Have you noticed that the liberals, especially the media (including Hollywood) go around telling our children that it is not only alright but is good to use drugs and then, when those same young people use those same drugs, especially when they are in the military or law enforcement, that those same young people are bad for using the drugs?

Let me give you a hint, drugs are a sucker punch being used by the upper class trash against the middle and lower classes. What they are doing is teaching our children to fail and then they condemn our children when they do fail.

The liberal commie traitors go around using the media to send a very clear message in their TV shows and movies that you can't be cool unless you use dope and then brand you a criminal when you do use dope, especially if you are among their enemies, the military and law enforcement, or if you just step out of line from within their ranks.

Maybe it is me but I think that is being just a little hypocritical and irresponsible but the really ugly truth is that it is clearly intentional and a trap. If you do what the liberal commie traitors teach you that you must do in order to be cool and you get caught, then you are a criminal. Doesn't that also make them criminals because encouraging you to commit a crime makes them complicit in your crime? Doesn't them encouraging you to use dope make them dope pushers?

One very serious aspect of this is that they are also teaching our young people to deal with the problems in life by using drugs to avoid dealing with those problems (escapism) while vainly hoping those problems will just magically go away. It is the liberal fairy dust thing. Then, while those same young people are dealing with the physical torments of coming down from their highs caused by those drugs, they are faced with the reality that those problems didn't just magically go away, the problems are still there waiting to be dealt with. Of course, the normal human reaction is to grab some more dope and go back into hiding, you know, where the liberals told you to go in the first place. It won't do any good, those problems will still be waiting for you when you get back.

And, when you don't deal with those problems because you were stoned, the liberals brand you as being bad because you are irresponsible. But, hold it, didn't they teach you to be irresponsible? How dare they condemn you for doing what they told you to do.

If you don't use the drugs, you are not cool but, if you do use the drugs you are also not cool but are bad and a criminal, you know, like them.

Then there is the matter that the liberals regularly use drug abuse to black mail anyone not on their team to joining their team whether you want to or not. They use their control of NSA, the FBI, and other government agencies to find out that you are using the dope they told you that you have to use to be cool, like them, and then black mail you with the fact that you are using that dope, you know, just like them. What they are doing is criminal but, hey, they own the cops so they don't have to worry about going to jail.

Yep, dope is definitely a sucker punch. But it isn't the only liberal sucker punch or the best.

Let's talk about "free sex"! You know, the liberals' biggest and best sucker punch. Again, they teach you that you can't be cool unless you are screwing around having their "free sex", especially if you are screwing around on your spouse. Then they use that "free sex" to control you into being on their team or staying in line with them or you won't get more free sex. If you are on the enemy's side, they will use that "free sex" to destroy you while ranting that their enemies should be aloud to use that same "free sex" to destroy them.

They portend that what they do in their private lives shouldn't matter but what you do in your private life is critical. Remember what they did to General Patraeus for screwing around on his wife having that same "free sex"? They destroyed his career for doing what they told him is good to do, having that glorious "free sex".

Gee, I guess "free sex" really isn't free, it seems you always end up paying a pretty heavy price for something which is supposed to be free. Not only is it not free, but it is definitely a sucker punch and a terrible trap.

Maybe God knew what He was talking about when He said, "Thou shalt not commit adultery." You think?

"Free sex" can definitely get you in a lot of trouble, makes it much easier for the liberals to black mail and control you, has caused the greatest disease pandemic in history, causes family problems, causes a lot of pain when you are the one being messed around on by our spouse, and is killing millions of people every year with a variety of STDs. It kind of sounds like "free sex" is an oxymoron, doesn't it?

Now where did the liberals get the idea that adultery is "free sex"? Oh yeah, from that other guy, Satan, you know, the father of lies. Did I tell you that lying is also a very important liberal tool?

No wonder the liberals hate the Ten Commandments.

It is always a good idea to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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