Ebola 2

One of my three site readers sent me a link to a site which provided significant scientific evidence that Ebola can easily be transmitted pneumonically, you know, just like I told you is going on with this pandemic. It is getting increasingly clear that the CDC is trying to cover up something and this is thousands of times worse than Benghazi. The trouble is that they won't be able to cover anything up for very long because by October 15th, every one Duncan infected, will be in the hospital. Whether he infected dozens or hundreds, they will all be in the hospital by October 15th because that will be more than 23 days after he could have infected them or beyond the maximum incubation period. Every one of them will be showing symptoms of Ebola before that date. We will quickly find out 1) whether the disease is being spread pneumonically and 2) just how many people Duncan infected.

There are some other important things to consider here. The first publically known person to make it to either the US or Europe with Ebola is the woman who died in the British airport upon arrival. Duncan is the second publically known person to have made the trip and neither of these two infected people had any trouble getting to either the US or Europe. This means it is very easy for people infected with Ebola fleeing those nations to travel by air to both the US and Europe and there must be others who are right now doing this and we will soon find out about them.

Next, you have to understand what Duncan did, right or wrong. He had just had extremely close contact with the dying pregnant woman because he tried to help her, saw her not be able to get help at the hospital because the hospital was full, saw her die, knew he was infected and he would not be able to get help in Liberia because the hospitals are full, he was in fear of his life, he jumped on a plane and beat it to the US where he knew he would get help, infecting unknown numbers of people on the way.

Now you have to know that there are many other infected and scared people in those four countries, just like Duncan, who know they won't be able to get help because the hospitals are full and they just saw Duncan get help by flying to the US and Europe without any trouble at all and you know they saw it on today's news.

What do you think they are going to do and some are doing it right now?

Those very scared infected people who know they won't get help in their countries because the hospitals are full will get on planes and fly to either the US or Europe to get help, very quickly spreading the disease all over the world. We are talking a global Ebola pandemic within days, you know, just like I have been warning you could happen for more than a decade. It is happening RIGHT NOW! I am no longer warning, I am now informing.

And Obama refuses to stop air travel between those countries and the US?

It should be blatantly obvious by now that Obama, the liberals, and the puppet masters are intentionally causing these disease pandemics in the US, therefore, they must have secret vaccines they are using, except for the stooges who got the placebos, you know, better than 90% of the traitors who are scheduled to be purge, just like I told you. This is premeditated murder, crimes against humanity, and treason, among other things. This is only one of dozens of diseases they are forcing on us with their illegal aliens, which are popping up all over the nation. EV D-68 has now spread to more than 40 states and is still spreading.

BTW, one of the things I just read says that some scientists and doctors are very concerned that Ebola will get into some of the animal populations in the US, they said like the rodents, the disease will spread more quickly across the US, and we will never be able to get rid of Ebola in the US.

Gee, could it be that is why the liberals have been teaching you to hate and kill house cats and that house cats shouldn't be allowed to roam freely so the rodent populations in this country would go pandemic, just like they are right now, so those rodents will more quickly spread Ebola across the US? Could it be that Ebola is the disease the upper class trash were planning to introduce into our pandemic rodent populations and why they have been killing off the house cats to permit the rodent populations to go pandemic, you know, just like I have been warning you for more than a decade? Get the picture yet?

My next thought? Is it too late to quit killing house cats and let them roam free to bring the rodent populations back down to a healthy level?

We won't be able to prevent the pandemic but we can still decrease the damage and right now we need to focus on damage control, big time. We need to get as many feral and semi-feral cats (the ones who can hunt) free roaming as quickly as possible. The domestic cats will take time to learn to hunt (about three to six months) but will eventually help bring this pandemic under control. We will need LOTS of house cats to bring this thing back under control as quickly as possible. We will probably have to at least triple or quadruple the house cat population in this nation very quickly because the liberals have been killing house cats for decades and almost all of them will have to be free roaming.

Do you realize that almost everything I have been warning you about for years is happening RIGHT NOW? Keep an eye on Chicago and Los Angeles. We are right now in the Blood Moon Apocalypse and the Red Plague (Ebola causes you to bleed out).

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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