrote about it the night I had the dream.

In a dream I had on November 19th, 2009, a bunch of people were all going to a party at the Sears Tower in down town Chicago dressed in formal wear. It was a very high class and expensive party and the mostly white people going to the party were very wealthy and powerful. At the party, they all happily (talking and laughing) got into these white airplanes with red sides that all looked like twin engine 1976 Cessna 340A private planes with the pointed front fuselage but there were not any engines on the wings and the people didn't get inside the cabin of the plane. Instead, there were these compartments across the fronts of the wings and nose fuselage in front of the cockpits of each plane which were partly open. The people got into these compartments laying face up with their heads towards the rear of the planes and feet towards the front packed side-by-side like sardines with 8 people to a plane. There was a long row of these planes going off into the distance so that there had to be a lot of people. There were possibly hundreds to thousands of people in these planes.

Suddenly, the people all died because the plane killed them and Obama began trying to cover up that he had killed them with the plane by trying to burry the planes with the people in them. I stood up and told everyone that Obama had killed these people and, when Obama came to confront me, I confronted Obama telling him to his face that he was a liar. He suddenly became afraid of me, turned, and fled. Then I woke.

This has to do with Obama nuking Chicago and should be read in conjunction with "The Dream" essay posted November 2008 about some one nuking Chicago. Obama will throw a formal party in the top of the Sears tower on a weekday between 8 am and 5 pm, probably during the spring or summer. Obama will invite a lot of very wealthy and powerful people but tell his Muslim and black friends to show up late, you know, like never. God told me they will deliver the nuke to the target in the airplane and blow everyone out of the tower. The plane will deliver the 10k nuke from the east of the tower and the nuke will be hidden in the nose of the plane just in front of the pilot (shown by the compartment the people got into in front of the cockpit). By the way, the planes I found on the Internet which look very much like this plane such as older Cessna and Beachcraft planes are all 8 passenger planes (which was shown by 8 people getting into each plane). Please also note that the many identical planes represented only one plane killing many people.

You have probably been wondering why I have been so insistent on it being Obama who will nuke Chicago. I bet you understand now. I appologize for being so late with this one, it just got by me. And you can bet I am still thinking about it quite a bit. Maybe God had a reason for me being so late with this one.

It is and always will be time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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