God is Real

I have been putting off writing this essay for more than a decade because I will have to reveal a tiny amount of classified US military information but not enough to be a significant threat to our national security and this essay really needs to be written. If anything, it should act to discourage our enemies from attacking us, at least in the near future.

First, let me explain the Bible because almost everyone is reading it wrong, mostly because they don't know enough about science to really understand what the Bible is saying. You have to understand that the Bible was written thousands of years ago when the most advanced technology was primitive metallurgy, war chariots, and the potter's wheel, their people didn't know 1/100th of what we know today as far as science and technology. Their languages, their knowledge about science, and everything else was much, much more limited than ours are today. They simply did not even have most of the words or terms we use today in the US such a levitation, teleportation, folding space, dimensional portals, cars, airplanes, spaceships, submarines, missiles, radiation, radio, television, bicycle, roller skates, computer, train, electricity, gun powder, microscope, or most of the other words we take for granted.

You must keep this in mind when reading the Bible and I have found that one of the most important questions you should regularly ask yourself when reading the Bible is, "What would we call this today?" Remember they didn't have those words back then? You have to use science and linguistics to connect the dots and read between the lines. The information is there, you just have to decipher it because the Bible is written in a primitive and very limited language. Therefore, you have to translate the Bible into modern American.

For example, when God "parted" the Red Sea, we would call that levitation of billions of tons of water and probably also millions of tons of mud but they didn't have the word levitation 3,600 years ago so they said that God parted the Red Sea. There is an excellent example in the story of the Exodus (it is in my e-book) of God folding space when God took the entire Hebrew tribe on a march which should have taken three days but only took one day. Today, we call that folding space, they were confused and didn't know what to think or call it. There is at least one example of God teleporting some one several times and there is an example of a dimensional portal opening up to reveal a "stairway to Heaven". Another dimensional portal was opened when Jesus was baptized and the Bible called it a window in Heaven was opened up. These are all tiny clues or dots as to what is really going on and what the Bible is really talking about. It is amazing how many people never see these clues and some times I think it is because the people don't want to see the clues because they want to maintain the mysticism of the Bible so they can more easily control people.

Try a little exercise, try to explain what you see going on around you on a daily basis without using any of the words our ancestors did not have thousands of years ago and then try to get some one else to read it and figure out what you were talking about. An airplane would be a strange, noisy, and huge bird flying through the sky, a car would be a wagon that moves without horses or oxen, and a TV would be a magical box with little people trapped inside it. Get the picture? Oh, hold it, they didn't have pictures back then, they only had carvings, engravings, and paintings but no cameras to take pictures.

Then you have to understand that the Bible is incredible historic documentation that the being we call God is real, He exists, and He lives along with the angels, the being Satan, and the demons. And that is all that there is in our existence, God and the angels in Heaven, Satan and his demons on earth, and us humans on earth. All of the rest of those stars in space were created by God for us humans to start colonizing if we humans every got our act together and quit misbehaving.

The supporting evidence of this information in the Bible being true is 1) the extremely accurate historic documentation (the Bible is the most accurate ancient historic documentation in the world) and 2) the fulfilled prophesies which happened from hundreds to thousands of years after they were written. This supporting evidence is what proves the Bible to be true in all other aspects which is why Satan's people try so hard to disprove the supporting evidence. You see, they know that Satan, Lucifer, the Devil is real, they just don't want you to know that God is real.

Don't forget this because we will come back to it in a minute.

I see huge numbers of confused people on the Internet wondering what is going on while there are obviously liberal pagans putting out false information and ideas to confuse you. They are intentionally bombarding you with all sorts of false information such as space aliens, UFOs, evolution, and other misinformation. I want to help you get through the chaos and confusion so you can figure out what is going on when you see it.

First, understand that God is a real living being, is omnipotent (the most powerful), omnipresent (everywhere), and the Bible says that all power (read energy) comes from God. The scriptures tell us God has seven spirits (we humans only have one spirit.) This should tell you that God is some form of spirit/energy being who is made up of ALL existing energy. There cannot be any power or energy which does not come from God. As a matter of fact, I believe that God used a very tiny bit of His own energy or being to create the mass required to create our universe and everything in it, by converting His energy into mass. You know, E=MC2? God wrote the formula, used it, and then taught it to Einstein later.

Based on what the Bible says in relation to science, my best guess is that God, the angels, Satan, and his demons are all multidimensional beings which can easily pass back and forth between our dimension and the dimension Heave exists in. I believe that, most likely, we exist in at least two parallel dimensions side-by-side and they can see and hear us from their dimension while being able to pass right through everything in our dimension and we can't see or hear them unless they want us to. You know, kind of like 3D TV.

I believe that God told Adam and Eve to go populate the planet as part of His planned phase one. After Adam and Eve had succeeded in populating the planet so that there was no more room for growth, then what? What was God going to do when this planet reached its maximum carrying capacity or ability to support life, especially since God originally created us as immortals so we were not going to die to make room for others?

Then I believe God would have started creating habitable planets in our cosmos for us to colonize and teaching us the technology to travel between those planets via either folding space or teleportation, both of which, there are examples in the Bible. Why do you think God created all of those hundreds of billions times hundreds of billions of planets and stars in space, just to look at? No, those were supposed to be our future colonies but we blew it.

If you do the math on the thousand year reign of Jesus with people reproducing and no one dying for a thousand years, you should realize that, by the most conservative estimate, Jesus will have to create tens of thousands of habitable planets during that thousand years. There is no way one planet can support such incredible growth.

Get a clue, nothing evolved anywhere on this planet or in space, there are no space aliens no matter how much you want them to exist because you really like those pagan science fiction movies based on the pagan fairy tale of evolution, and God created everything in its place. The pagans have learned that they can summons or call up Satan and his demons and Satan and his demons can take on just about any shape they want. These beings can take on the appearance of ghosts, other people, and even space aliens. They have also obviously lied to everyone to get us to rebel against God with many people choosing to believe the lies because the lies sound so good.

Then I saw some super secret aircraft owned by the US military before and after I went into the military. They are US owned and not UFOs. Let me share something with you. UFO means unidentified flying object, meaning that whomever is seeing the object doesn't know the identity of the object or who owns it. If you see a flying object you don't know anything about and it is, therefore, unidentified to you, and the military owns that flying object, therefore, the flying object is identified to them, and they tell you there was no UFO, they are telling the truth because, TO THEM, the object was identified, therefore, it cannot be a UFO. Get it?

When you see those UFOs flying in the air, think "made in the USA" and they won't be unidentified to you either. But know, they are not aliens. Now, it is supposed to be classified super secret that the US military has those weapon systems but, since they are showing them off to you, I figure they are getting ready to let everyone know they have those weapon systems. Besides, people like Russia and China finding out the US military has those weapons systems will definitely cause the Ruskies and Chicom to think twice about picking their long desired fights with the US. They can't beat those weapons systems.

You have to understand that the liberal pagans are using a two part strategy. 1) Confuse and distract you from the real threat and 2) if you do realize what the real threat is and you ALSO believe their smoke and mirrors about space aliens and such, then they will make you look foolish and discredit you so no one will listen to you.

I have been explaining the real threat to you that you need to know about. Your greatest threat is the liberal pagans who plan to set up a global dictatorship and murder off more than seven billion men, women, and children because, in their evil hearts, they believe the primary law of paganism, "Do what you will", meaning there is nothing they can do which is evil or wrong. The second most significant threat is the Muslims who plan to conquer the world and murder all non Muslims or about six billion men, women, and children. The third most significant threat is Communist China which plans to conquer the world and murder all non Chinese minus a few hundred million slaves. The forth most significant threat is Russia because they want to conquer the world but they have kept their mouths shut so we don't know what their end game is.

I have been telling you about God and what He intends to do by using the Muslims to destroy the liberal pagan leadership and then sending most of the rest of the liberal pagans to die in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 along with the leadership and significant parts of the armies for the Muslims, Russians, and Chinese so we can build a new nation as a Christian theocracy.

I also just let you know there is another player in the game I didn't want to let you know about because I did not want to risk compromising them in any way because they are good guys. But it has reached a point to where you need to know at least that they are there. They are the US military and they also control the CIA and NSA, all of which you are being told by the liberal pagans are bad guys to get you to turn against the US military so the liberal pagans can justify tearing the US military down so the US military can't save your butts, you know, just like they are doing with the cops, INS, and all law enforcement.

The strength of what used to be the Republic of the US is the greatest weakness of the US military and law enforcement agencies and it is that they are in a position to where they cannot make their move to save our butts until absolutely everything else has obviously failed and the US population is begging them to save our butts. That red line is so far down the road it sits right next door to failure. They MUST wait until the bad guys have crossed that red line but not reached failure for us, all the civilians have learned that the bad guys are the real bad guys, and the civilians are begging for salvation by the US military. That red line is so close to failure that, if they wait just a fraction too long, even they will fail. They have to hit that nail right on the head at the right time while everything is traveling at light speed, but they can do it.

So keep it straight and simple and the pagans won't be able to confuse and control you. All that exists are God, the angels, Satan, the demons, and us. There are no aliens in space and never were regardless of the false "evidence" the pagans keep putting out there. I believe the US military is showing off secret weapons systems to deter our enemies from attacking us in this moment of duress and so the military can soon let us know we have those weapons systems without it being as much of a culture shock because we have been seeing them. That will make it a relief when we do see they belong to the US military instead of such a shock. "Oh, they're our's, whew!" Mean while, the pagans are using these "UFOs" to make us think aliens, evolution, and other confusing things so they can control us and turn us from God. Ignore the pagans and pay attention to God, trust in God, and pray your butts off because God knows what He is doing, no one else does.

It is increasingly important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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