Fecal Matter 2

The fecal matter is definitely hitting the fan and EVERYONE is getting at least their share.


In Europe, the PEGIDA movement and protests are building in spite of the upper class trash, liberal, and Muslim attempts to silence them. I believe them trying to silence the people is just ticking the people off more because it makes it very obvious that the liberals and Muslims are in the same bed supporting the Muslim terrorists.

Europe is waking up and fighting back but especially in Germany. So far, the PEGIDA people have managed to keep their protests peaceful while the liberals and Muslims are trying to turn them into violent open warfare. This is a bomb looking for a place, time, and catalyst to set it off.

Mean while, Christians are standing up to the persecution of Christians all over the world. After two churches were blown up in Pakistan, the Christians rioted in the streets, causing significant damage and saying they have had enough and will fight back.

The Christians in Iraq and Syria are forming armed, organized, and trained military units to fight off ISIS. I don't know whether they have engaged in combat yet, but it is only a matter of time. Some Americans have joined those units.

The Christians in Nigeria have armed, organized, and thrown off at least a couple of Boko Haram attacks on their villages while three governments working with a small mercenary force have been doing significant damage to Boko Haram. The mercs are acting as the coordinating force which permits the three different armies to chase Boko Haram across each others borders and to coordinate blocking actions when Boko Haram tries to flee across their borders.

One way that Boko Haram has been successful until now was to attack in one country, usually Nigeria, and flee across another country's borders where the pursuing armies couldn't follow without violating the other country's sovereignty. What the merc army does is to help one army set up pursuit of Boko Haram while getting another army to set up a blocking action on their side of the border as an ambush.

In the first couple of such operations, they took out more than 200 terrorists in one action and almost 60 more in another action on the same day. These nations have performed a number of such blocking actions and have started running Boko Haram out of villages Boko Haram has been using for bases of operations. This is hurting Boko Haram so bad that some special forces people recently stated that Boko Haram pledging allegiance to ISIS was an act of desperation to try stay alive. Boko Haram is hoping that them becoming a wing of ISIS will increase the number of Muslims joining Boko Haram and increase money, weapons, and other supplies going into Boko Haram.

Increasing numbers of Christians are standing up to the increasing persecution of Christians in the US and Europe. They are fighting back in organized manners such as protesting, politically, and legally. The Christians have already undone some damaging things but the liberals keep trying to make things worse. This fight is escalating quickly.

Worms Turning

The liberal and Muslim house of cards is imploding as the worms turn on each other or should I say snakes?

The infighting is really escalating quickly as they vie for power.

The Commiecrats are turning on Obama, blacks, and Muslims big time. The commies in Congress are fighting against Obama's Iranian deal and in other areas. They are definitely trying to throw Obama under the bus while working to make Obama look bad and the commies look good. Obama recently made the statement that he doesn't need Congress, he will just write executive orders for everything. He is losing ground fast as Congress is now undoing Obama's executive orders.

In Chicago, the blacks, Muslims, at least one union, teachers, and Latinos turned against liberal commie, Rahm Emanuel, while Obama and Valerie stuck it to Hilarious by turning her in for her illegal e-mails. But the Clintstones are fighting back by planning on hiring a lot of Latinos for top campaign positions, you know, instead of blacks.

What should this tell you?

They all believe they have secured control of the US government enough that they can now fight each other for that control and every ugly thing is coming out of their evil closets. It won't be long until most of the fighting on the streets will be between the liberals and Muslims. Eyes are opening and people are choosing.

BTW, Netanyahu pledging that they will increase building in Jerusalem, will block the forming of a Palestinian state, and not give up more land is a slap in Obama's face, after Obama tried to keep Netanyahu from being reelected. You know that Netanyahu being reelected has made Obama furious, especially after Obama tried to stop Netanyahu. Now Obama has removed Iran and Hezbollah from the terror watch list to get back at Israel and increase the tension. Almost every day I see something else which is increasing the tension between Obama and Israel. Keep an eye on Chicago.

BTW, I hope you realize that them destroying our economy is in part to disarm America. When people lose their jobs to illegal aliens, they will have to sell their weapons and ammunition to buy food for their families. I hope that you people who are still able to purchase weapons and ammunition realize that you are no longer just buying weapons and ammunition for yourselves but also for those who have had to sell their weapons and ammunition to feed their kids so you won't be out numbered when the shooting starts. You will have to rearm those people to save yourselves.

Things are moving incredibly fast now in almost every direction. Well, at least life isn't boring for those of us who are paying attention.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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