God's Line 2

Remember that I have been telling you that God has drawn a ling and is forcing us to all make a decision as to which side we will stand on, God's side or Satan's side?

I have been waiting for certain shoes to hit the ground, while wondering how much longer it will be, and a few days ago I realized that at least some of those shoes won't hit the ground until after a certain event takes place.

Remember that the Catholic Church publically stated earlier this year that, if Jesus doesn't return by December 31, 2014, the Church will dump Jesus and convert to Islam and the Church is already in the process of making that conversion to Islam, which will be complete by January 1, 2015? Remember that the Cardinal who made this public statement also said that the Church doesn't expect Jesus to ever come because it has been so long and Jesus has not yet come (literally fulfilling Bible prophesy because that is what the Bible said people would say)? Remember that the Cardinal who made those statements also made a snide remark about Jesus being off some where else and being too busy to return?

This is very significant because on January 1, 2015 the Catholic Church will force its members to make a choice between remaining loyal to Jesus or remaining with the Church and converting to Islam. This will force a global shake up in the Church and we will quickly find out who are the real Christians and who are the poser Christians, except I expect a few real Christians to briefly decide to stay with the Church, but change their minds later.

Also, you should expect all other liberal Christian denominations to make the same conversion, following the example and lead of the Catholic Church, and force their members to make the same decision, further fulfilling Bible prophesy by making that same statement that Jesus won't return because He has not come and it has been so very long.

I woke to the realization a few days ago that these events must take place and the people must make their decisions concerning whose side they will stand on before certain critical events will take place which will cause things to move forward like I have been telling you they will.

Within the first quarter to third of next year, almost everyone on this planet will have made the decision as to which side of God's line they will stand on and things will begin moving very quickly, first in a bad direction and then in a good direction. Almost certainly, almost everyone on this planet will have made their decision concerning God's line by the end of April 2015 or by about the third of our current four blood moons or lunar quadrad.

Remember that one of the first things God did in the creation of our existence was to "set the sun, the moon, and the stars in the sky for signs"? Don't you think it is just a wee bit of a coincidence that the Catholic Church is dumping Jesus and converting to Islam forcing all of their members to choose between Jesus and Islam in the middle of this current lunar quadrad, between the first two and last two blood moons? Oops!

Now, that was a bright light bulb that just came on, wasn't it?

BTW, I have read several places where California schools are purging only Christian books from their shelves. Yep, they have already chosen which side of God's line they are on. Keep an eye on LA, their judgment will be coming soon, you know, just like God told me in the dream.

BTW, the Muslims in China are still stirring things up for the Chinese government with people still dying on both sides.

BTW, the Spanish Supreme Court just denied Catalonia the right to vote for secession but Catalonia is going ahead with the vote. Nothing like a little defiance there. Will this lead to civil war with the Basques joining in on the side of Catalonia? Keep an eye on this because Spain is broke and can't afford to fight a civil war so this is perfect timing of Catalonia and the Basques. If Spain ends up in a civil war, will other countries find themselves in civil wars over secession? Keep an eye on Europe because I think the EU is finally about to blow itself apart just like I told you they would more than a decade ago. Very soon, we will end up with a new and very different world.

Do you think that maybe that has something to do with God giving us this current lunar quadrad?

BTW, it has just been reported that Obama has missed more than half his second term security briefings. Isn't that criminal negligence, especially in today's world? And he is blaming the intelligence community for him not seeing ISIS coming?

And the intelligence community is also finally turning in mass on Obama. Right about now, Obama is thinking the sky is falling.

BTW, it has also just been reported that a mob of black teens in Memphis has rioted continuing the black Muslim race war against whites.

I just saw John Bolton confirm what I have been telling you for years in that Iran is not working to build just one nuke but an arsenal of nukes.

I also just read that Chelsea Clinton is now getting $75,000 per speech. Yep, they are definitely working her into a campaign to run for president. Coming to a TV near you soon, Princess Cinder-Chelsea campaigning for president of the US, accompanied by the new royal princess, of course.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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