Hilarious Clintstone

This last Saturday, April 11, I saw that they had Princess Chelsea on the front cover of Elle magazine with a story about her. My first thought was that this is PR preparing for Hilarious to announce the next day that she isn't running for president but Princess Chelsea will be running because Hilarious is such damaged goods. Then Sunday, April 12, it was big headlines that Hilarious announced she will be running for office. It was official!

My first thought was that they must be even dumber and more arrogant than even I thought to try running Hilarious as such extremely damaged goods. This was going to be the bloodiest and most messy election ever with every skeleton being drug out of Hilarious' closet, A.K.A. Clintstone Political Cemetery. Then I thought that the liberals must have corrupted the election process even worse than I thought and King Tut would be voting for Hilarious. I just knew I had been wrong about something really big and was going to have to own this one big time in order to maintain the integrity of my site. Unlike all of the experts who got the right degrees from the right universities, my predictions are rarely wrong on this site and I try to own it when they are.

Then I read further and found out that there has been NO official announcement. Oh, the lying liberal media are acing like there has been but there hasn't. There was an e-mail sent out by a friend of Hilarious stating it was official and Hilarious posted a video stating she is running for president in 2016 BUT that isn't official and there will be a "special event" next month, May, in which there will be an official statement and Hilarious invited everyone to be there.

Hold it, Hilarious stated she is running for president but it isn't official? Is she running or not?

In other words, we are being played, with Hilarious being her usual deceptive self, you know, lying her butt off, and Hilarious is playing drama queen.

Then, today, Monday, April 13, I see an article about Princess Chelsea telling us how very qualified and magnificent she is. Hilarious also stated that the very highly qualified Princess Chelsea will be Hilarious' main consultant, meaning, at the very least, Princess Chelsea will be on Hilarious' cabinet. It was clearly PR for Chelsea but, hold it, isn't Hilarious supposed to be running? Why are they doing all of this PR for Princess Chelsea when Ma Hilarious is the one running? Why are they building up Chelsea? Are they using Chelsea to distract from Hilarious' criminal record?

Then I realized there is another bit of sensationalism her majesty, Drama Queen Hilarious, could be pulling on us. Are the Clintstones going to try to run Ma Hilarious as President with her daughter as Vice President?

To emotionally based airhead liberals, this would be extremely sensational, you know, even better than electing the first black president regardless of qualifications or the lack there of. Not only would the liberals be electing the first female president in spite of her criminal record but, at the same time, the first female vice president AND the first mother/daughter president/vice president team in history. Forget qualifications and criminal records, this would be something so sensational that emotionally based airhead liberals wouldn't be able to turn it down. The liberals would JUST HAVE to vote for it. Oh, it would be just so cool!!!

It is all smoke and mirrors and drama to build up Hilarious and Chelsea in everyone's minds. They get lots of free PR for drama queen Hilarious and Princess Chelsea's presidential campaign. I guess the royal brat will be appointed as head of Congress.

Keep an eye on this. There is going to be a lot more positive PR for Drama Queen Hilarious and especially for Princess Chelsea between now and the May announcement that makes it official.

This shows you just how stupid liberals are. Hilarious, who is taking bribes...uh...I mean donations of tens of millions of US dollars from Sunni Muslim countries for the Clintstone Foundation, who are the enemies of Jews and Israel, and, at the same time, Hilarious is courting liberal Jews and the liberal Jews are buying it?

Have you noticed that Hilarious has started by basing her campaign on Obama's incompetence and that she will do better?

Her majesty, Drama Queen Hilarious, will naturally do better because she ain't a stupid, incompetent black, she be white. I just read where MSNBC stated that Drama Queen Hilarious "would eat Putin alive" strongly inferring the weakness of stupid, incompetent black girly-man and wannabee pro golfer, Obama. Just more drama from Hilarious Rambo Clintstone (who couldn't save four brave men from a terrorist attack in Benghazi) and her media cronies.

Yep, the liberals have definitely invented infinite stupidity because their stupidity is never ending.


BTW, Israel's situation grows worse by the minute. The PA officially joined the International Criminal Court system so they can file charges for war crimes against Israel, Putin has said he is going to work for a PA state, and Putin just said he is going to sell S300 SAM missiles to Iran for air defense with everyone saying that Israel must now attack Iran before Iran gets the S300 missiles.


Mean while the Euro is tanking the way I told you it would when everyone started dumping Euros for other currencies in order to trade with Russia, China, Israel, and other countries in Asia. China is also looking to invest money in Israeli technologies to protect its money. Add to this that all of the world banks just unloaded a bunch of Euros because they know the Euro will continue to tank, which will cause the Euro to tank even more and the fact that China is setting up its own world bank to get around the corrupt Euro-American banks and the New World Order, which is one reason why the world banks are dumping the Euro.

Basically, China, Russia, Israel, and the rest of Asia are flanking the plans of the Euro-American upper class trash by setting up their own banking, monetary and trading system, which will destroy the Euro-American economies. The upper class trash plans are imploding very quickly but have no fear, the idiots will try to adapt and continue with their evil because they are obsessive compulsive butt holes.

Ron Haskins, an economist at the Brookings Institution, has stated that we are headed for a financial black hole. Sorry, bud, but we have been in a black hole economy now for more than a year. You're a little late to this show.

George W. Ford wrote this article over at American Thinker.

"Since 2000, our GDP has averaged 1.9% growth. By contrast, the similar period starting in 1930 and ending in 1944 had a 5.6% rate of growth, and the 15-year period starting in 1970 achieved 3.0% average growth.

The U.S. is in a prolonged economic slump, the worst in a century if you consider that our long-term growth performance has been trending downward and below 3.5% for a decade and a half, longer than in the 1930s."

He is calling this the worst economy in over 100 years, you know, a super depression or black hole economy like I have been telling you.

Remember that this site is where you get tomorrow's news today.


The Kenya university attack was a Muslim terrorist attack specifically targeting Christians. They murdered 148 Christians.

I just read that Muslims attacked a Christian church and the Christians fought back killing five of the Muslim attackers. The Christians are fighting back.

The Indiana law scandal is proving to Christians that, with pagans, tolerance is a one way street. Christian eyes are opening and they are fighting back. This war started by the left is quickly accelerating because of the left trying to destroy Christianity and the Indiana law originally protected Christians, which the pagans don't want.

The liberals so aggressively attacking Christianity should tell you that it is not possible to be both a liberal and a Christian.

All of the Libertarians seem to think the social issues don't matter and it is only the political and economic issues which matter. That is what Libertarianism is all about, they love their sins, you know, do as you will.

It is the social issues which matter most. The 10 Commandments and the rest of God's Law is almost all about the social issues. If we take care of the social issues, God will take care of the rest. Marxism, liberalism, Libertarianism, and Islam are all pagan or liberal social issues but Christianity is the only one which is conservative social issues and that is what Satan is fighting. Satan doesn't care what type of government or economy you use, if he can get you on social issues, he will use that to destroy the family, society, nation, and the people, you know, like he is doing with the US right now.

Upper Class Trash

A story in a British paper says that the political leaders have gone insane. Well, he is just figuring out what I have been telling you for years. The "ruling class" has been inbreeding too long and have gone completely whacko maximus. We need to get rid of the ruling class and start over with fresher DNA.

I read a story about a rebellion which has been taking place in Brazil for several weeks but I have not seen in any of the media. They also seem to have rioting in the streets in Germany I have not been seeing in the US media. People are rising up all over the world and it is being covered up. The upper class trash agenda is failing everywhere.

Boehner said that Obama does not recognize that the world is on fire. I hate to tell boner this but Obama is the one setting the world on fire with his beloved Islam. An Israeli paper has accused Obama of being a collaborator. Get a clue, Boner. (Yes, I know I spelled it wrong.)


Have you noticed the bait and switch con that is being run on us by liberals?

It goes like this: Obama and his liberal Commiecrats force Obamacare on us, which is terrible and causes everyone to hate Obamacare and Obama (the stupid black guy did it.) Then the liberals in the Commiepublican Party are going to replace it with the terrible program the upper class trash really wants to force on us to "save us" from the stupid black man's incompetence.

Obamacare is the bait and the new, improved replacement program is the switch so that the commies still get their communism but end up looking like knights in shining armor riding to our rescue. Get the picture yet?


I just read that Rep. Ted Yoho, R-Fla is starting the process to impeach Obama. Ted is starting the process of "defining" Obama's crimes or determining which of his actions are criminal and which charges should be filed against Obama. If they categorize just one of Obama's actions as criminal, they will be required to impeach Obama. Then the Senate will be forced to decide whether to remove Obama as president of the US and prosecute Obama.

The clock has started and time is running out for Obama. If Obama wants to remain in power and achieve his evil plans, he must act soon. He almost certainly doesn't have a year left before he has to act, probably only months. Pending how long the upper class trash want the show to last (they have to put on enough of a show to convince the majority of the people that Obama must be impeached and removed), Obama could easily be impeached, removed from office, and his prosecution begun within months.

Also, if Obama wants to make his red flag event look like an attempt by Israel to assassinate Obama, he must stage his red flag event before the impeachment proceedings get serious because, if Obama is in the process of being impeached and removed from office, Israel will have absolutely no reason to assassinate Obama and Obama won't be able to justify invading Israel.

Other News

Syria is now drafting women and asking Putin to commit troops to Syria, which should tell you what?

Syria is running just a wee bit low on military age males. They are in serious trouble and it is getting worse.

Remember that I told you the pagans would all show their true colors, eyes would open, and people will choose?

A Hindu leader in India is calling for the forced sterilization of all Christians and Muslims. Yep, all of the pagans are now getting in on this party showing their true colors. So much for religious tolerance.

The fighting restarted in Ukraine Sunday with artillery fire. It turns out that NATO moving its troops to Eastern Europe to help Ukraine and the other threatened nations was just a PR program designed to make people feel better. The feel good parade is over so they went back to fighting.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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