The Greatest Heist

We humans seem to have a fascination with robberies or heists for great amounts of money. You see this with articles regularly written and rewritten about great heists, especially if the people have at least temporarily gotten away with it. The ugly truth is that the greatest heist in the history of the world has been and still is taking place right under your noses and none of the media has even taken notice, probably because they are accomplices in this great heist or crime.

I know that some of you will be upset at me insisting that the US has already been destroyed when you naively like to believe it can still be saved. Let me point out that this once great nation is now more than 65 trillion dollars in debt, our dollar is dying a very fast death and quickly becoming worthless, they have almost completely destroyed our economy, and our liberal commie traitor politicians are still spending money like it is monopoly money. If we were to wrench control of this country from the thieving commie hands today, it would take us at least half a century of living in poverty to pay off that debt. Be sure, that this country is already dead, it just hasn't finished kicking yet. The commie's and Muslims have succeeded in destroying her financially, economically, and in every other way and continue to heartlessly kick her daily while she is down dying.

They know that the best way to destroy a great nation is to bankrupt it and drive it into poverty so that nation can't function as a nation and can't defend itself because a broke nation can't buy bullets to fight wars. Such a broke nation is at the mercy of its enemies and in dire straights. To achieve this, our commie and Muslim traitors in this country have been and still are performing the greatest heist in the history of the world. Not only have these crooks been taxing you to death and stuffing it all in their pockets and giving it to their traitor friends (the average American spends over 50% of their income on taxes with the wealthy spending much more), but they have borrowed over 65 trillion dollars from their commie and Muslim crime partners and put in their pockets while leaving America with the bill. Yet these traitors continue to borrow trillions more and give it to themselves and their friends in order to finally break and destroy this once great nation. The country is broke and dying, like it or not and, personally, I am furious because these traitors have destroyed the country I love.

So how have they achieved this great heist and are still carrying it out?

The answer will infuriate you as it has me. As with all of their crimes, they have used kindness and caring as their front. While pretending to be caring for other countries' well being and also "to keep our economy going" by providing those countries financial support so they can "continue buying our products" (you know the products being made in those countries), they have been giving every country on the planet who is either a communist or Muslim country (even those waging war against us) tens to hundreds of billions of dollars every year in financial support.

This is how the scam works: The commie's first borrow billions of dollars from our enemies and commie and Muslim "allies" with government bonds and notes which pay annual interest rates to those countries loaning our country the money. Then our traitors give that money back to those countries in grants that never have to be paid back while also paying the interest on the money we now owe those same countries. You know that, when this country finally goes bankrupt, those other countries are going to come demanding "THEIR" money back, which we already gave them for free along with interest every year.

There is no faster way to drain a country's treasury than what these traitors have done and still are doing to the US. They are borrowing huge sums of money from other countries with the promise to pay it back along with annually paying a very large interest to those same countries while giving the borrowed money to those same countries with no requirement for those countries to pay the money back, much less any interest. And they are getting away with it because the media are their accomplices.

I do hope that, when the good people of this country, including its military and other protection agencies, finally wake up to the dire straights these traitors have placed this country in, that they will first, round up, try, and publically hang the traitors for this treason but will also remember to nationalize ALL of their wealth to pay back what they can of the debt owed by this country. After all, it seems only right that the first to make the payments should be those who made the debt and put their share of the money in their pockets. You do have a right to take that money back out of their pockets before you bury the traitors.

Unfortunately, they have already spent most of what they stole for themselves so this will be but a pittance of what was taken by them. Then, when their accomplices come demanding "THEIR" money back, you be sure to tell them they can have their money back when you get your money back, you know, the money you gave them for free along with the interest you already paid them. In other words, the bill has already been more than paid, so stick it up your butt.

Unfortunately, I fear that it is already too late to save this once great nation and it will get a lot worse before it can get any better. We are definitely facing a terrible and bloody war to wrench what is left of this country from the hands of the traitors and saboteurs. Most likely, this country will not survive this war as one nation and will be divided into at least two different countries struggling to just survive. Enjoy her while you can because the cancer of communism and Islam is killing her fast and it will require the operation of a very bloody civil war which she is not very likely to survive. If this doesn't make you want to cry, you don't love your country very much.

To quote the name of an old and good movie, "Hang em high!

Pray long, pray hard, pray often
we need it very much.

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