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Fake Science

The upper class trash have found the perfect weapon to use against the stupid people.

With fake science, they can say anything they want, use the word science, and enough stupid people will believe it to give the upper class trash control over the people. It doesn't have to be true or even sound true and the stupid people will believe it in mass plus the stupid people will use peer pressure to force many more people to do what they are told because many of the rest are more afraid of peer pressure than slavery.

Enough people are scientifically ignorant enough and afraid to challenge science that this fake science is working incredibly well.

Understanding Me

Here is another little hint about understanding me. I am trained to participate in, coach, officiate, promote, and manage almost 20 different sports that include but are not limited to gymnastics, bicycle road racing, bicycle track racing, Mountain Bike racing, swimming, diving, water polo, football, baseball, basketball, track (cross country, track events, and field events - they all have to be coached differently), soccer, rugby, free style wrestling, competitive badminton, court handball, court racket ball, and team handball.

My favorite sports include bicycling, mostly road but some track, swimming, cross country skiing, downhill is OK, running, hiking, and I would love to learn sailing, scuba diving and snorkeling, flying, and kayaking.

I also enjoy working with my hands on such things as bicycles, cars, and woodworking.

I am an outdoors type person and love to be active so that being this sick for this long has been a living hell but it is getting better.


Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash are intentionally spreading the virus to increase infections and deaths to scare the people more so the upper class trash can use the people's fear to control them?

This video is very clear evidence of at least two governors doing just that. People that is exactly why Cuomo and Whitmer ordered infected people into nursing homes, where they already KNEW more people would die, increasing the mortality rate to scare the people more for more control and power. Legally, it is called "manslaughter". They are mass killers.

Believe me yet that a lust for wealth and power are forms of insanity?

This is only one of the more obvious ways the left was intentionally spreading the disease. Remember that they were also intentionally spreading the disease by convincing ignorant people that, if they were feeling ill, instead of going to see your doctor, just put on a magic widdle maskie "to protect others from you" so those ignorant people would continue to spread the disease because those magic widdle maskies can't protect people from a contagious person and Fauci and the other criminals know this.

Government Corruption

You want to know a little more about how this government corruption really works?

Well, tough, you are going to anyway. I got this concerning Deborah Birx, you know, the x-spirt who told lies along side of Fauci, from Newser via CenturyLink by Bob Cronin:

"A year after the Trump White House announced she'd be coordinating its coronavirus response, Deborah Birx has found new work-and plenty of it. The George W. Bush Institute said Friday that Birx will be joining as a senior fellow concentrating on health disparities, Politco reports. A public health official for four decades, she'll work on other global health initiatives, as well."

She told the lies she was supposed to tell so the Bush Institute hired her to help them plan and manage future fake pandemics to continue to scare you into submission. You will find that the institute is at least partially funded by the government so she is still unofficially a government employee.

You see this kind of crap all of the time within the government.

For example, some military officer helps sell the government on buying a certain weapon system from a weapons manufacturer and, after the officer retires in a few years, they get a great paying job with that weapons manufacturer at a fraction of the cost of the weapons system to thank them for selling out their nation to increase the profits of that weapons manufacturer.

"It ain't what is best for my country but what is best for my bank account."


One of the advantages of having seen the upper class trash corruption before I got my M.B.A., is that I already knew they were corrupt when I began studying how the upper class trash have structured their corruption so that, with a little common sense, I was able to see how they think and be able to anticipate their next or future moves. I need to share some more of that evil with you.

First, if you have not read the essay titled "Servitude", you need to read it because I am going to refer back to some of what it says a few times.

Remember that I told you that Welfare and food stamps are now a debt based government program so that, when you are on them, you are accruing debt to the government, though you don't get a bill from the government YET!

Let's connect a few more dots to this concerning servitude.

With this fake COVID 19 pandemic, they are destroying businesses and jobs forcing people onto...wait for it...Welfare and food stamps, where you will accrue debt to the government. Gee, what a coincidence.

Gee, you think that is part of what these lock downs are really all about?

Pelosi has been testing the waters by telling you that she wants to take the last of the Social Security money and stuff it in her greedy little pocket.

If you are on Social Security and they rob it blind to shut it down, what will you do?

Most of you think you will go back to work but remember that the upper class trash are first using this fake pandemic to destroy businesses and jobs so most of you won't be able to go back to work. Most of you will be forced to go onto Welfare and food stamps, accruing debt to the government. Oops!

Also, I have not been able to check it out yet but don't be surprised to find out that unemployment insurance has also been turned into a government debt accruing con.

Then, of course, we have the school loan system, which will provide tens of millions of middle and lower class slaves for the government.

Another thing I am watching is to find out whether these stimulus checks are being "loaned" to us, causing us to accrue debt to the government. That means that, if this is true, then the upper class trash will run the COVID 19 con as long as they can to "give" or loan you as much money as they can knowing that, with you coming out of prolonged lock down and poverty, you won't be able to pay it back fast enough for them and you know that ALL middle and lower class people are getting the stimulus checks.

If they just change the tax laws to decrease your deductions and increase your taxes so you will end up owing the IRS money every year instead of getting money and you can't pay that money back fast enough, you will be in debt to the government.

Now, remember them trying to pass their servitude bill during Obama's administration to test the water?

If they pass that bill within the next few years, especially during their continued COVID 19 scam, every middle and lower class person can be forced into slavery...uh...I mean, servitude to the government and the royals get all of their slaves back. Of course they will call you servants instead of slaves to fool the stupid people because it sounds so much better but they will still be forcing you to work for them at the wages they set, which is really nothing more than slavery.

Now, under this servitude, who are you going to work for? You think it will be the government, don't you?

Well, yes and no. You will be the indentured servant or slave, A.K.A. property, of the government and, yes, they can put you to work on their 20th Century version of a chain gang rebuilding the nation's infrastructure and other things but remember what I told you about how, following the plantation owners losing their slaves when they lost the US Civil War, the county sheriffs leased or rented their prisoners to the plantation owners? Remember that I told you the upper class trash are forcing you to repeat history?

Yeah, most of you will be leased by the government to the major corporations owned by the upper class trash mansion owners at minimum wage to pay off your debt. Some of you will be leased to rich people like Gates, Zuckerberg, Zucker, Dorsey, Bazos, Pelosi, Schumer, Soros, and Hollywood elites to be "indentured servants" in their mansions to pay off your debt. Deja vu, baby.

Hey, technically, you won't be "their slaves", you will be government servants so you will have to hate the government and not them as your slave masters.

Don't be surprised to see your wonderful lefty government that cares so much about you sell you to other nations like China or other royals in other nations to be their slaves for life or until they decide to harvest your organs for money.

Now, how will the system work?

Those upper class trash will be paying you minimum wage, of which, most will go to pay off your already accrued debt, while you will be forced to live on Welfare accruing more debt, you know, the way some employees for major corporations like Walmart are already living, so you will not ever get out of your debt and slavery...uh...I mean servitude to the government. I told you it is a poverty trap.

Now, do you better understand that all the upper class trash has to do is pass one servitude bill and they will get all of the middle and lower classes along with some rich people back as their slaves for life? Believe me yet?

Right now, the upper class trash are just "priming the pump" to get as many people as possible in debt to the government before they pass their servitude bill forcing you into slavery.

Oh, I can hear their justification for all of this, "We are tens of trillions of dollars in debt and someone has to pay it back," and you know they won't give the tens of trillions of dollars back they stole. No, that will all be on your back.

Many of you will sell your guns and ammo "back to the government" at a greatly reduced price to pay your debt to keep out of slavery and then they will really have you.

We are currently just a few simple steps from the upper class trash royals getting their global monarchy and slaves back. If God doesn't save our butts before then, I figure they can easily achieve this goal within the next 3 to 5 years, probably less. They are right now rushing to get this done as fast as they can.

Keep an eye on this.

And all of you stupid lefties believed the upper class trash lies about you getting free stuff. Bwahahahaha!!! No, no, you are going to pay for your "free stuff" for the rest of your lives.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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