Global Coup

This morning, after writing yesterday about the lefties and their Chinese pals turning the Hanta Virus loose on you, I woke to a realization, you know, God tapping me on the shoulder and saying, "Hey, stupid, what about this?"

The Hanta virus being turned loose when Trump is telling us he can stop the COVID 19 quarantine that the lefties are forcing on us by Easter or April 12 ain't no coincidence, baby. It is telling me that Trump just about has COVID 19 beat enough that he can stop the quarantine by April 12, just like Trump is saying, the lefties know it is true, so the lefties and Chinese are turning loose ANOTHER virus so they can justify keeping their quarantine to continue controlling you and destroying the economy so you will get poor enough you will have to sell your guns and ammo to buy food for your families so they can safely stage their violent coup without them getting their evil brains blown out.

Hey, the first pandemic didn't work so, just like with Russia gate, Obstruction gate, Mueller gate, and Ukraine gate didn't work, so try again, baby, you know, just like they did with the impeachment thingy. The upper class trash are right now waging biological warfare against you with the same determination they waged impeachment war against Trump to get rid of him and you are about to find out firsthand how Trump felt except many of you are going to die.

How many more deadly diseases do they plan to turn loose on you?

As many as they can until it works or until someone stops them.

So, what disease do you think they will turn loose on you after Hanta Virus? West Nile Virus, H1N1, any number of flu viruses, SAR, Ebola, or all of them and more?

Well, I figured out which one will be the real killer, they have already prepped the biological battlefield for this one, I have been warning you about this and suddenly I saw so many coincidences in their plan it is mind boggling. The upper class trash, you know, the European Royal Family, with the British Royal Family as the primary power brokers, have been planning this for at least 30 years, probably longer, and they are now ready to finish the job.

They even began telling you what they were going to do with a great sounding lame excuse for doing it in the 1990s when they started telling you that we "should depopulate the planet down to a maximum of 500 million people to save the planet." Yes, my friends, this is premeditated murder, genocide, and other crimes against humanity on a global scale and they are doing it RIGHT NOW, after spending about 3 decades telling you they were going to do it.

Nothing like 3 decades of warning, right? Hey, at least they warned you about their evil plans and they weren't lying, right?

Hey, I know, let's connect some dots and do the bio-math to see if we can figure out what they are doing. Steve King, move over because I am going to use biology to scare the living crap out of everyone by proving the upper class trash are even more evil than zombies and, now that everyone is already terrified because of COVID 19, it is the right time because COVID 19 ain't nuttin' compared to what the upper class trash royals have planned for you and maybe you will listen to me now.

First, remember that I told you that, prior to the US Revolution, the European Royal Family ruled the entire planet under different family names, you know, British, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, and Russian royal families or clans, to name a few, and were fighting each other over parts of that planet because greedy, power mad people can never be satiated. It was all one great big global family spat that lasted from about 1500 AD to about 1760 AD, you know, just before the US Revolution and the family spat actually lasted until now.

Then the people got tired of it all and raised up in revolt in places like the British Colonies (the US), France, and India. After the French wiped out their entire clan of the European Royal Family, the rest of them realized they were next for losing their evil, inbred heads, developed a little guillotine allergy, stepped back to let the people have their freedom while their cousins running the universities dreamed up Communism as their new form of slavery to replace the surf, peasantry, and peonage systems, you know, with Communism/Socialism/Marxism/Progressivism or whatever they are calling it this week requiring you to submit yourselves to the absolute rule of the government (again) run by the distant members of the European Royal Family (again) "so they, the superior natural elites, can take care of you" (again). The same lie they have been telling you for more than 3,000 years, just with a different name, you know, Marxism.

But it was just a coincidence.

Then, a few hundred years later, distant members of the British Royals began getting elected as US presidents to begin the process of preparing for a US coup for the European Royals get their colonies back, you know, with Johnston, Nixon, Ford, and Carter all being members of the British Royal Family.

Don't believe me?

Check out their ancient ancestry.

Then Ronnie got elected US president, started undoing what his predecessors had been setting up, and mysteriously developed medical problems that were very much like being poisoned with mercury.

But, hey that was just a coincidence.

(The symptoms for mercury poisoning include nervousness or anxiety, irritability or mood changes, numbness, memory problems [you know, like the dementia Ronnie suddenly got while still president], depression, physical tremors, and early death, you know, just like Ronnie died.)

But, hey that was just a coincidence.

Then other members of the British Royal Family, the Bushes, Clintons, and Obama, got elected president (check out their ancient ancestry too), started this globalism movement so the European Royals can get their planet back, you know, after a few hundred years, just about had everything set up for a final coup of ye ole colonies with cousin Hillary (check out her ancient ancestry) supposed to get elected, Trump got elected, and, by the strangest of coincidences, they treated Trump the same way and worse than they treated Ronnie, while Trump quickly set about destroying everything the traitors had done to set up their royal coup of the US. The lefties waged holy war against Trump with failed effort after failed effort to get rid of him so the lefties could finish their coup without another major setback, you know, like with Ronnie.

I am amazed Trump is still alive.

Then, by another strange coincidence, Prince Harry met cousin and US citizen, Meghan, a woman of "color" (she has black ancestry on her mother's side), whom they called a commoner to make you think she is one of you instead of the truth about her being one of them and being a direct descendant of King Edward III, you know, 17th cousin to Harry, fell madly in love with her and they got hitched less than two years after Trump got elected with the Commierats not having been able to get rid of Trump and not having anyone who can beat Trump in 2020.

But, hey that was all just a coincidence.

Meghan went to live with the British Royal Family for almost two years to be trained in royal matters, have an inbred royal brat, and then they all decided to stage a drama queen show by Meghan and Harry "rebelling" against the rest of the family, leaving their royal duties and all of the publicity, giving up their royal titles because US law forbids the US president to have ANY royal titles from any other nation, to come to Canada ("she ain't going to live in the US as long as Trump is president") to get away from their royal duties and the press to raise their inbred royal brat, spent most of their time in the US getting press and not being with their inbred royal brat (wow, they sure forgot that fast), then moved to lefty run Hollywood while Trump is still president and the Commierats don't have anyone who can beat Trump in the next election, you know, just a few months before the Commierat Convention.

But, hey that was all just a coincidence.

I mean, after all, the Queen wouldn't run ANOTHER family member for president to get her colonies back, would she? Seeing a pattern here, are you? Are you beginning to think the US is under siege by the British Royal Family after we spent billions of dollars and tens of thousands of troops' lives saving their butts in WWI, WWII, and the Cold War?

Great allies they are...not (not the British people, just the British Royal Family).

Then, by the strangest of coincidences, just when they knew their lefty commie traitor impeachment of Trump would fail, two college professors and a doctor sold COVID 19 to the biological warfare lab in Wuhan and the disease somehow got released (by coincidence, of course) permitting the Chinese to bring their rioting people back under control, made it to Iran, where they used it to bring their rioting people back under control, then made it to Europe, where they are trying to use it to bring their rioting people back under control, and then some US deep staters illegally brought infected people into the US against Trumps orders.

But, hey that was all just a coincidence.

Then, when COVID 19 started in the US, the lefty media panicked everyone, especially the stupid people, creating a crisis, told their stupid lefty activists the disease is only effecting old sick people so their stupid lefty activists would get infected while their other stupid lefty activists were busy spreading the disease around places like grocery stores in big cities, and then the corrupt lefty commie traitor politicians used the panic they created to shut down our economy to control and impoverish the people so the people will be forced to sell their guns for food, also shutting down and destroying mom and pop businesses eliminating competition for their upper class trash royal family owned major corporations, and trying to turn the people against Trump.

But, hey that was all just a coincidence.

Then, just about the time that virus is whipped and Trump is saying he will have the economy back up and running to quickly rebuild it, by the absolutely strangest of coincidences, China releases another deadly virus, the Hanta Virus.

Are you getting tired of lefty coincidences yet?

It gets better.

Remember that about 40 years ago, the lefty upper class trash, under the guise of conservationism and saving the planet from "dem evil house cats", started getting us to kill off free roaming feral cats with the upper class trash knowing that it would cause rodent, bird, and bug pandemics, which can be used to quickly transmit deadly diseases through a human population.

About 30 years ago, they began justifying their planned genocide of more than 7 billion people lying and saying that we have to "depopulate the planet down to a MAXIMUM of 500 million people to save the planet." You know, probably planning to use a global polydemic.

Don't you just love how the lefties are always screwing things up in the name of saving something, you know, whales, birds, and the planet?

Now, we had these same upper class trash selling COVID 19 to the Chinese, who turned it loose on us, then we beat COVID 19 and they turned loose Hanta Virus on us, with us still having those pandemic rodent, bird, and bug populations just sitting there waiting their turn. We still have strains of Yersinia Pestis, the Black Plague, that are not treatable all over the world, especially here in the US, and, if any of those Yersinia Pestis strains get in your lungs, the Pneumonic Plague, most of you will die, the mortality rate could easily be anywhere from 60% to better than 90%, and you better bet the upper class trash know about this.

So, which disease do you think the upper class trash have already planned for the finale to depopulate THEIR planet so they don't have to share THEIR planet with you? Kind of obvious what they are building up to, is it?

I have been warning you about this for decades and it is already happening right now.

The ironic part is this: I have already explained that the people they are murdering off the most with this are the lefties because this polydemic the lefty upper class trash HAVE ALREADY STARTED is going to do almost all of its killing in the medium to large cities, where most of the people are their stupid lefty commie traitor supporters and voters and where most of the lefty commie traitor voters and activists live. Most of the people who are already starting to be infected are the upper class trash lefty commie traitor voters and activists and I have already explained why most of the people who will end up dying and are starting to die right now will be their lefty commie traitor voters and activists.

I warned you lefty commie traitor voters and activists years ago that the lefty commie traitor upper class trash will purge you when they no longer need you and, now that they are staging their coup with this polydemic and don't need any more voters because there ain't going to be any more elections, the lefty commie traitor upper class trash have ALREADY started purging their lefty commie traitor voters and activists with their polydemic.

But, hey that was all just a coincidence. It is just a coincidence that your upper class trash overlords are already murdering you off, you know, by doing things like lying to you about COVID 19 only infecting and killing the elderly so you would go out, get infected, and get dead. Why, your evil leaders don't conspire or talk to plan their evil out, they just all kinda sorta blunder in doing the same things at the same times for thousands of years. It cain't be no conspiracy.

But, gee, there sure are a lot of lefty upper class trash coincidences, yuh think?

But, hey no one deserves being purged more than you lefty commie traitors who helped get them in power to cause all of this evil and death so they can get "THEIR" planet back with their globalism. And, if anyone deserves to die the way the upper class trash are right now murdering you, it is you lefty commie traitor activists, you know, with these deadly diseases, which ain't the best way to die.

For example, Tim Pool told you about how you will flail about fighting to breath just before you die from COVID 19 but, baby, that ain't nuttin' compared to how you will die from Yersinia Pestis. If you get Yersinia Pestis as the Bubonic Plague, it will take you one to two excruciating weeks to die screaming with your body gradually turning black (why they call it the Black Plague) and, if you get Yersinia Pestis as the Pneumonic Plague, you will only scream your lungs out dying for one or two days.

You stupid lefties, who are right now being betrayed by your lying, back stabbing upper class trash, just might want to buy a handgun and one round of ammunition to blow your own brains out when you get one of these deadly diseases your leaders are turning loose on you right now because you really don't want to die that way.

Hey, on the upside, they didn't completely lie to you about getting free stuff. You are right now getting free COVID 19, Hanta Virus, Typhus, and who knows what will be next and, if you survive all of that, you just know Yersinia Pestis will be the "final solution" your Nazi leaders will use against you to "depopulate their planet" so they don't have to share "their planet" with you.

Please note that the upper class trash are also killing off you lying lefty commie traitor celebrities who took money to lie for them and support their Marxist coup. You are already starting to die too. But, hey, no one can trust a traitor, not even another traitor.

And to think that you lefty commie traitors were going around believing the upper class trash great sounding lies to you, while you were helping the upper class trash tell great sounding lies to us? Just how stupid is that? What? You really thought they were going to share their planet with you? You lefty fools really like buying bridges, don't you?

Hey, they have already prepped the biological warfare battlefield by getting you to kill off the free roaming feral cats to cause the bird, bug, and rodent pandemics the upper class will use to infect you with their deadly diseases. You stupid lefties didn't know it but you have been killing yourselves off to depopulate the planet for the upper class trash and now it is time for you to die a really terrible death.

And you think these evil human demons won't nuke Chicago to get their power back? Really? Why?

They are already murdering far more people than live in Chicago to get their planet and power back.

BTW, remember that I told you about my cat clan God gave me?

I recently found out from a member of the local animal control that God has been using my clan to populate the poor side of my town along with some of the middle class neighborhoods with free roaming feral cats to protect us from the upper class trash polydemic.

BTW, the local animal control is no longer killing free roaming feral cats by the strangest of coincidences.

God gave me a heart that is way too big so I always fall in love with the cats so that it hurts to see them chase each other off because of cat behavior in relation to population density stress and I have spent the last 5 or 6 years wondering what was happening to them.

Did they find a good home or what?

I found out that people around town, especially the poor and some middle class neighborhoods, have been feeding them and giving them homes so these cars are keeping the rodent, bird, and bug populations under epidemic levels. It is just one more reason why God has me living here in poverty, you know, to help protect these poor people from the upper class trash polydemic the upper class trash is forcing on you right now. God sure works in incredible ways with us all too often not understanding what He is doing.

None of those people know that God is using me to protect them but that doesn't matter. God knows, I know and that is all that matters. On Judgment Day I will find out how many people I have helped with such things as the cats and this site, I will get a pat on the back, and God will say, "Good job, Carl." That is all that counts.

Hey, who knows, after the upper class trash kill the rest of you off with their polydemic, maybe the people of Alamogordo will be the ones to repopulate the planet?

You can bet land will be really cheap after most of you die, you know, free and we can live anywhere we want.

Hey, maybe Stephen King can make a movie about this before he is killed off by the upper class trash polydemic?

Enjoy your nightmare you forced on the rest of us. I will pray for you.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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