Almost everything I have warned you about in the EU has already happened or is already taking place in Europe. Europe has already descended into feudal warfare with the Muslims having already established thousands of feudal states or "no go zones", they are using those feudal states to wage feudal war against the Europeans, and the different Muslim factions are already waging war against each other, you know, just like I warned you they would years ago.

If you want to know what the Muslims are going to do, just read the Koran because the Koran tells the Muslims exactly what they MUST do and the Muslims live and die by the Koran. The Koran provides very interesting detail about what and, sometimes, how the Muslims must do things. The Koran is the Muslim driver's manual for living life.

There is one main question left to be decided, "Who is going to kill off the upper class trash and their puppets and minions, the people, the Muslims, or God?"

In the first case, the people will have had enough of the tyranny, stealing, and murder of the upper class trash along with the murder and rape of the upper class trash Muslim pals, rise up, kill off the upper class trash as they did with Bastille, and drive the Muslims out of Europe so they can have peace, safety, and freedom again the way they tried to do with the Spanish Inquisition but didn't finish the job so they are paying for that now.

This time, they must do a better job than the French did with Bastille and the Spanish did with the Inquisition and completely take out all of the bad guys or it will just start over again and again and again and again until they finish the job. It is either that or the people will become enslaved and/or die, which is already happening. It may already be too late for this to happen in at least some countries like Sweden.

In the second case, the Koran requires the Muslims to kill off the upper class trash, their puppets, and their minions as soon as the Muslims gain control of those countries with the possibility of permitting the minions to survive as second class citizens, if the minions convert to Islam, but the upper class trash and their puppets MUST die. The Muslims simply are not permitted to share power with or permit these power mad, greedy cretins to live. If the Muslims seize power, which they are already doing, these power mad and greedy nut cases WILL die.

I have been waiting for this to start and it is possible that it has already quietly started and the first places I expect it to begin are Sweden, France, Britain (especially London, where a lot of upper class trash live), Germany, and Belgium, so keep an eye on the upper class trash suddenly being killed off and their wealth stolen by the Muslims.

Listen, the Muslims have shown repeatedly that they won't share power with each other and common sense and the Koran should tell you that they definitely won't share power with the upper class trash. The Muslims are killing each other for power right now; they WILL kill the upper class trash for power as soon as they can and it is the next step in this war.

You have to understand that, for the Muslims to be able to work with the left, the Muslims MUST have a data base of all of the lefties from the top down telling who they are, where they live, and where they work. You better bet the Muslims will use this data base to systematically kill off the upper class trash and their insane puppets and force the minions to convert to Islam or die.

The Koran even gives explicit details on how to deal with the minions when they are forced to convert to Islam. First, the minions are to be treated like second class citizens, second, the Muslims can only steal half of the minions wealth at the time of conversion and MUST wait a year before stealing the other half in order to give the Muslim converts time to earn more money to live on so the converts won't end up living in poverty so that the Muslims won't have to give any money to the converts because Muslims are required to help poor Muslims but ONLY poor Muslims, and, third, the converts are to be treated like second class citizens for the rest of their lives. The way the Muslims actually treat these converts is that they are usually sent off to die fighting for Islam or used as suicide bombers to murder non Muslims so they actually end up dying after they convert to Islam to keep from dying. Think about that, the conversion only delays their inevitable deaths.

In the third case, as God showed me in one of my dreams, the Muslims will seize control of the west and lead the Muslims and Muslim converts to invade and destroy Israel, causing the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, where God will kill 83.3% of the Muslims and converts, including all of their leaders, making it possible for the rest of the people in the West to stage a revolt and fight off the Muslims, which brings us back to the first case.

This tells me that it will be a combination of all three where God will permit the Muslims to seize control of the Western nations, kill off all of the evil, vile upper class trash and their corrupt puppets, convert or kill the upper class trash minions, lead their Muslims and the converts to the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 with the converts being placed on the front line to clear the mine fields and absorb the machine gun bullets to get the real Muslims closer to the Israeli lines before they begin to get killed, all of the leaders and 83.3% of their Muslims and converts will be killed by God, and the remnant of the Western people will be able to rise up against the remnant of the Muslims and lefties, throw them off, drive them out of their nations with a Western Inquisition, and finally have peace, safety, and freedom again.


Because we love our sins enough we sold our souls and nations to the left and their god, Satan, they have brought all of this on us, and God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out" and they have. Now we have to pay the price, get right with God, and clean up the part of the mess God will leave for us to clean up, AFTER God has cleaned up the rest.

This war is already being fought against us by the left and their Muslim pals with you dying on your streets and not being safe anywhere at any time. With the Muslims randomly running over people with cars, both conservatives and lefties, there is NO safe place for any of us and this will just get worse until we, the people, rise up and win this fight. Winning this fight REQUIRES the upper class trash and their puppets be killed and their minions either be killed or driven from your countries so they can't continue their war against you.

So, keep an eye out for the upper class trash and their politician and bureaucratic puppets being killed in increasing numbers with their wealth being stolen by the Muslims. This will tell you where things are and what will happen next.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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