Farook U

It is extremely clear that the shooting in Commiefornia is a domestic terrorist attack by at least Syed Farook (I call him Farook U for obvious reasons), 28, and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, 27, who pledged allegiance to ISIS, and there may have been a third person, Farook U's brother. It is very obvious that this attack has been in the planning for far more than a year but he got under the fed radar in part because Obama has imported so many terrorists that even the FBI, NSA, and CIA can't track them all.

If you wanted Obama's immigration, you just got a small taste of it because Obama's plans are to bring in so many Muslims that the feds can't track them all and the Muslims will be able to do attacks like this on a regular basis.

A very important thing here is that you lying liberal commie traitors need to take note on this because this target was a work place which tends to draw a lot of warm, fuzzy, touchy, feely, liberals and the Muslims didn't ask anyone whether they were liberals or conservatives, they just shot everyone. One of the people shot was a homosexual and you can bet that most of the rest were also liberals. If you put this together with the fact that the Paris attacks were against quite a few targets which tend to draw crowds of liberals, like trendy restaurants and music concerts, then a pattern begins to develop of the Muslims already starting to purge liberals by hitting targets which are populated mostly with liberals.

Isn't it brilliant that the Muslims are purging the liberals in ways so that the stupid liberals can't even tell they are being purged?

It should be blatantly obvious that this attack had nothing to do with workplace violence. It was an extremely well planned terrorist attack by two trained Muslim terrorists. Please note that these terrorists were not Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, or atheists; they were Muslims.

As a matter of a fact, Obama has a wee bit of a problem here in that, since this has been confirmed as an attack against the US by ISIS, it is therefore an act of war against the US by ISIS, which will require a declaration of war by the US government, including the president, so that Obama will not be able to run interference between the US military and ISIS. That is the main reason Obama is still pushing for declaring it workplace violence and harping on climate change, he doesn't want to have to destroy his beloved ISIS caliphate, of which he is the caliph.

"No,no, it can't be the fault of my beloved Islam and ISIS, it must be...uh...workplace violence or...uh...climate change, but it can't be Islam and ISIS!!!"

Remember that Obama created ISIS and that same ISIS just staged a terrorist attack in Commiefornia making Obama responsible, just like he is also responsible for the terrorist attack in Paris.

It has become extremely clear that this attack was in the planning for well more than a year because they say that Farook U did "extensive" traveling to places like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan in 2014. After he married Malik in Saudi Arabia, they spent at least a month in Saudi Arabia, probably getting some Jihadi training together. It should be very obvious that both of these people were pretty well trained and had attended terrorist training schools somewhere before this attack. They had AR15s and pistols, tactical clothing, tactical roll out bags, bombs, remote detonation bombs, remote delivery systems for bombs, and other things which required considerable training. They read quite a bit ISIS propaganda, were in touch with a number of known terrorists, and used an explosive device similar to what the Tsarnaev brothers used for the Boston Marathon.


BTW, I hope you also noticed that Governor Brown's gun control laws didn't work. Almost all of the weapons these people had are illegal in Commiefornia. Gee, that worked so well at stopping mass shootings and saving lives...NOT!!!

Gee, you mean terrorists don't obey the law and will get deadly weapons regardless of the law? Who would have figured?

Not liberals.

How many lives would have been saved if just a few of those people who were murdered had been armed?

There is a very simple and obvious fact that, either you will start packing heat or you will start packing a lot more dead bodies in graves, probably yours. But, hey, Caliph Obama is insisting on stealing your guns from you with gun control to make sure you cannot defend yourselves from his Muslim terrorists.

Remember that I have been telling you that Muslims are not permitted to be true friends with non Muslims but can pretend to be friends with non Muslims to throw the non Muslims off?

Earlier this year, the people Farook U just murdered, gave him and his wife a baby shower, certainly thinking that Farook U is a good, moderate Muslim. These good people, mostly liberals, obviously thought Farook U was their friend and a good guy right up to the time he blew their brains out. This obviously cannot be workplace violence and can only be a well planned terrorist attack and this is one of the reasons I call him Farook U, if you think he is your friend, he will Farook U when he gets a chance. ALL TRUE MUSLIMS WILL!!!! Moderate Muslims are the Muslims most Muslims kill.

Read the Koran, it clearly says again and again and again and again.....that Muslims cannot be true friends with infidels but can pretend to be friends with infidels to throw them off. Any Muslims who really are true friends with an infidel are classified by the Koran again and again and again and again....as "hypocrites" and the Koran requires, repeatedly, that these Muslims be killed by other Muslims, you know, like traitors.

There is something new and different about this terrorist attack you better be concerned about and it may already be starting with this terrorist attack. This terrorist attack was carried out by a newly wed husband and wife. If the Muslim Imams start calling this a "romantic" terrorist attack or jihad, terrorist attacks on this planet could increase by more than 50% in just a few years.

Think about this; there are almost half a billion oppressed, abused Muslim women on this planet hiding under camel blankets and living a hell called life, most of whom have never had one romantic moment in their lives. If this attack becomes recognized as a "romantic" terrorist attack or jihad, the Imams will have no trouble selling those poor women on carrying out a romantic jihad that will instantly take them from their current hell on earth to paradise. There will be a stampede of Muslim women to the terrorist training camps, especially for newly wed, widowed, or unwed Muslim women wanting just one romantic moment in their lives. This could quickly become so bad that they will have to build terrorist training camps just for women and for newly weds going on a romantic jihad for their honey moon.

"Hey, honey, let's go murder people,get our brains blown out, and go to paradise together and, hey, if you strap remote detonated suicide vests on your kids, you can take your kids to paradise with you."

Remember the female Muslim who blew herself up during the arrests following the Paris attack?

The law officers were trying to arrest her husband. Keep an eye on this.

Did you notice that, during this mess, the liberal media kept calling these AR15s "long rifles" instead of assault rifles like they do when the liberals are trying to steal your guns with gun control? Why?

Because they already knew these were Muslims and didn't want to tick off Caliph Obama by making it look like the terrorist attack it was so Obama could continue to lie about it being workplace violence. "No, it has nothing to do with Obama's wonderful and faultless Islam, it was workplace violence!"

How many more times must Obama curse and give hate speeches about Christians and Christianity and rave about how wonderful and magnificent Muslims and Islam are before you realize that Obama AIN'T NO CHRISTIAN?

Get it straight, Obama is a devout radical Muslim infiltrator, spy, saboteur, and traitor and he proves it every time he opens his mouth about Christianity, the US, and Islam and every day with his actions.

Remember that I told you that Obama was going to purge the liberal commie traitors and replace the intelligence, law enforcement, and military with Muslims and that Obama has been replacing them with Muslims since he got into office?

This Muslim terrorist attack will be used to discredit the FBI, NSA, CIA, and military so he can at least replace their leaders with Muslims. Obama told you he would do this before he was elected and he is doing it right now.

Remember that I warned you that this was coming to the US when we saw it in Europe?

It is here.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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