Florida Shooting

People are so surprised and upset at the sheriff's deputies who didn't go into the Florida school to protect the children. The sheriff's deputies hid outside behind their cars with their guns drawn to protect themselves at the children's expense.

Why are you surprised? Have you not being paying attention?

Years ago the courts ruled that it is no longer the job of law enforcement to protect and serve the people so many law enforcement agencies adopted the mentally of protecting themselves first and you last. They break the law by speeding to quickly show up so they can hide behind their cars with their guns drawn and protect themselves but not to protect you.

I knew this court ruling was going to bite us in the butt and we have been bitten. We will be bitten again and again until this "protect thyself first" mentality of law enforcement is done away with and the law enforcement once again assumes the mentality of protecting and serving the people who pay the law enforcement to protect and serve the people.

That idiot judge should be removed from the bench and disbarred for life along with the slimy attorneys who worked to get that ruling.

Now the only person who will protect and serve you is YOU and, if you will not protect yourself, then you are completely at the mercy of the bad guys to do with as they please and you better know that they do not please to treat you kindly.

You just might want to buy a gun or two or three...and learn to use them?

Once again, our lefty mentality and courts have screwed things up and it is left to the conservatives to clean up the lefty mess or things will just keep getting worse until the conservatives do clean up the mess.

So, how do you like that lefty mentality and their great sounding stupid ideas? What, it got some of your children killed? Ain't as great as they make it sound, is it? Maybe we should start questioning EVERYTHING the lefties tell us to look beyond the great sounding to the inevitable stupidity of their ideas?

Hey, the lefties got what they wanted...again, and it screwed things up...again, as we should have expected because everything they want and get screws things up. Nothing they want is good for us and is always bad for us even though they always make what they want sound so very wonderful.

So, here we have the lefties getting at least two of the things they wanted, gun control with a gun free zone and the cops hiding behind cars with their guns drawn to protect themselves and not your children.

How did that work out?

Oh yeah, and it was a lefty kid raised by lefty parents believing the lefty bull crap under the guidance of a lefty shrink and using lefty drugs that did the killing.

Get the picture yet?

Oh, let's number the other things the lefties got that they wanted that contributed to this killing. They got the kid believing their lefty crap after they got the kid raised the lefty way by lefty parents and under the influence of their lefty psychology and on lefty drugs who did the killing in a lefty gun free zone and responded to by lefty law enforcement.

Hey, this proves conclusively that, if the lefties get enough of what they want, it is going to kill you.

BTW, I am waiting for some of the parents to get a clue, press charges against the sheriff and his department for criminal negligence resulting in wrongful death and litigate until well after the cows come home.

AND, to add insult to injury, the idiot lefty Florida governor is wanting to go gun grabbing before fixing his law enforcement so it will actually protect you instead of just protecting themselves. Wow, nothing like the idiot leaving you completely unprotected.

Do you see why the left makes my brain hurt? Do you now believe me that the left has invented infinite stupidity, evil, and insanity because their stupidity, evil, and insanity are never ending?

And many of these dolts got the right degrees from the right universities, which is causing me to increasingly believe that maybe, just maybe those are really the wrong degrees from the wrong universities? What are they teaching in those idiot "prestigious" universities?

It ain't sanity or smarts, baby.

And one thing that really kills me is that the idiot sheriff is running around arrogantly making public statements when he should be hiding his head in a sack just to look in the mirror, forget about showing his face in public. This mess was only made possible because he and his department failed miserably again and again and not just once.

Hey, at least they are consistent.

And, hey, the idiot governor is trying to be more consistent than the sheriff by failing more than the sheriff because his idiot gun free zone failed you, his idiot law enforcement failed you, and now he wants to disarm you by grabbing your guns and leave you completely unprotected, which you know will fail you again. See, losers can make lots of money...if they work for the government.

Why do people keep voting for these idiots?

Oh yeah, because they have been dumbed down and brainwashed by the left to be just as stupid and we know that birds of the feather die together.

But, hey, no surprise here. We know that the left is trying to depopulate the planet and between the lefty run FBI, lefty run sheriff's department, lefty run school board, lefty run government, and lefty run media they are obviously trying their best to do just that, one dead school kid at a time. Obviously, the lefties are still working on getting EVERYTHING they want...at your expense, of course.

Please note that the lefty shrinks always send these killers to murder kids at your public schools and not their private schools, where their children attend.

You want to see the lefty upper class trash finally work to solve this problem instead of just making it worse and worse with more of their great sounding stupid ideas?

Make them send their spoiled rich brats to your public schools and, oh yeah, you will also see the quality of education improve in your public schools. You better bet that, if the lefty spoiled rich brats are attending your public schools, the sheriff and his deputies won't hide behind their cars with their guns drawn while kids get murdered inside AND they just might accidentally try to stop the shootings from happening in the first place. Hey, it is worth a try.

Question: What school does that sheriff's brats go to?

Think about that one for a while. You can bet his spoiled brats don't go to that school.

How much more of what the lefties want are you going to let the lefties get? How many more people will die because of the great sounding stupid ideas of the lefties? How much more pain and suffering will the left cause before they are finally stopped?

Get a clue, the left's utopia is your hell.

Just how much more of their utopia are you willing to endure?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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