Emotional Maturity

Within the last few years, I read the summary of newly published book in which a very prominent psychiatrist was alleged to have effectively proved that liberalism is insanity. I didn't read the book but I have studied psychology and the question begs to ask,"Is this sound mental health science"? So let's explore the psychology of liberalism.

In psychology you learn there are basic levels of maturity or emotional development. The lowest level of emotional development is that of a new born baby which is to be concerned first and foremost with survival at the lowest level. Basically, your primary concerns are surviving in the short term or right now. The second highest level of emotional development is that of a two year old child where immediate physical pleasure without responsibility is more important than responsibility or anything else. For a spoiled two year old child, this emotional state has been developed to the point that it has gotten out of hand or out of control, this emotion has become an obsession. The child can think of almost nothing but immediate physical pleasure, everything in the world revolves around their immediate physical pleasure. This emotional state of development is why they have coined the phrase "the terrible twos".

The highest level of emotional or maturity development is when the individual is more concerned about other people and those people's well being than about themselves. The more a person is concerned about the well being of other people and the more they try to help other responsible people, the more emotionally and maturity developed they are. In other words, the more responsible a person is, the more that person is emotionally developed and the less responsible a person, the less that person is emotionally developed.

Everyone knows and almost all liberals will admit that they are primarily concerned with physical pleasures such as sex, drugs, entertainment, and others to the point that it has become an obsession. Many of them will even arrogantly brag that this is true.

Look at what progressives are doing in the world today. They have planned, plotted, and seized control of everything, including our educational system, media and movie industry, our government, our economy, and everything else so they can force us to pay for their obsession with just living an irresponsible life of nothing but immediate physical pleasure, so the progressives don't have to work for a living and can just lie around having sex, using drugs, and other wise being entertained. Progressives get furious and throw tantrums, to the point of becoming violent, like spoiled two year old children when we even just speak of resisting their utopia of nothing but immediate physical pleasures. They have planned and are in the process of establishing a global dictatorship to force us to pay for their utopia of nothing but immediate physical pleasures. The progressives have even built and plan to use their FEMA death camps to murder the responsible people off so we won't be able to reverse their childish dictatorship. They are willing to do anything including commit mass murder for their immediate physical pleasures.

Therefore, we know that the emotional level for all liberals is that of a two year old child and, for many, their emotional level is that of a very spoiled two year old child. This means that, emotionally and maturity wise, progressives are retarded, they are mental ill and impaired AND they have gained control of our nation. This planet and our nations are being run by a bunch of retarded people. Think about it.

Believe me when I say it is time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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