Global Prayer Vigil

At midnight, my granddaughter came to my house to tell me her mother had just been taken to the hospital by ambulance, she was very ill from COVID 19, and I was only partially awake so I didn't know what to say. My granddaughter is fine because she had it last week and got over it in just a few days.

I went back to bed and realized that this new D variant of COVID 19 is almost certainly a reengineered strain of COVID 19 and the upper class trash lefties and their lefty puppets are still waging biological war against us.

Think about it. I have shown you on this blog that they engineered this pathogen in the US, gave it to China to release on us with China being the front man, and it mutated so that it was not as deadly as they expected and want, probably an act of God protecting us.

Now, what would these evil people do next when their disease turned out to not be as deadly as they planned on it being?

They would naturally re-engineer the pathogen to be more deadly and not mutate this time, which would take time, and then turn it loose on us using the lie and cover that "it mutated" into "another variant", you know, variant D, and then use the cover of the prior strain to spread it around the world. Most people would never realize what they did.

This caused me to realize that these subhuman things are still waging biological and chemical warfare against the people of this planet with new diseases and poisons and they must be stopped and removed as quickly as possible but that isn't something we humans know enough about who and what to be able to do before they can kill almost all of us off.

Therefore, our most important weapon and defense in this war is the hand of God. God knows who is doing what to us and how to stop it.

God tells us that, if we repent of our sins, turn back to God, and call on the name of God, He will hear us, come to our aid, and deliver us from the evil.

Therefore, I am calling on everyone to help me in starting a global prayer vigil so that you tell everyone you know and get them to tell everyone they know and so forth that we all pray for the same things at least 3 times a day until God delivers us from this evil.

First, we MUST repent of our sins and turn back to God or He will not listen to our prayers.

We need to pray that God will deliver us out of the hands of our enemy and deliver our enemy into Hell where they can never again cause harm to anyone. That is clearly the only thing that can stop their satanic war against us because they clearly refuse to stop their wickedness against us.

We also need to pray that God heal us from the diseases these monsters are turning loose on us and the chemicals they are using to murder us off in such a way that everyone will know it is the hand of God saving our butts.

We need to pray that, in accordance with the Bible, God will do unto them as they are doing unto us.

If they are waging biological war against us, God will wage biological war against with His own deadly biological weapon using His own deadly pathogen to kill only them.

If they are waging chemical war against us, God will wage chemical war against them.

We need to pray that, if they are trying to depopulate us, God will depopulate them.

We need to pray that whatever they are doing to us, God does to them, while protecting us from their evil weapons.

I will be praying the following prayer to God as often as I can remember and I suggest you and everyone else pray the same or something similar. I suggest that, when you read this prayer, you read it to God as your prayer so He will hear it from you too.

"Dear Lord, Yahweh/Jesus, please deliver us out of the hands of our evil enemies and protect us from their weapons. Please do unto them as they do unto us so that they can no longer cause us harm and in such a way that EVERYONE will know it is your hand saving us from them."

Please, for the sake of all people, help me start and spread this global prayer vigil around the world and keep it going until it is obvious that God has answered our prayers. If they want their globalism, we will have our globalism. If they want to wage a war against us, we will have God wage our war against them. We will see who is more powerful, them or God.

Feel free to copy and paste this entire article everywhere.

If I am a man of God, God will hear our prayers, come to our aid, and save us from the hands of these evil human demons.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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