Government & Power

One of the many things God is doing with all of this is teaching us some very important lessons about government and power in relation to humans.

The first lesson God is teaching us is that it doesn't matter what type of government you have but who is running it. He is making it obvious that a democracy or republic in the hands of evil people is just as bad as a dictatorship or monarchy in the hands of evil people. The reason for this lesson is that, when God finally sets up His eternal Kingdom here on earth, He won't set up a democracy or republic but a Monarchy with Him in eternal control. He wants you to know in advance that a democracy or republic simply will not work for very long so you will accept His monarch.

The God haters have told us the lie that it isn't God who made the US great but democracy. To further explain this lie, they have called America the great experiment in democracy but, hold it, how can America be an experiment in democracy when it wasn't the first democracy? Only the first democracy can be considered an experiment because all subsequent democracies will be based on what was learned from the first democracy.

After all, democracy was tried in ancient Greece and failed and then it was tried in Rome and failed. Now it has been tried by every country in the West and has failed for the same basic reason. It is only a matter of time until the corrupt evil people (upper class trash) will lie, steal, and murder their way into power and destroy a democracy or republic. It has happened every time in history. In the US, it is now that time. The upper class trash have seized control of every democracy and republic on the planet and they have effectively destroyed them all. Do not be mistaken, all of these democratic countries today are already dead, they just have not finished kicking yet. The upper class trash is very effectively finishing them off.

This is because of the difference in God's perspective on power and control verses the upper class trash's perspective on power and control. If you study the scriptures, God gives people control of governments and power for the primary purpose of protecting good people from bad people. The upper class trash obviously see control of governments and power as an opportunity to pillage, impoverish, and enslave the people for the gain of the upper class trash. Therefore, no matter what type of government you have, with the upper class trash in control, it can't be good. But no matter what type of government you have, with God and His chosen people in control, it will be very good for the people because God and His appointed leaders will see power as a responsibility to the people and not an opportunity to abuse the people.

After this round, the good people will readily accept a monarchy set up by God to protect the good people from the bad people along with all of God's Laws which were written for the same purpose. The scriptures teach us that it won't be long until that monarchy is set up and God is just making sure we understand that the weakness of any democracy or republic is that it is only a matter of time until the upper class trash will gain control and destroy everything.

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