The Genius of God

I have realized that the Israeli economy will explode even faster after the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 than I had previously anticipated because of the Genius of God. Not only will Israel have all those "natural" resources left behind by the invading armies along with many times more land, but they will have the Jewish Theocracy designed by God.

We humans like to think we are so brilliant that we don't need God in our lives because we can do better. History and the Bible prove this to be wrong. For example, look at the taxes we humans have to pay because of our brilliantly superior forms of government we designed to get away from the theocracy God designed for us, primarily so we can have things like free sex, drugs, abortions, and such. In the US, we pay anywhere from about 15% to 37% taxes on income and in Europe and other countries it isn't that unusual for taxes to be as much as more than 50% taxes on income.

With God's Theocracy, the religious leaders are limited to a maximum of a 10% flat tax on your income. In other words, the religious and political leaders are REQUIRED to run the government with a maximum of 10% tax on your income. That means they can't have those huge and inefficient government bureaucracies that gobble up your taxes. They must run an efficient government or go into debt which the Law also forbids. This means that those doing the governing must do their job right or lose their jobs.

This also means a huge amount to you, the tax payer. To illustrate the extent of how this will effect you and why it will cause the Israeli economy to become the fastest growing economy in the history of the world, I will start with a very simplistic analysis. I will use a person who has investments starting with $10,000,000 for simplicity's sake and then expand to show how the difference will be even greater. What I will show is why everyone with a descent intelligence and amount of money will take their investments to Israel under her new theocracy designed by God.

What I did was work up an analysis based on the concept that you would have $10,000,000 invested at an average annual return of 10%, would pay your taxes, then invest what was left into other businesses with an average return of 10% and how that would average out over 11 years between the Israeli theocracy designed by God with a flat tax of 10% and the US with a simple tax of 37%. Then we will see how the difference will actually be much greater, especially in relation to investing in a socialist/communist country.

In the first year, in both countries, you will have a gross income of one million dollars. In the US you will pay $370,000 in taxes and get to invest $630,000. In God's Theocracy you will pay $100,000 in taxes and get to invest $900,000 at the end of the year. At this point, common sense should be telling you what will happen.

In the eleventh year, in the US, you will have a gross income of $1,842,182, pay taxes of $681,607, have a net gain of $1,160,575 for the year and end up with a total investment at the end of the year of $19,582,398. In the same eleventh year in Israel, you will have a gross income of $2,367,363, pay taxes of $236,736, have a net gain of $2,130,627, and end the year with a total investment of $25,804,265. In Israel, at the end of 11 years, you will be better than $6 million more wealthy and have an annual net income of more than $1 million more than in the US in the same year.

 Country  Gross  Taxes  Net  Investment
 US  $1,842,182  $681,607  $1,160,575  $19,582,398
 Israel  $2,367,363  $236,736  $2,130,627  $25,804,265

I think you kind of figured out by now why you and everyone else will take your money to Israel's new theocracy after the dust settles from the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. But it gets better.

In Israel, God doesn't permit what the socialists and commie's love to do called double dipping. They tax your money earned before the company pays your returns and then tax it again after you get paid. God only permits the theocracy to tax you once after you have received your money. So, in the US, you would actually end up making even less money than my example shows.

Then you have to realize that God doesn't permit His theocracy to tax you again with things like sales taxes, land taxes, and other ways the socialists have dreamed up to get more money to feed their devouring, brute beasts; those huge, inefficient bureaucracies. The leaders only get to tax you once and they have to make the government work with that much money or lose their jobs.

Add to this the expense of hiring some one to do your taxes because, in the US, the tax codes could fill a small library. In Israel, the tax code fills a small sentence that says they get to tax 10% of your income, period. In Israel's theocracy, a child with the basic math skills of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing, could figure out Bill Gates' taxes. All the child would have to do is multiply Bill's income times 10%.

You might think this would hurt the Israeli government because it would be greatly limiting her income in taxes over the short run but Israel's tax revenues will increase faster than in the US without increasing the tax rate because your income will increase faster so you will pay more in taxes faster. For example, in the US, you will increase the amount you pay for taxes by 1.84 times by the end of the eleven years paying $681,607 compared to your first year's taxes of $370,000. In Israel, your taxes will increase by 2.36 times because your income will increase that much during the same time.

Common sense should tell you that you will eventually end up paying more in total taxes because you will end up making a lot more money. This means, that as you become more wealthy, so does the Israeli government. Is God brilliant or what? His government encourages you to get more wealthy so His government can make more money. Our brilliant government punishes you for getting more wealthy. Gee, I wonder why everyone will invest in the new Israel and the economy will grow like a nuclear mushroom?

Three things will happen which will cause this extreme explosion in the Israeli economy. First, the number of people investing in the Israeli economy will explode as soon as people realize the differences in the taxes. Second, as people become more wealthy faster, they will be able to invest more money sooner in the economy which will add to the economy's growth. Third, there will be a huge influx of intelligent and wealthy people moving to Israel after the dust settles which will cause even more economic growth. This human migration will be caused, not only by the growing economy, but also by the increasing persecution of Jews and Christians everywhere and the now failing democracies of the US and other countries. It won't take long for Israel's theocracy to start looking really good to most people, especially conservatives, Christians, and Jews.

Of course, all that money leaving the economy of the country you now reside in, will cause a severe depression and cause your country to decline economically. But there will be an offset to this to some extent but not fully because the new Islamic Caliphate will begin dumping billions of barrels of oil onto the market to raise the money to build their economy and develop their new country into a super power along with Israel. This will drive the price of oil down everywhere causing their economies to grow some but not enough to completely offset the changes the new Israeli economy will have on our economies. Our countries will decline while Israel and the Caliphate will grow. All of you socialists/commie's will get what you want because the conservatives will make a mass exodus out of your countries but you won't like it. :-)

And we like to think we are smarter than God? Get real!

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