Dream 9

I had this dream in 1996, wrote it down and have been saving it for when God would want me to share it with you. Today, just before I shut down my computer, I noticed a headline about Phil Mickelson putting his California mansion up for sale and leaving California because of what the liberal commies have done to California. As I shut the computer down, I remembered this dream and realized that it is time to share this dream with you because I could easily see God doing this to Los Angeles in the not too distant future because of how bad things have gotten in California. As you will see, there is considerable detail to this dream.

The Dream

God gave me this vision during the Spring of 1996. This one had to do with the destruction of the City of Los Angeles and the greater LA area.

The vision began with God placing me in a car at the north end of Balboa Blvd just south of Freeway 5 and west of San Fernando Valley. I started driving south on Balboa Blvd and could see that there was a fair amount of earthquake damage near me but the local life and economy seemed to be doing well. At the same time, God let me see further to the east. From about Supulveda Blvd eastward and from San Fernando south to the Santa Monica Mountains was very heavily damaged. Much more than half of the buildings had been destroyed by the quake and there was very little economic activity.

I drove south on Balboa Blvd until about Victory Blvd and then was suddenly sitting still, facing south on the 405 Freeway due east of Venice. Looking west, I could see that the Venice, Marina del Rey, El Segundo, and other beach areas were only slightly damaged and the economies were doing well. From the eastern edge of Venice to as far east as I could see and from the northern edge of Long Beach to the Santa Monica Mountains was almost completely destroyed. There were very few buildings still standing.

I suddenly found myself on city streets heading east and would occasionally stop and look through some of the ruined and deserted homes. I drove all the way to Riverside and in this entire area there was only an occasional home or small group of homes still standing and being lived in.

The entire area had been leveled by God with a super earthquake. The damage was so extensive that the government didn't even try to rebuild it. People just grabbed what was left of their belongings and left the area. God had become so angered by their continuing disregard for His laws, their corruption, and paganism that He just finally leveled the area and put an end to their wickedness. Los Angeles had gone the way of Sodom and Gamorah.

It is definitely time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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