Farming Feral Cats

I have been thinking about these problems with rodent, bird, and bug population pandemics across the US and especially in the big cities being run by idiot Commiecrats making things worse while spending tons of money that you know won't stop the problem because the idiots will keep doing what is causing those pandemics; killing free roaming feral cats.

You know that the $32 million dollar program in New York won't work because big government programs by lefties never work. De Bozio will spend $32 million that won't work and the next lefty mayor will decide that it will work if they spend $60 million and the next idiot lefty mayor will spend $100 million and it still won't work, their rodent population will just continue to grow because the idiots will continue to kill free roaming feral cats.

Why do the poisons and mechanical devices not work?

Because the rats learn and adapt so they start leaving those things alone. We know these things don't work because we have been using them instead of feral cats for about 100 years and we still have our population pandemics.

Why do the feral cats work?

Because, when the rats adapt, the cats also adapt and keep killing the rats.

For years the biologists have been saying that it is not if but when we will get a pathogen or disease in the pandemic bird population that will cause a disease pandemic and kill millions of people and they are now also saying it is not if but when we will get a pathogen in the pandemic rodent population that will cause a disease pandemic and kill millions. Get it straight, unless we stop killing the free roaming feral cats, we will have a disease pandemic.

Now think about this, when the big cities get a pandemic killing thousands of people per week, what will they do?

They will spend lots of money on things like poisons and mechanical devices that won't work because the rodents, especially rats, will adapt and not go near the poisons or mechanical devices. Then the idiots will spend even more money with the pandemic still growing because the idiots will continue killing free roaming feral cats during their pandemics.

Then finally someone with common sense (a few such people do still live in the big cities but not many) will ask, "Why are we killing free roaming feral cats when thousands are dying from a disease pandemic being caused by a pandemic of rats?" Light bulbs will come on and they will stop killing free roaming feral cats after tens of thousands of people have died but the feral cat populations will be so small that it will take at least three to five years for their population to grow enough to stop the pandemic. It is going to take hundreds of millions of more feral cats to stop those pandemics just in the US.

Some idiots will turn domestic cats loose but it will take them at least three to six months to learn to hunt while being fed. If the domestic cats are not being fed while they learn to hunt, they will starve to death.

They will need feral cats that already know how to hunt and they will be willing to pay big bucks to get those cats, especially females that can raise more little feral hunters. The cats will need to be at least a year old so they can hunt and take care of themselves.

So, if your small town is forward thinking enough and stops killing free roaming ferals now, it will do two things for your community.

1) It will get rid of your bird, bug, and rodent pandemics and prevent a disease pandemic in your community while thousands are dying everywhere else.

2) If it takes just a few more years for the pandemics to break out in the big cities, after you stop killing your free roaming feral cats, you can raise or farm enough farels to sell to the big cities to stop their pandemics and the big cities will be willing to pay good money to get good feral cats, especially females.

There will be a huge shortage of feral cats in every city in the US; hundreds of millions will be needed. Everyone will want them and need them right now. During a pandemic, you will probably be able to get anywhere from $100 to more than $500 for males and from $500 to more than $1,000 for females, especially if they are pregnant. If you put them on e-Bay and let everyone bid for them, you will probably get more.

So a town with leaders who have enough foresight to see this disaster coming and starts farming free roaming ferals now, can save the lives of the people in your community and make some big bucks saving people's lives in other communities by selling free roaming feral cats to the big cities.

Hey, how would your community like to make $32 million actually saving lives in the big cities?

The big cities will pay that and much more EACH to stop their pandemics and the dying. There will be thousands of cities wanting those feral cats in just the US.

And you don't have to sell your cats to other cities. There will be a few million rich people who will be willing to pay a few thousand dollars per feral cat, especially females, to roam around their homes and kill the rodents and protect the rich people from the pandemics.

There is a silver lining to this cloud for forward thinking communities and even individuals.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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