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Here I am with another 2 am essay. :-) This is a little complex economically so follow closely.

Yesterday I read about how the city of Gary, Indiana has just successfully completed an experimental move towards trying to rectify the housing problem created by the upper class trash to destroy our economy which is a ray of hope in an ocean of despair.

Basically, they have just run an experimental program similar to what I said five years ago they must do to solve this problem. That is a great thing but it is too long of a lag time moving too slowly. It does show that there are good people working in politics and our governments below the federal level to resolve the problems caused by the upper class trash and that is a good thing. That is a ray of hope but they must act much more quickly and more decisively but such quick and decisive movement can't really be hoped for in a democracy. Good politics takes time but a good administrator takes much less time.

The mayor of Gary, Indiana has some 10,000 homes on the market which need to be quickly removed from the market to bring the supply and demand for homes back into a reasonable balance to rectify their housing problem so their economy can begin recovering. To start working towards achieving this balance, they set up a lottery for five homes in which people had to financially qualify. Based on what little I have read, it seems they chose people who couldn't afford to purchase such homes but could afford to live in and maintain such homes, if those people were not burdened with rent or a mortgage, which is the right demographic they need to concentrate on. Within that group of people, they held a lottery for five families or couples to be able to purchase one of those five homes for one US dollar under the conditions that those people fix up the homes and live in the homes for at least five years. Those people cannot sell or rent those properties within that five years, those homes must be the residence for those families.

These types of programs have been successfully used for decades. Why is this taking so long? Because democratic politics move that slowly and most politicians don't have the training and experience to move quickly for such things.

It is very important that Gary focus on getting people in those homes who cannot afford to purchase those homes but can afford to live in and maintain those homes without rent or mortgage because it fills those homes with people who can stay in those homes, keeping those homes off the housing market and decreasing the supply of homes on the housing market, but cannot afford to purchase those homes, therefore, not also decreasing the demand for homes on the housing market, which wouldn't solve a thing. This would keep the demand higher for homes by keeping those who can afford to purchase homes buying homes while reducing the supply and increasing the value for homes so people purchasing homes stop having their homes quickly go under water forcing banks to foreclose on their homes, which both increases the supply of homes while decreasing the demand exacerbating the problem.

This type of program is exactly what is required to stabilize the housing market so the economy can begin recovering and I told you about this five years ago.

The Gary experiment started with just five homes and the mayor said she wanted to eventually ramp up to selling 100 homes a year this way. That is way too little way too late because, at 100 homes per year, it would take 100 years to remove 10,000 homes from the market and at least 20 years to take enough of a bite out of the housing market for the economy to begin recovering. Plus taking more than five years to come up with and begin such a program is for too long. This puts and keeps the upper class trash too far ahead in this game and means the chances for the Gary, Indiana program being able to stabilize their economy before the upper class trash can finish the economy off are just about zero. But, at least, we have good people beginning to move in the right direction.

It is important to state that other cities will follow suit but, again, it will be too little too late and they must move much, much faster to even be in the race against the upper class trash. For example, they need to start these programs within months and not within six years and they need to ramp up the program as quickly as possible to at least 500 homes per year for such a volume to quickly achieve a housing market balance so the economy can BEGIN to recover. The longer their programs take to begin achieving balance in the housing market, the worse the economy will be by the time the balance is achieved and the longer it will take for the economy to recover. That is a nasty two edged sword.

Another important thing such a program does is that it will take people out of rental properties and put them in homes as owners. This will decrease the demand for rental properties which will cause the prices for rent to decline and will increase the number of people who can afford to rent. This, in turn, will begin working to resolve our exploding homeless problem by decreasing the number of people being made homeless because they cannot afford to rent. This will begin getting people off the street and back in homes where they belong, especially families with children.

So you see the intelligent way to resolve such economic problems. You don't resolve such economic problems the way our idiot liberal politicians are doing it by rounding up homeless people and shipping them to FEMA camps because the homeless people are an eye sore. That doesn't solve a thing and such idiot politicians should be the ones sent to those FEMA camps, not the homeless.

Another problem is that, you know the upper class trash will have some of their over paid attorneys take actions to stop or at least slow such programs so those programs won't be able to begin reversing the damage the upper class trash is intentionally doing to our economy. Keep an eye on this.

Let's say you win a lottery for 100 million dollars after taxes and the scam the lotteries are doing, that $100 million is take-home money. If you take that money and purchase 1,000 to 2,000 such homes (50 to 100 thousand dollar homes) which have been on the market for at least three years and hold a lottery for people who can afford to live in those homes but can't afford to purchase those homes within the areas where those people are currently living and working, and sell those homes to those people for just one US dollar, that would remove one to two thousand homes from the housing market and remove one to two thousand people from the rental marketing and would do more to help our economy than anything any politicians have done.

And it is important to understand that one to two thousand homes wouldn't even scratch the excess on our housing market. But, if you would purchase those homes on auction, on which such homes normally go for about 20% of market value, then you could get five times as many people into homes and out of rental property in a short period of time. That is the kind of thing our government needs to do on a massive scale and quickly.

I keep seeing signs of good people in all aspects of our life in our country working to resolved the problems being caused by our upper class trash but they are far behind, moving too slowly, and doing too little. It will take quick action on a massive scale as soon as possible to fix the problems our upper class trash are causing plus we need to completely stop the actions of the upper class trash. That is what God is getting ready to do when enough people in this country turn back to God.

Therefore, it is very important that we all....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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