Freedom is a Myth

It was not that long ago that we, the American people, truly had freedom or what was quickly diminishing freedoms. Today the lying liberal media tell us we have constitutional freedoms and that we are free people but that is a myth. They themselves have helped to destroy those freedoms.

Think I am wrong? Just watch the news. Whenever anyone tries to even ask the right questions at the liberal "town hall meetings", they are quickly arrested for disturbing the peace and marched off to jail. Yet the radical liberal Gestapo activists are permitted to shout down speeches by the opposition with almost impunity. The trash or corrupt liberal criminals have passed hate crime laws so that, if you dare say anything they don't want you to say, they can arrest you for a hate crime and "not be violating your right to free speech."

You dare not even speak the truth in public for fear that their well brainwashed puppets will shout you down, call you names, and even physically attack you with impunity. The next time you see one of them spreading their lies, misinformation, and propaganda just think about the fear you feel about speaking out the truth. You now live in a state of fear and not a state of freedom.

Used to, our soldiers could speak the truth about the wars they were fighting and our leaders as long as they didn't compromise national security by revealing such things as troop movements, size, and strength. Today the very soldiers who defend what is left of our freedoms can't even say the truth about our leaders but the treasonous, lying, liberal media regularly divulge the information about our troops, such as troop location, size, strength, and tactics which gets those brave soldiers killed in battle with our media openly aiding the enemy in time of war, blatant acts of treason with impunity.

"What about freedom of the press?" you might say. Almost all of the largest and most influential media have been bought up by the upper class trash commie capitalists hypocrites. If any member of those media try to say the truth, they are fired or sent on the worst of jobs, which can often get them killed, and, if nothing else, will end their careers. The rest of the media are smaller and less influential and are constantly bombarded by the liberal media as not being dependable news sources and being "radical". Anyone who refers to having used those media are attacked and insulted by the brainwashed commie puppet activists.

Also note that the liberal commie trash are working to limit and control even those media which do have any reasonable effect such as conservative radio and the Internet. Do you call that freedom of the press? If you do, you are well brainwashed and probably a commie activist.

Today the commie's have infiltrated and taken control of everything at every level so you can't even live or recreate where you want. With their code enforcement and housing associations, they can tell you where you can live, what type of house you can have and how it can look, what your yard must look like, what type of car you can drive, which activities you can do in your own neighborhoods, and even how many children you can have, if you can have them at all. They have written the laws and set up the government bureaucracies which make it possible for them to take your homes, cars, and even your children away from you. They can cause you to lose your job, destroy your career with their character assassinations, and abuse the court system to throw you into a tribunal of legal defense that will quickly impoverish you and get you sent to prison for no crimes at all.

Their Gestapo includes not only the law enforcement but also the media, court system, every bureaucracy they control, the public school system, secondary education system, their brainwashed commie activist puppets, and even Hollywood. Just think about all the times of every day that you feel fear for even thinking about saying anything which is true that they have decided you cannot say. Political correctness is not freedom. Today the debate over the right to bear arms or guns has all but ceased because they have established control of your ammunition because they know that, without ammunition, your guns are nothing but nice looking clubs.

They, on the other hand, can do as they please as long as they don't violate their own strategy for achieving their commie agenda of complete dictatorship over the American people.

You think you are free? Just think of the fear they make you feel any time you must deal with them. As I said before, you now live in a state of fear and not in a state of freedom. In a state of freedom you wouldn't feel fear of the government and its minions. They would fear you. In case you have not noticed, they don't fear you.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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