Hate Crimes II

I was born shortly after WWII and it was common for people here in the US to portray the Germans as being evil people for the reason why they followed Hitler into war and murdered millions of people in their "work" camps. I couldn't accept this because my great grandmother was full German and I would never agree to murdering off millions of innocent people. I realized that there had to be another reason for most of the German people following Hitler and helping him commit his crimes.

I began studying everything I could get my hands on concerning World War II when I was a child. I quickly began to realize that what had happened was that Hitler and his Nazi Party had deceived the German people and brain washed them with their lies and propaganda. The Nazi's started by portraying the Jews as stupid and inferior people with their made up proofs which they made sound good because a number of the leaders were well educated people and some had even been college professors. They were very articulate and could be very convincing plus they controlled the media the way the liberals do today.

Next, the Nazi's began blaming the Jews for a variety of past crimes including murdering Christ and even crimes the Nazi's had staged. This turned the majority of the German people (not all of them) against the Jews permitting Hitler and the Nazi's to pass laws against the Jews such as requiring them to wear patches with the Star of David so they could be easily identified, forbidding the Jews to hold government jobs or teach at any lever, and many other things. Finally, Hitler and the Nazi's were able to send the Jews to what they called work camps so they would be productive citizens for the German cause and even put Arbeit Macht Fei (Work Makes Free) on the main entrance to Auswitch further convincing the German people that the Jews were just being put to work when they were being butchered by the millions along with anyone who opposed the Nazi's or disagreed with them in any way. The liberal media regularly tell us about the six million Jews killed in those death camps but keep forgetting to tell us about the seven million others who were also killed because they were either not Germans or were Germans who disagreed with the Nazi's.

I read a lot about the Nazi propaganda machine and even watch quite a few of their propaganda films that had been shown in the movie theaters the way PBS and the other liberal net works show their anti-Christian "documentaries" and shows on TV. I see the exact same types of propaganda development that Hitler used. First, calling and insinuating that Jews are stupid such as a Journalist from the Washington Post who insinuated that Christians are stupid for believing in Creation or the TV shows Charmed and Buffy The Vampire Slayer regularly portraying Christians as being stupid, ignorant, and inept.

Next, I have seen these God haters trying to portray Christians as being bad and evil because of things we have done in the past by telling their revisionist history. For example, they have been portraying the Christian Crusades as having been the evil Christians invading and occupying the Middle East to show how bad we have been and still are when the truth is that the Pope gathered Christian armies and invaded the Middle East in response to letters from Christians who were being persecuted by the Muslims Caliphs, only after the Europeans had just freed themselves from hundreds of years of being persecuted by the same Muslim armies. These Christian armies invaded the Middle East, Conquered the Muslim armies freeing their Christian brothers, and left for home with very few Europeans staying in the Middle East because they liked the area.

If these armies had been an occupation force, they would have stayed long after they conquered the area the way the Roman and other occupying armies did. The truth is that they left permitting the Muslims to rebuild their armies and return to persecuting the Christians requiring the Christian Armies to return and defeat the Muslim armies again and again. If the Christian armies had occupied the area, the Muslim armies would not have been able to repeatedly rebuild their armies. That should be a no brainer.

Now we have a "documentary" blaming the terrible Christians for burning Rome further providing evidence that we are really very bad people and will cause a huge disaster to get what we want. If these God haters continue to follow the pattern of the Nazi's, I expect them to falsify documents and make another "documentary" showing that the Muslim terrorists did not really fly the planes into the World Trade Towers. They will claim that we evil Christians did it and falsified information showing that some "innocent" Muslims who just happened to be on the plane were blamed for the crime. The reason they will give that we committed this crime, with President Bush as our Christian leader, was to justify invading the Middle East to reconquer it as our Christian predecessors did, only this time for oil. This is in spite of the fact that what we are really doing is setting up democracies and stopping terrorists.

Unfortunately, there are enough people who blindly hate conservatives and Christians that they blindly believe and follow the lies and propaganda of their liberal leaders and media. This is easily evidenced by the recent cases of liberals producing false documents and films in an attempt to discredit President Bush and cause him to lose the election and the large number of liberals who have applauded some of these propagandists and liars, even giving one of them an Academy Award for obvious lies. These people will believe this last lie and turn against all Christians the way most of the German people turned against the Jews. Watch for this to happen and I wouldn't be surprised to see such a "documentary" question this matter on PBS within the next one to two years before the next election or to find out that it is already in production.

It is amazing how closely the liberals are following the same propaganda patterns and using the same methods to turn people against Christians the way the Nazi's turn the Germans against the Jews. You will be amazed at how many people will believe this last lie because they will want to believe it the way they are currently believing that the only reason we are fighting in the Middle East is for oil. Think about it.

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