What Goes Around, Comes Around

It has just been released that Obama has been negotiating with Iran for a supply route into Afghanistan for the US troops. Why, when we currently are using a supply route through our ally, Pakistan, and Iran is our enemy?

Obama and his commie buddies have already stated and he even campaigned on invading Pakistan, a US ally, and will need an alternate route for supplying our troops for this invasion because it would be too easy for the country Obama is invading to cut our supply lines running through that same country. Therefore, Obama is making a deal with a current enemy to help Obama betray a current ally with an invasion.

It just can't get much more clear that Obama is a Muslim (Shiite) infiltrator and saboteur posing as a Christian and working to help, not only Islam, but Shiite Islam to conquer the world. He is very clearly selling out ALL of our current allies and helping our current enemies.

It becomes very clear where Obama is headed with this. He has already sold out Israel and ALL of our current Muslim and other allies in the area. He is taking a stand against Al Quaeda and the Taliban, which are both Sunni, for Hizbullah and Hamas, which are both Shiite. He has not only caused the US to enter the war on the side of the terrorists, but has taken sides with one faction of the terrorists against the others.

With the US dependent on Iran for transporting supplies to our troops, the US can't have any negotiating power to even slow, much less stop Iran's development of nukes and Obama has even stated that he will not even try to attack the Iranian nuclear facilities. In other words, it puts the US in a position where the US must support Iran's development of nuclear weapons.

It also puts Israel in a position to where she must attack Iran unilaterally knowing the attack will cause the US to turn against Israel for an invasion as is described in Ezekiel 38 & 39. Another shoe just hit the floor and we can tell where this is going.

Expect the US to invade Pakistan as soon as the new supply route has been established, Israel will be forced to attack Iran, and the US will be forced to lead a UN force into Israel for attacking the US ally, Iran.

It is time for me to point out something which I have been wanting to say for some time. In one of his books, Obama clearly stated that, when push comes to shove and Obama has to choose between the West and Islam, he will chose the side of Islam. I hate to tell you stupid commie's this but Obama was sending a very clear message to his commie allies because, I don't know if you dummies realize it, but communism is not a Muslim philosophy. It is a WESTERN philosophy dreamed up by a Westerner named Karl Marx. What you stupid commie's have failed to figure out is that what Obama was saying is that, if he has to choose between communism and Islam, he is going to screw communism's butt to the wall.

Once again, you stupid commie's wished for something (Obama), got it, and will live to regret it because he is right now in the process of choosing between Islam and communism and is selling out his commie buddies. You dumb commie's didn't just screw us; you screwed yourselves, stupid. What goes around, comes around. :-) So much for your commie messiah.

And you stupid commie's think you know what is best for everyone else? You don't even know what is best for yourselves. The best thing you liberal commie fools can do for the world is go sit in a corner and find something shiny to play with. You have screwed up everything you have touched.

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