God's Line

Remember that I told you that God has drawn a line and is causing everyone to come out of the closet and chose which side they want to stand on that line? We have to chose between God and paganism in its various forms.

God isn't just causing people to chose between God and paganism in the US, He is doing this globally. God is also not just doing this in a commitment sense but is also doing it in a geographical sense. God is using paganism, especially Islam, to move Christians out of certain parts of the world and into certain other parts of the world. If the people refuse to leave, the pagans are causing the Christians increasing trouble with the Muslims openly killing them. If they have not already begun to, soon the rest of the pagans will begin openly killing Christians. The Christians who do God's will and move to where God wants them to move, God helps them get to where God wants them to go. You either move to where God wants you to move or the pagans kill you, your choice. God is moving all of the pieces on the playing board to where He wants them to be for when the Tribulation begins.

It should be blatantly obvious that God is moving Christians out of the Middle East to Europe and the Americas. Even certain sects of the Jews are increasing their effort to drive gentile Christians out of Israel. Some have come out and openly said they don't even want gentiles who have converted to Judaism to remain in Israel, only biological Jews. But this persecution is increasing globally for both Christians and Jews, even in Asia.

More and more the pagans are turning on Jews and Christians with increasingly open and violent attacks against them. The Jews are being driven back to Israel while the pagans are trying to slaughter them in Israel. Entire nations are emptying out and some are now empty of Jews with increasing numbers of nations only having very few Jews remaining.

I regularly pray for these Christians and Jews. For a while, I wished that there was some way I could go and fight for the Christians against IS but then God showed me that, if I did, those Christians wouldn't move to where God wants them to move and would just remain in the IS area as long as my protection continued. Plus there are organizations which God has sent to help Christians flee such areas where they are being persecuted to more friendly areas. You need to find and support these organizations.

It is best for us to seek and want God's will because we don't know what God is doing. If the Christians all flee to one area and form a Christian nation, then they will have the strength to fight off continued violent actions by pagans. If we remain scattered and divided all over the world, we won't develop that national strength.

I have shown you before that God is putting that Christian nation together and most of the US will be a big part of it. Our new Christian nation will provide protection for everyone who wants to live by Biblical morals, ethics, and Laws. This new Christian nation will be composed of Christians and some non Christians who prefer Christian morals, ethics, and Laws to paganism from all over the world living peacefully together showing that it doesn't matter what country you are from or what race you belong to but which god you believe in and follow.

God is driving Jews back to Israel from all over the world because God is getting ready to expand Israel as prophesied in the Bible and all of the Jews from around the world will need to be living in Israel for them to be able to take, control, and manage the larger Israel God is about to create. It is very difficult and even impossible to control and manage too much empty land, especially when surrounded by enemies. Israel is going to need all of the Jews she can get to control and manage the soon coming larger Israel.

In the same way, our new Christian nation will need all of the Christians it can get to control and manage all of the land our new Christian nation will have and it looks like it could be as much as one quarter to one third of the world. Plus God told me in several dreams that, after we get that nation and its economy up and running very strong, God will use our new Christian nation to start colonizing other planets, which will require a huge number of Christians to maintain control of and manage our Christian nation here on earth and also colonize other planets.

But I also see God moving increasing numbers of Muslims back to North Africa and the Middle East to fight for terrorism and form the soon coming Caliphate in preparation for the coming Tribulation. God will also leave various parts of the world for other pagan cults such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and the Occult. After all of the propaganda about the different religions we have been fed by our lying liberals, we will all get to see the truth about the different religions and how well they work out as cultures and nations.

My new prayer isn't for God to stop IS from persecuting Christians but for all Christians and Jews to flee to the where God wants them to move before the persecution begins. God is only permitting those persecutions in some countries because those Christians still there have refused to obey God's will in moving. In other countries, such as the US, God is increasing the persecution of Christians to get the Christians mad enough to stand up and fight off the pagan oppressors in order to build the new Christian nation.

Our nations are increasingly turning towards just one religion for each nation. This multiculturalism (combining different religions and their values) has not worked and is actually causing most of the problems we are experiencing. People are quickly waking up to the fact that multiculturalism doesn't work and are turning away from it. This requires that all nations turn to one specific religion because ALL of our morals, values, and ethics for every nation are based entirely on the morals, values, and ethics of our chosen religions and our laws are based on those morals, values, and ethics. Having people with conflicting morals, values, and ethics just doesn't work because they want different laws to live by.

BTW, you should have noticed that the black gangs have already started a race war against whites in the US with increasing attacks against whites. But not all blacks are supporting these violent acts against whites and increasing numbers are coming out against such racist acts by blacks against whites. What the media are not telling you is what I told you a long time ago, that all black gangs in the US are Muslim. Oooo, did a light bulb or two just come on? This is only a staged or fake race war of Muslims against white non Muslims.

BTW, increasing numbers of liberals, especially whites but even increasing numbers of blacks, continue to turn against Obama and it is getting pretty big. The upper class trash just gave Obama a really big insult this last weekend when three upper class trash golf courses refused to permit Obama to play at them over the Labor Day Weekend. That was a really huge statement and insult by the upper class trash. Do you think Obama got the message? I think he did and you can bet he is steaming. There will be payback. How dare they insult the great, the magnificent Pharaoh Obama?!?! One, each, tantrum coming.

It is very important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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