I saw a post on FB by a well brainwashed British commie putting out trash in the name of history about WWI and WWII that got me to thinking. I had been thinking about the true history of these wars and Europe when God said, "How about this?" "This" was a real eye opener about something for which I have seen absolutely no one even hint about anywhere. Let's do a little math about "this".


In pre WWI, Germany was the strongest economy in Europe with everyone else lagging significantly behind because most of the other countries were democracies with corrupt politicians who taxed the life out of their economies while Germany was a poser democracy run by Kaiser Wilhem II. (They have learned that royalty have an invested interest in their nations which politicians don't.) Germany's economy was so much stronger than Britain's and France's economies that Britain and France combined borrowed more than $5 billion USD from US banks to fight the war and Germany only borrowed $50 million USD from US banks to fight the war. Germany's economy was so strong that Germany was able to easily build a massive military without going into debt. The mood in Germany was that the people figured they would conquer all of Europe and Russia and set themselves up as a super power. You know, fight one of those two front wars Germany is so famous for fighting.

Germany had the war almost won. They had won a large portion of land in Russia before making a treaty with Russia so Germany could transfer most of their eastern front troops to the western front to fight Britain and France. In the last year of the war before the US entered the war, Germany had staged an offensive which was quickly throwing Britain and France back to the point that Germany got within about 15 to 20 miles of Paris and was about to drive Britain into the English Channel.

Buuuuut, remember those $5 billion dollars worth of loans Britain and France had made with US banks?

If Germany had won the war, Britain and France would not have been able to pay those loans back to the US banks, those banks would have gone bust, and the US economy would have ceased to exist. The US economy would have suddenly been much worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s. You see, the banks losing $5 billion dollars in 1917, would have been like today's banks losing more than $10 trillion dollars. Nothing would have survived. Therefore, the US could not afford to let Germany win the war and had to enter the war on the side of Britain and France, not to save Britain and France, but to save the US banks and economy.

Until I found this out, I had wondered why the US had gone to war in WWI on the side of Britain and France instead of on the side of Germany. Britain had oppressed the colonies and was increasing taxes on them forcing the colonists to fight a revolution for freedom. The only reason France had come to our aid during that revolutionary war was because France hated Britain, had been waging war against Britain for hundreds of years, and wanted to weaken Britain by denying Britain the natural resources of the colonies.

In 1812, Britain invaded the US in large part to get those resources back but, after a few years of futile fighting that was too expensive and going nowhere, Britain was forced to sign a treaty and withdraw from the US.

Most people don't know this but both Britain and France regularly stopped US merchant ships at sea and kidnapped US sailors for their navy ships for decades following the US Revolutionary War.

Most people don't know it but both Britain and France were on the side of the Confederacy during the US Civil War, encouraged the South to secede, and had promised the Confederacy that they would enter the US Civil war on the side of the Confederacy, IF the Confederacy could keep its ports open to the European ships. This was because the US North was 80% industrial and 20% agricultural while the US South was 80% agricultural and only 20% industrial, the North depended on the South for its agricultural resources and Industrial Europe needed and wanted those resources. Because of this, some of the most important battles fought during the US Civil War were sea battles for control of the Southern ports and not land battles. Towards the end of the war, Britain and France promised the Confederacy that, if the Confederacy could obtain control of the West Coast ports in Southern California, Britain and France would enter the war on the side of the Confederacy. Because of this, the Confederacy made a very desperate last and extremely unlikely effort to seize California from the North by sending 3,000 Confederacy troops from El Paso, Texas up the Rio Grande, and captured Santa Fe, New Mexico to use as a staging point for sending an army to capture California. The North sent troops into New Mexico, destroyed the invading Confederacy troops, and ending any hope of Britain and France entering the US Civil War on the side of the Confederacy.

From the founding of the US until the beginning of WWI, the US had been at odds with and fought both Britain and France but had not had ANY political or military problems with Germany. So, why would the US suddenly go to war to aid former enemies against a nation which had never been a US enemy? To save the US banks from really bad and really huge loans and save the US economy. Basically, the US government bailed out a bunch of greedy US bankers with American blood.

When Germany lost WWI, the US tried to negotiate a fair deal with Germany but Britain and France insisted on pillaging Germany to make Germany pay for the British and French bad loans. This left Germany broke, its economy in the worst shape of any western economy in hundreds of years, and caused the German people to be just a wee bit ticked off at Britain and France, which set the stage for Adolph Hitler.


In the 1920s, Germany suffered the worst depression in modern history because of the screwing the British and French gave them following WWI that it later caused depressions in the US, Britain, and France in the 1930s when Germany was recovering from her super depression. Once again, Germany had the strongest economy in Europe, which she used to build the strongest military in Europe plus Germany was just a wee bit ticked off at the screwing she got from Britain and France following WWI, which brought the German Nazis and Adolph Hitler into power and, again, she tried to fight a two front war against Britain and France to the west and the Soviet Union to the east.


Today, Germany once again has the strongest economy in Europe, she is being screwed by all of Europe via the European Union forcing Germany to loan money to other countries the Germans know they will not get back to keep the EU afloat a little longer, every other European country is declining economically, financially, and militarily because of their failed socialism, with Britain quickly slipping back into the Dark Ages and militarily weaker than she has been in centuries, the Germans are angry at the EU and German leaders for forcing continued Muslim immigration on the German people, and Germany recently started rebuilding her military because of the declining power of the US, Britain, and France and the increasing power and threats of Russia, China, and the Muslims. The German people are so angry they are protesting in the streets by the hundreds of thousands while there is a massive Nazi revival in Germany, which the German government is doing almost nothing to stop. Almost every country in Europe owes Germany from tens of millions to billions of Euros that Germany knows they will never get back, without taking those countries. There have been threats of Germany leaving the EU to stand alone or another rebellion against Europe, especially Britain and France. This is also at a time when the US (read Rome II) is falling creating a huge global power vacuum, the Muslims are waging war against the world, and all of the rest of Europe just keeps screwing the Germans.

Did you know that German PM, Merkel, has been having regular meetings with Putin? What if Germany and Russia made a secret agreement that Russia can have all of the old Soviet block nations up to Germany and Germany could have the rest of Europe to the south and west of Germany?

Europe and the US don't have the combined industrial and military strength to stop Russia, Germany, China, and the Muslims at the same time, thanks to the Euro commies helping the US commies destroy the US industrial, economic, and military might. We probably couldn't stop just Germany and Russia a few years from now.

What if the rapidly growing German Nazi Party seized control of a very angry Germany within the next few years?

History teaches that all of the pieces are there. All they need is for some one to put them together and everyone in Europe will be speaking German. This time I doubt the Germans will make the mistake of fighting a two front war and will get their money back in real estate. Who knows, they may soon have a new European Union called Germany, you know, super sized. Keep an eye on this.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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