Euro Plans

have you noticed an increase in Marxist infiltrators from Britain and Canada coming into the US and getting involved in US politics, you know, like Michael Moore? If not, you need to pay better attention because they are everywhere. It is very important to note that most of Canada is still very loyal to "Mother England." The rest is loyal to Mother France (Quebec). Don't forget that.

Gee, what could our wonderful British "allies", whose butts we have rescued a number of times, be up to? They wouldn't want to pay us back for saving their butts numerous times by causing us harm, would they?

Yep, they want their colonies back, oh yes, along with all of our natural resources and their beloved tax paying surfs or slaves. Britain has been infiltrating Marxist people into the US from Britain and Canada to help take back "the colonies" for quite some time now, probably almost a century. They have also been selecting out promising US commie traitors, you know, like the Clintons, to attend top communist universities in England to be properly "groomed" or brainwashed to help destroy the US from within so beloved Mother England can take back her beloved colonies and tax paying slaves along with all of our natural resources, of course.

I have gotten sick of the way the Euros have been repaying us for saving their butts from each other so many times. I think that the next time some one tries to conquer England or France, we should let that somebody just have the traitors. Think about it, if we save England's or France's butts again, they will just turn around and resume working to destroy the US from within. I think that, if Germany decides they want Britain and France again, we should see if Germany needs to buy any weapons, ammunition, or oil from us, as long as they leave Poland alone. Hey, since Russia has gone Christian, maybe Russia, Germany, and Poland should form an alliance to conquer all of Europe, after all, the rest of Europe is currently screwing Germany to pay for the rest of Europe's beloved socialism. That would solve most of our current problems.

Please note that both Marxism and Libertarianism were dreamed up by European upper class academe (first cousins to the Euro ruling class - actually distant family members) in the early to mid 19th Century, when only upper class could afford to go to college. Forget the lies about Karl Marx having grown up in poverty. This was shortly after the US, French and other revolutions caused the Euro ruling class to lose control of their slaves and the end to the European forms of non ownership slavery, the surf system (Britain), peasantry system (most of continental Europe), and peonage system (Italy, Spain, and Portugal.) You have to understand that the Italian peonage system had the very best brainwashing or psychology system which became very valued by the rest of the Euro upper class trash following the loss of their beloved slaves.

The corrupt European upper class trash were devastated by the loss of their slaves and colonies so their first cousins, the Euro academe began working on schemes to try to coerce their slaves back into slavery under a different form of non ownership slavery. The upper class trash knew they were not going to force their slaves back into slavery with guns so the upper class trash decided to con the people.

Continental European academe dreamed up communism/socialism based on the peasantry taxation and peonage brainwashing systems, of course, and Karl Marx wrote the best ever sales manual for communism or the "Communist Manifesto" so they declared Karl Marx to be the father of communism. So the Euros decided to go with "Marxism" and have done quite well in coercing their slaves back into servitude or slavery and then disarmed their recovered slaves so they couldn't revolt again.

Mises published his first papers on Libertarianism in 1855. Mises was British so, of course, his system was based on the British surf land ownership system and the peonage brainwashing system. By that time, the Brits had already started working on their people and were making considerable progress with communism so they decided to stick with communism but kept the Libertarian system on the back burner as plan B.

The Brits have now almost completely returned their British people back to slavery or servitude with communism, disarmed them, and have been working with the US liberal communists traitors to return the US "colonies" back to Britain via the same intellectual highway called communism. They have been infiltrating Brits and Canadians into the US to help our traitors take the colonies back for Mother England for almost a century now.

But the Brits have run into considerable resistance from conservatives who realize that communism is just another form of slavery. So the Brits has snuck Libertarianism, plan B, in the back door and begun selling it to the conservatives as an "alternative to communism" in spite of the fact that, either way, Britain gets her colonies back. It is amazing how many conservative people are falling for Libertarianism, especially the blatant lies about how the Founding Fathers of the US originally set up the US based on Libertarianism in spite of the fact that Libertarianism didn't exist as a concept until 80 years after the US Declaration of Independence.

The truth is that, if the Founding Fathers were here today, they would quickly turn down both systems because the Founding Fathers would quickly recognize the peasantry, surf, and peonage slavery elements they fought against in both systems. The ugly truth is that the Founding Fathers fought against what today's Americans are being seduced by.

One thing I have learned is not to trust anything from Europe, especially from their media, upper class trash, and their academe. If you study the European upper class and their academe since the fall of Rome, you will find that they have never been up to any good. Their system was derived from the corrupted and failed system of the Roman Empire and has failed hundreds of times since Rome fell in 475 AD. Europe has been in an almost constate state of warfare and slavery since Rome fell more than 1,500 years ago. Why would the US want to be anything like the Europeans? We can easily do better.

Did you know that the US Republic is the longest lasting and most successful republic or democracy in history? It is the only republic or democracy to last 200 years or more. Every other republic or democracy has failed in less than 200 years, especially in Europe. The Greek Democracy and Roman Republic both lasted less than 200 years. For the vast majority of their existences, both the Greek and Roman empires were civilian or military dictatorships, often changing between civilian and military control. The US is the only country in history to have a democracy or republic last 200 years or more.

We have already done better than the Europeans and you bet that burns their butts. As a matter of fact, the fall of the US Republic has been largely caused by the Europeans betraying the US and helping our traitors destroy our republic from within. So, if that is the way they pay us back for helping them, why should we help them again, ever?

I am not an isolationist because isolationism is ignorance and stupidity but I am also not a fool and know you don't help people who will only screw you, after you have helped them. Personally, I think we should help the Muslims kill each other off in Syria, Iraq, and other Middle Eastern countries by selling them low grade weapons and ammunitions to help pay the bills our commie traitors ran up. We should help the Euros kill each other off in Europe by selling them low grade weapons, ammunition and oil, hopefully, they will finally kill off their upper class trash who have caused most of the problems we now face in the world.

I think we should only help true allies such as Japan, South Korea, Israel, India, and others. We should definitely keep an eye on the Canadians and Mexicans because they have been plotting with the other countries, especially communist countries, for our demise. Our allies have done us more harm than all of our enemies combined. You don't trust people who keep screwing you. That just isn't intelligent.

We really need to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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