Through God's Eyes

I am going to share with a you a very unique perspective for looking at or seeing our physical existence and our bodies from one of God's many perspectives. Keep in mind what I have taught you that every physical object is made up of nothing but electrons and protons that are bound together into atoms by nuclear forces. These atoms are bound together into molecules by nuclear forces and the molecules are bound together into physical structures by nuclear forces. Also remember that better than 98% of the space occupied by these atoms is empty space within which the electrons orbit the protons.

When you put all of this together, you should realize that your body and every physical object in existence within our cosmos is really nothing more than a cloud of electrons and protons bound together by nuclear forces. Some of those clouds of particles are stationary, some move some of the time, and others are in constant motion. But they are all just complex clouds of electrons and protons.

Yahweh, God, can look at any object and see nothing but a cloud of electrons and protons bound together by nuclear forces. For Him to change any or all of your physical structure, all He has to do is change the relative positions of those electrons and protons to the relative positions required to create whatever He wants to change your physical structure into. This is why I call the process sub atomic nuclear sorting because God just has to sort the electrons and protons into different relative positions to do whatever He wants, whenever He wants, where ever He wants, to whomever He wants.

From this perspective, every physical object in our cosmos is just a cloud of electrons and protons held together by nuclear forces. The relative positions of these electrons and protons determine the atoms or elements the electrons and protons make up and the relative positions of the different atoms determines the molecules the atoms make up and the relative positions of the different molecules determines the physical structures the molecules make up and the physical structures determine what the object is. It is just that simple for God.

This perspective makes it very easy to understand how God can do most of the miracles He has done and still does. All He has to do is change the relative positions of the electrons and protons for any object to change that object into anything He wants. He can change salt, with 11 electrons and protons, into gold, which has 79 electrons and protons, simply by rearranging the relative positions of the electrons and protons within the mass so there will be 79 electrons and protons per atom instead of 11.

Secret of life

Then there is the secret of life God taught me about. What causes the molecular movements within our cells which cause the cell movements which cause life functions which cause our bodies to function as living organisms? Then God showed me that the secret to this is again based on nuclear physics in combination with chemistry and molecular biology.

You have to understand that all living organisms are really nothing more than extremely complex molecular machines designed and built by Yahweh. The process is really simple, it is the structure which is so complex.

The small motors or pistons that drive every cell are the molecules themselves. Every molecule has a position it will always fold into which is caused by the relative nuclear forces which are created by bunching atoms in specific groups and places within the molecule. These nuclear forces create a push/pull against the other parts of the molecule which cause the molecules to fold in specific ways. The same type of molecule will fold in the same way every time.

When a molecule has a chemical reaction with another molecule, that chemical reaction changes the structure and relative push/pull forces of the molecule causing the molecule to unfold and then fold into the structure the new molecule will always fold into. It is this unfolding and then folding which causes the motions within our cells which cause the cells to function and have life.

These chemical reactions can be in several basic ways. There are chemical reactions which cause two molecules to bond and form one new molecule, the chemical reactions can cause one or both molecules to be changed causing one or more new molecules, the chemical reactions can cause one molecule to remain the same while splitting the other molecule into two or more parts, and the chemical reaction can cause both molecules to unfold and release each other without a change in either molecule.

These different molecular movements are used for different things by the cells and throughout the body. For example, there are molecules on the surface of the cell membranes which the chemical reaction causes both molecules to unfold without changing either molecule and then folding back to their former shape to move or transfer a specific type of molecule from the blood into the cell to be used by the cell for a specific purpose. This is called active transport across the cell membrane.

This same molecular activity is often used within the cell to move molecules through the cell to a specific location for a specific purpose. Some molecules will bond to other molecules to carry those molecules to a specific location within the cell for a specific purpose such as carrier RNA molecules.

Then there are molecules within the cells for which their unfolding and folding cause changes in other molecules to create or destroy cell structures while other molecules on cell membranes reacting with a molecule from outside the cell will cause a certain function within the cell to either turn on or turn off a specific part of the cell for a specific function such as creating or stopping the creation of hormones.

You also have to understand that the simplest living cell has more than one trillion molecules in it. These molecules are so tiny you cannot see them with a regular light microscope and have to use an electron microscope which means they are so small that they must be very close to each other to be able to function within the cell. But it is even worse than that because each molecule in the cell must be in the right place and in the right position (it can't be backwards, upside down, or sideways) at the right time in relation to the other molecules it must react with in order to cause the motions and functions within the cell for the cell to function and live. If any of the more than one trillion molecules within the cell is not in exactly the right place and right position at the right time during a particular phase of the cell, that job normally done by that molecule will not get done and the cell will either not function right or will die.

This is so critical that, if a person drinks too much water causing too much water to diffuse into the blood from the stomach which will cause too much water to diffuse into the cells from the blood and bloat the cell, the cell membranes being extended will not permit the cell membranes to push the molecules in the cell close enough to each other so that they can react and cause the cell to live so that the cell will die. These molecules only have to be just far enough apart that they can't react with the right molecules for them to not do their job and cause the cell to not function right.

In normal function, each little molecule within the cell is sitting there unfolding and folding as they are stimulated to unfold and fold by other molecules just chugging along doing their little part in causing the cell to function or live.

If you understand this and then study the extreme complexity with more than one trillion molecules which have to all be in the right place and right position at the right time and required precision for each cell to function on a three dimensional basis, then it becomes blatantly obvious that it is scientifically impossible for such extreme complexity and precision to accidentally evolve from random inanimate matter. It can only have been created in place by a vastly superior being than us humans.

Creation scientists have a saying that it would be mathematically more probably for a tornado to pass through a junk yard and create a 747 aircraft and than for a single cell to accidentally and coincidentally evolve from inanimate matter. That statement is a gross understatement because the simplest living cell is many, many times more complex than the most complex thing man has every made by intelligent thought.

Let me give you a better and more accurate example. In computer programming, they consider a positive charge to be a 1 and a negative charge to be a zero. The most basic computer programming is based on 1's and 0's or positive or negative charges in ram positions.

Every electron is negatively charged and every proton is positively charged. Therefore, this can be related quite accurately to computer programming. If in every cell, there are more than one trillion molecules and we very conservatively estimate there are only an average of 5 atoms per molecule with only an average of 5 electrons and protons per atom, then the average cell will have at least 25 trillion electrons and 25 trillion protons in it. This means that the average cell will have many, many more 1's and 0's in its programming than the most complex computer program every written, even by another computer program.

Therefore, it would be more unlikely that the simplest living cell would accidentally evolve from inanimate matter than for the most complex computer program to accidentally happen because some one left their computer, without software, turned on for 4 billion years. Only a fool or liar would think that something as complex as a computer program could possibly accidentally happen regardless of how long the computer is left running. You would have to be an even bigger fool or liar to think that the simplest living cell could possibly accidentally happen regardless of how long a pool of gunk was heated and stirred. It is scientifically impossible for evolution to ever happen.

Evolution is just a pagan fairy tale.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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