Evil Capitalists

The commie's have been brainwashed, love to believe, and love even more to teach that ALL capitalists are evil. It is the only way they can justify their stupid communism. Forget about socio-economic mechanics, that would easily destroy any argument for Marxism. Therefore, their idiot leaders are forced to use lies, hate, and anger to sell Marxism to young, impressionable minds.

Let's take a nut shell look at the essence of capitalism. First, what really is capitalism?

Capitalism is really nothing more than using your money or capital to generate more income than you would be able to earn just by an hourly wage. In other words, it is putting your money to work earning more money for you.

Now, I ask, what is so evil about people using their money to make more money so they can live better? Nothing, it is actually a very good thing and makes it possible for even poor people to eventually work they way up the economic ladder which is why the upper class trash hates to see the rest of us using capitalism. They want to keep most of the wealth and, therefore, power for themselves by keeping us poor. That is why they are so obsessive compulsive about teaching and forcing Marxism on the rest us while they openly practice capitalism themselves. Yep, that is what all this communism is really all about, power. The upper class trash are power mad whacko's insanely using communism to enslave the rest of us in poverty.

Are all capitalist evil or are they all good? Neither, because capitalists are people and there are both good and bad people, therefore, there are both good and bad capitalists. It is the bad capitalists which the commie's use to promote their communism teaching that all capitalists are just like the bad ones which is not true. There are many good capitalists. As a matter of fact, the commie's love to use character assassination to make even good capitalists look bad in order to promote communism to the middle and lower classes.

In the last few hundreds years, there have been two different brands of capitalism promoted in the US. There is the Conservative Judeo-Christian Capitalism which our founding fathers first worked to set up and then the pagan capitalism which has been heavily promoted in recent times by pagans or non Christians. The primary difference is that Conservative Judeo-Christian Capitalism requires Biblical morals and ethics while pagan capitalism refuses those Biblical morals and ethics so they can be free to just screw everyone they can get away with screwing.

Under pagan capitalism, if the government laws say something is either alright or doesn't say it is wrong, then it is alright to do business that way regardless of the consequences to other people, the economy, or the environment. It is a very short term, selfish, immediate profit maximization form of capitalism which doesn't care about anything except making as much money as possible as quickly as possible. Screw everything and everybody else. Nothing else matters and they believe the government should stay out of their way and not protect other people from their mischief. Libertarianism says that the government should not protect others from the mischief caused by the bad capitalists. That is why Libertarianism is increasingly popular among pagan capitalists and the upper clash trash, which want Libertarianism, are selling it so hard to the middle and lower classes. Under Libertarianism, the pagan capitalists can pay you as little as they can get away with even if it is not enough to live on so they can increase their profits. It is a purely cut throat and inhumane form of capitalism based on survival of the meanest and most corrupt.

Conservative Judeo-Christian Capitalism is a more long term growth and development form of capitalism which also says that people and other things have value and are more important than immediate gain in wealth. This form of capitalism requires responsibility, morals, and ethics which limit the kinds of mischief the pagan capitalists often use to quickly increase their wealth such as recently done by the ENRON Corporation. With Conservative Judeo-Christian Capitalism, it is wrong to do such things as pollute your environment, steal, lie, and murder. You have to conduct business in accordance with the Ten Commandments. You should also pay your employees a reasonable wage, which the pagan and Libertarian capitalist abhor. You are required to care about people and things other than yourself. This form of capitalism and not Libertarianism is what the founding fathers originally set up in the US.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of Christians who practice pagan capitalism and should be ashamed of themselves. I believe that most of these people are really just poser Christians or Christians out of convenience. In other words, they pretend to be Christians because it benefits them in some way.

It is time for revival on a global basis. Acknowledge your crimes against God's Laws, repent of those crimes, and seek the amnesty of our Lord Jesus the Christ. John 3:16 - For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son so that who so ever believes in Him will have everlasting life.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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