The Game Plan

When I was in Los Angeles, California about 20 years ago, I had a number of conversations with some Black gang bangers I knew. They arrogantly bragged about what their real game plan was in over throwing the US government and setting up a Muslim dictatorship. They knew the media wouldn't listen to me much less repeat anything I told them because it would blow the commie media's game plan also, so they felt very safe in telling me these things. It is also important to understand that I had not yet read the Koran and didn't realize the significance of Islam in this. I just thought this was a coalition between two different criminal elements working to overthrow the US government and set up a dictatorship with one planning on turning on the other one after the dictatorship had been established.

These Black gang bangers openly bragged that they were working with the liberal commie traitors to overthrow the US government but the gang bangers called them "white crackers". It seems the gang bangers hate the liberal commie traitors more than anyone else in the US. The gang bangers told me that the first people they were going to kill off or slaughter, after they had overthrown the US government, was all the white crackers. They knew that, if the American people could not trust these traitors, then neither could the Black gangs. These gang bangers told me the first thing after seizing control of the US was they would put guns to the heads of the commie white crackers and blow them away and they seemed very pleased about the idea of doing so in the near future. They were very eagerly looking forward to killing all the white crackers off.

Then I was informed that they would turn to all of the rest of the non Blacks in the US, put guns to their heads, and tell them to submit to slavery or die. Next, they said they would turn to the rest of the Blacks, put guns to their heads, and tell them to convert or submit to being the gang banger's slaves. At this time, I thought they would be ordering the rest of the Blacks to convert to the gang banger's criminal organizations but, after reading the Koran in conjunction with knowing that all Black gangs are Muslim run organizations, I realized they would be telling those non Muslim Blacks to convert to Islam or submit to being the Muslim gang banger's slaves, just like the Koran requires. You know that, after I read the Koran and researched Islam, learning that the Koran requires the Black Muslims to slaughter off all the white commie crackers, a factory full of light bulbs turned on. Boy, was that an eye opener.

Over the years I have discussed this with a number of people in the Los Angeles Police Department, contacts with the Fed's (i.e. FBI), and military intelligence, all of whom confirmed everything I had heard and taught me much more. I was surprised to learn that all of these law enforcement, military, and intelligence people knew about this plan by the Black Muslims and Commie traitors to overthrow the US government with the Black Muslims planning to slaughter off the white crackers and even more surprised to learn how well advanced their plans were 20 years ago.

Please note, this thing about overthrowing the US government and the Black Muslims turning on and slaughtering the white commie crackers is not something they just recently dreamed up but have been working on for anywhere from half a century (the Black Muslims) to a century (the commie's). Ever since the 1950's, the Black Muslims have been planning on working with the commie's to overthrow the US and then slaughtering the commie's when the dictatorship has been established.

When in LA, I had also noticed a high level of organization and training in the upper level ranks of the Black gangs as they moved around on the streets in military type convoys. The police, Fed's and military all told me that the Black Muslims had infiltrated their people into our law enforcement, intelligence agencies, Secret Service, Fed's, and military, gotten extensive training and experience in all of those agencies, and then gotten out of those agencies, returned back to the Black Muslim organizations and gangs, and had been training up the upper ranks of the Black Muslim organizations and gangs with the best security, military, law enforcement, and other types of the best training in the world. These government agents also informed me that all Black street gangs were Muslim run organizations.

In other words, by 20 years ago, the Black Muslims had their own Black Muslim nation within our nation in which they upper level people were all as well trained as the best of our government people. Now, maybe you can better understand what they mean when they say the "Nation of Islam".

Then I was also informed that the Black Muslims had been using all that money they had made selling the stupid liberal dopers drugs to purchase all of the equipment they needed for a military coup of the US and to slaughter off the stupid liberal commie crackers. They had purchased and smuggled into this country huge stores of military weapons such as AK-47's and ammunition. They had stolen and purchased police and military uniforms, built replica police cars with light bars, and everything else they would need to stage a military coup of the US. Keep in mind that, with them being in the US, they have access to all of the high technology our government currently uses and they have the tens of billions of dollars in drug money to buy it all.

The Black Muslims are a very well trained, armed, and equipped Muslim government quietly operating daily within the US. This has to be at least the second best trained, equipped, and armed government in the world with an annual income in the tens of billions of dollars from all their criminal activities which they are spending almost all of it building their army. I was informed that our commie leaders where keeping the Fed's and police from finding and seizing all these weapons and supplies by handicapping our government agencies with their laws along with the help from the commie and Black Muslim infiltrators or moles in all of these government agencies.

I also found out from both the Black Muslims and our government that the "race riots" in Los Angeles in the early 1990's were actually a "dry run" to determine what it would take and how would be the best way to overthrow our government. What the Black Muslims found was that the two strongest forces they would be facing were the well armed law biding citizens and the US military. Since then, the Black Muslims have been dumping tens of millions of dollars into disarming the US citizens and down sizing the US military. Now do you understand why the commie's and Black Muslims have been working so hard to disarm you and our military?

Please note that this is also one reason the commie's and Black Muslims have been working very hard at infiltrating all of our government agencies. These moles will be in position to interfere with the actions of these government agencies in trying to prevent the political and military coup of the US.

Please note that it was immediately following those riots that Billy Boy Clinton began devastating our military and the Commiecrat Party began trying even harder to disarm the US citizens.

Knowing that the commie's have heavily infiltrated all of our government agencies including the law enforcement, military, and intelligence agencies with all of those agencies knowing about all of these plans including the plans by the Black Muslims to overthrow and slaughter the commie's, then shouldn't the commie's also know about the Black Muslim plans?

I believe there are a number of possibilities here why the commie's are still working with the Black Muslims to overthrow the US government. First, we already know commie's don't have a lick of common since and are really stupid or they wouldn't believe the garbage they believe. Second, they may also believe and have been told (reassured)by the Black Muslims leaders it is just street talk and doesn't mean anything. At least most of the commie's would be stupid enough to buy this. Then there is the possibility that the commie's know about it and, arrogantly under estimating the Black Muslims, are planning to kill all of the Black Muslims first. Finally, it is probably some combination of all of the above stupidity. Please note that both of these criminal organizations going after each other will quickly turn the US into a devastated war zone just like Afghanistan was before the UN forces invaded.

Please note that the commie's also have their well trained and armed paramilitary units but they are disguised as social programs such as conservationists, environmentalists, political activists, non profit organizations, and others.

Then knowing that our law enforcement, intelligence, and military know about this and also know they and their families will be the first rounded up and sent to Billy Boy Clinton's death camps, they are running scared. That is why I have told you to arm yourselves, organize into legal militia groups, and work with these same law enforcement, intelligence, and military agencies because they know they will need the help when the fecal matter hits the fan. They have a very good idea of just how well trained and armed this commie and Black Muslim armies are and that they will be quickly overwhelmed by these forces without your help. Be very careful not to get involved with illegal militias and other crime organizations which might move in to try and take control of your militia groups.

These dreams about Obama and the Black Muslims nuking the Commiecrats in Chicago is God telling me that the Black Muslims will win this game of who will kill off who. The problem I have been having is that God has not given me an element of time and I have been unsuccessfully trying to figure out when this will happen, you know, trying to second guess God. I have even realized that the empty and dry streets below the Sears Tower in the dream may not mean that this will happen in the Spring or Summer. It could just as easily have been God telling me that the nuke will be set off close enough to the Sears Tower so that the heat from the explosion will vaporize all of the moisture on the ground before the falling people hit the ground. Most of those people will probably be dead before they leave the building anyway.

Also, have you been noticing that Obama is appointing a lot of Muslims, including many who are not even US citizens, to very high levels in all of our key government agencies? He doesn't appoint them to the highest position most of the time. He normally appoints these Muslims to anywhere from the second highest position to the sixth highest position.


Because all he has to do is invite all of the agency heads above those Muslims he is appointing to his nuke party and, after those heads have been nuked, the Muslims who Obama has been appointing will automatically take over all of those agencies without Obama having to show his hand by appointing those Muslims to the top positions for those agencies after the nuking. It is a very clever slight of hand to set up the government so the Muslims will be in a position of absolute control without the US military and Fed's being able to move in and stop him. Watch it happen. The day after the nuking, you will wake up to find that all of the heads for all of the US government agencies are Muslims.

Therefore, I have decided to wait until God makes it very clear when this will happen and stop trying to figure it out on my own. We do know it must happen before Obama leaves office as President of the US, which means it will be soon. It will certainly happen when either Obama feels everything is ready for such a military coup or when Obama is sufficiently cornered and doesn't have a choice but to overthrow the commie's. We also know that the stupid commie's have grossly underestimated the Black Muslims and are going to lose their stupid little power mad game with their lives being the price for their arrogance. God has told me that the Black Muslims, with Obama as their leader, are going to win this deadly game very soon.

Believe me, the Black Muslims have been planning this party for years.

Once again, the stupid commie's can't do anything right. They screw everything up.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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