Hand of God 2


This morning I woke to the realization that most people still have not realized that God has had enough of our pagan crap so they just keep right on with their pagan crap causing God to get even more angry with our pagan crap.

Part of the problem with so many people not realizing this is because Satan has infiltrated so many of his pagans into so many of our churches and TV church ministries to make lots of money teaching lefty feel good paganized "Christian" crap so, of course they are not going to tell their followers paying them lots of money to tell those people lefty great sounding, feel good pagan crap that God has had enough of the pagan crap those preachers are preaching.

How do I know that God has had enough of your pagan crap?

Well, a great big clue and red flag is that God permitted those lying lefty pagans you so dearly love because of their promises to give you free stuff to finally gain control to set up their pagan dictatorship to oppress, enslave, rob, and murder you. That is just a wee bit of a hint, people, you know, your nation just got destroyed and taken over by your enemy.

God permitted the pagans to steal this election to set up their dictatorship to punish the people of this nation and to remove Trump and his family from the most evil city in the world, Washington DC, because all Heaven is about to break loose on this nation. You just might want to pay attention to that, people, because your sins are right now destroying this nation and working to oppress and enslave you.

In the scriptures and throughout history, every time God got fed up with the pagan crap of any people, he always destroyed their nation or city, you know, like the pagans have destroyed this Constitutional Republic, and brought pestilence, and death on those people.

Gee, I wonder if the enemy destroying your nation and the pestilence of COVID 19 along with their imposed tyranny might be a red flag or two?

I have been telling you for several decades now that I have been watching the threat of another Black Plague pandemic, you know, Yersinia Pestis, like the one that almost wiped out mankind 700 years ago, grow, with this one looking like it will be much worse than that pandemic, you know, like I warned you years ago, wondering when this pandemic will be turned loose on us by our now very angry God to devastate our evil nations.

God being angry enough to permit the commie traitors to seize control of the greatest formerly Christian nation in history, while them turning COVID 19 loose on you, along with the conditions being ripe for this pandemic tells me that the Yersinia Pestis pandemic will be soon and this pandemic will dwarf that pandemic. Believe me, COVID 19 is a punk disease. You ain't seen nuttin' yet, baby.

Don't believe me? Hey, what is a mortality rate of less than .5% compared to a mortality rate of 50% to 100%, pending whether it goes pneumonic?

Just keep doing your pagan crap and find out the hard way, baby. If you think COVID 19 scared you, just keep doing your pagan crap a little longer.

For decades I tried to use this blog to turn people from their sins and Satan back to God to no avail. I kept hoping I could at least help turn some people back to God and I know I did turn a few back to God but it turns out it was too few.

I was hoping that Trump was a sign that God was being merciful but I didn't like Trump palling around with those satanic false preachers, it turns out it was just a chance for us to turn back to God, which we obviously failed to do in time, and to expose how evil the evil people really are and who they are.

Ye ole fecal matter is surging into ye ole super huge fan by the ship load and the splatter is going everywhere very quickly, you know, with ye ole COVID 19 fake pandemic, the power grabs resulting from that fake pandemic which devastated your freedom, businesses, jobs, economy, and toilet paper supply should have been a really big hint to you that God is just a wee bit peeved at us.

God giving us Trump was the mercy of God trying to turn us back to God but, when the left waged war on Trump and not enough of you stood up to fight for Trump, God said, "OK, you don't want Trump bad enough, I will let you have Biden."

How is that working out? Not so good very quickly? Can you see the writing on God's wall yet? Maybe you should pull ye ole heads out of ye ole rectums and turn back to God? Think that just maybe it is time for a little revival, do you?

If you think you have seen fecal matter hitting ye ole super duper fan yet, just wait until you see the ship load of fecal matter I just saw pull up to ye ole fan. It is some really nasty crap. Baby, COVID 19 was just a bow shot compared to the broadside God is about to unload on us soon, if you don't turn your butts back to God really soon.

I tell you, between Nebby-bama, the destruction of the greater LA area, the resulting civil war, and Yersinia Pestis, there just won't be much left to pickup of this nation. You better bring a dust pan, mop, and bucket to the lump of smoldering rubble we will have to work with to build a new nation when that dust has settled. This is getting really bad really fast and you have not yet seen the worst of what I see coming.

Controlling the Plague

None of the things they are forcing you to do for this fake pandemic with their fake inflated numbers to scare you so they can use your fear to control you will even come close to helping you with a real plague, especially with Yersinia Pestis.

Those silly little magic dust masks won't stop a deadly bacterium because it is too tiny and the social distancing and lockdowns won't protect you when the disease can be brought right to your homes by the fleas and rodents that live in or near your homes.

The first thing you have to do is turn back to God because nothing else you do without that will work. You have to repent of your sins, turn back to God, accept his forgiveness, and stay right with God for longer than it will take for you to leave your church and drive to the nearest brothel.

You have to control the transmition of the disease and the primary transmition for Bubonic Plague is rodents and fleas, which we have an abundant of in our cities right now. Therefore, you have to do the same thing that our ancestors finally did to stop the Black Plague 700 years ago. You MUST get the rodent population back down below epidemic levels so the disease won't be transmitted to more than just a few people at a time and the only way to do that is to grow a healthy population of free roaming feral cats.

You protect and feed them a little and they protect us from a really terrible death.

Remember that I told you that the chemical companies started teaching us to hate cats and believe that cats devastate ecosystems in 1917, more than 100 years ago, so you would start killing free roaming feral cats to cause the rodent and bug populations to grow so that, without a natural control like feral cats for the bug and rodent populations, you would be forced to buy more of their toxic chemicals to make them more wealthy.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

You have been killing free roaming feral cats and using their toxic chemicals for more than a century now and we still have pandemics of rodents, bugs, and birds. Wow, that worked really well.

Me thinks that just maybe those chemicals don't work because rodents are smart, they learn, adapt, and survive and you need free roaming feral cats that also learn, adapt, and keep killing the rodents to keep their population below epidemic levels. The rodents learn, don't touch that, it killed Bob, don't touch this, it killed Harvey, and they also develop immunities to toxic chemicals but they can't develop an immunity to free roaming feral cats that eat them.

You need to do this throughout your red zones to secure and protect your red zones from this pandemic, knowing that the lefties will not do this in their blue zones, where this pandemic will be most likely to occur and be at its worst. That is your first and most important defense.

For your second defense, you better know the lefties will refuse to use free roaming feral cats because dey seen on TeeBee that free roaming feral cats is are be bad so their blue zones, especially in the big cities, will see the brunt of this pandemic.

Now you better understand that, when this pandemic breaks loose in those big blue cities, those city folks are going to panic and run to your much safer red zones and they will carry the disease with them in a number of ways, you know, and kill a bunch of you.

First, they will be the carriers, especially if this pandemic gets in their lungs and goes pneumonic. If they are carrying the disease and get bitten by just one flea in your red zone and that flea bites just one rodent, you just got their pandemic. How sweet of them to share their deadly pandemic with you because they caused it in their cities and then panicked and ran to your red zones.

When this pandemic breaks out in the big cities, you better set up a medical border control, with doctors and nurses, where they would try to enter your red zones and check them for the disease. If they are positive, you rush their butts directly to your hospitals and quarantine to be treated until they are either cured or die. You MUST control the transmition.

You may have to close off all points of entry to your red zones except the ones you can have a medical control at. You may have to set up tent cities for the refugees to use until they can be cleared and you must make sure that there will be medical controls like free roaming feral cats in those tent cities to prevent a disease outbreak and just make things worse. You have to clear those people either for hospitalization or entry as quickly and safely as possible. You don't want any of those people staying in those tents for more than a night or two.

Second, when they panic and flee their cities, they will want to take all of their stuff with them and it is very common for a disease like Yersinia Pestis to be carried in things like furniture and boxes of stuff because infected rodents and fleas often get into those things and are carried to other areas, spreading the disease to other areas. Yersinia Pestis was carried to Europe from Asia in boxes of stuff on sailboats 700 years ago, it was carried to the Southwestern US by Spanish settlers in their boxes of stuff on sailboats 500 years ago, and it still works today.

You either have to completely, 100%, decontaminate absolutely everything they bring with them from the pandemic infested blue zones that can carry just one flea or refuse to permit them to kill your people by bringing their stuff into your red zones.

Which is more important, their stuff or your lives?

If you can't absolutely decontaminate everything, including the clothes on their backs, then you have to either refuse them entry or burn their stuff and permit them entry. If there is just one infected flea in their underwear, shirt, pants, or dress, you just got their pandemic and your people are going to die so they can keep their stuff.

You MUST control the transmition.


Remember that I told you that the lefties will take the money of the rich in bribes until they set up their dictatorship and then they will just take what they want from those rich fools?

I got this from Newser via CenturyLink by Rob Quinn:

"When Sen. Elizabeth Warren proposed a tax on the ultra-rich during her 2020 campaign, analysts said it would raise around $2.75 trillion. The richest Americans have grown so much richer during the pandemic that the estimate is now more than $3 trillion.

Warren and two House Democrats, Reps. Pramila Jayapal of Washington and Brendan Boyle of Pennsylvania, introduced the "Ultra-Millionaire Tax Act" Monday, with co-sponsors including Sen.

Bernie Sanders, CNN reports. The lawmakers said it would raise trillions over the next decade, 'without raising taxes on the 99.95% of American households that have net worth below $50 million.' The proposal would place a 2% annual tax on the net worth of households and trusts between $50 million and $1 billion, rising to 3% when net worth exceeds $1 billion."

Oops, the rich fools didn't learn from history and are now going to pay the price.

And you think rich people are smarter than you because they stole more than you can earn?

This is only the beginning because the greedy people just can't steal enough from enough people fast enough. As soon as they can, they will just take everything because, hey, why settles for crumbs when you can eat the whole cake because you have the guns?

The rich fools, who thought they owned these traitors, just got betrayed by the traitors because they were too stupid to realize that no one can trust a traitor, not even another traitor.

Now, will the mega wealthy be able to bribe enough politicians to stop this tax?

BTW, if you are not one of the corrupt politicians, don't expect to see any of this money they steal from the rich because you should know by now that it will all go into the corrupt politicians' pockets.

Commierat Civil War

Remember that I have been telling you that the Commierat Civil War is just going to get worse because it is really a power struggle between the different factions of the lefty upper class trash within the Commierat Party and their complaints are just excuses for the violence of this power struggle?

This video shows that this war is ongoing and escalating but doesn't deal with the fact that these Antifa thugs are hired thugs and someone is paying them to attack and discredit the existing power structure to topple it. They are now treating each other and going after each other like they did Trump for the same power mad reason but this is a war between two groups of upper class trash using the Antifa thugs as their mercenaries or hired soldiers, just like I told you years ago would happen.

Get a clue, the upper class trash are not going to share power with each other. The first two factions are waging war against each other but other factions will soon begin to fight their own war against these two factions because power mad people can never share power with any more people than they absolutely have to.

This is a coup within their coup or a power struggle that is accelerating into a full blown civil war.

And I am right now wondering, "Where are the blacks in this war? Weren't they in this fight just a few months ago? What are they quietly planning right now?"

Remember that God showed me in a number of dreams that Obama and Farrakhan will win this war. To quickly win this war, they must take out the leaders for the other factions so they can seize control of the troops and party. Keep an eye on it.

I have been warning you for years that this would happen.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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