When I was a kid growing up, there were quite a few things which God used to influence and cause me to go in the direction I went, making me who I am today. Two of those things had to do with history and, especially, military history.

When I was born on Wednesday, April 13, 1949, I was already surrounded by WWII veterans and would later be surrounded by Korean veterans, none of whom would talk and tell me about their war experiences. I was very curious and wanted to know what it was like to live through a war, especially with so many people like the media and Hollywood talking about the war but none of the vets I knew would tell me what it was like.

So, in second grade, I decided to find out for myself what war was really like and began a long search into history that only began with WWII. Because of this search, I have studied the history and anthropology of every continent on this planet and much more, especially the military history. That is almost 60 years of studying and learning from other's successes and mistakes along with my own.

When I was a kid, it was very popular to debate the "one mistake Hitler made that cost him the war". Get it straight, Hitler didn't just make one mistake but made many and he himself was a mistake. I saw a video on the Internet about why Hitler lost the war and they missed some of the key points and I want to touch on those key points because I have seen few address them.

First, let me set the stage because WWII was a war between Marxist powers for more power and the first major international failure of Marxism. All of the key players were at least heavily influenced by Marxism. Russia was already a full blown communist nation, France was so devastated by Marxist pacifism that, even with a more powerful army than Hitler, the Germany Army over ran France within Days, under the Marxist influence of Chamberlain, Britain tried to pacify Hitler, only encouraging Hitler's mischief, Italy was Marxist, Spain was Marxist, and Marxist FDR was so completely devastating the US economy with his beloved socialism that both Germany and Japan thought we would be easy prey.

You have to understand that, before FDR was elected president, the stock market and economic crash of 1929 had already righted itself without any help from a meddling federal government, the economy was rapidly growing, and unemployment was in rapid decline. After FDR got into office and started micro managing the economy with his beloved Marxism, the economy turned around and crashed again into the Great Depression.

That is right, FDR CAUSED the Great Depression and kept it going for more than a decade after he was elected with the lying liberal Marxist media covering up for him. Contrary to what the lefties teach you with their media, schools, and such, the 1929 market crash and capitalism DID NOT cause the Great Depression, their beloved Marxism did, after FDR was elected. The truth is that, if FDR had been a capitalist, we would have never had the Great Depression, you know, like our current commie in chief has caused this super depression.

You see why the lefties have been covering up how terrible of a president FDR was for almost a century?

But that is another story.

The German military leaders knew about and had been helping Hitler plan WWII since before 1937. They told Hitler that, if he started the war before 1945, he would lose the war, as he did, but that, if Hitler would wait until 1945 to start the war, they could win the war.

This was primarily because the German military was so devastated by the WWI treaty and post war economy that it would have taken that long for a proper German military buildup. A second factor was that the Marxism of all of the key powers was so completely destroying their nations, waiting until 1945 to start the war would have given those Marxist governments enough time to finish those nations' abilities to defend themselves that Germany could have defeated all of the key players.

Hitler didn't have a choice but to start the war by 1938 because his beloved Marxism/socialism had bankrupted Germany to the point to where Hitler had to invade other countries and steal their wealth to pay his big government socialist bills. Hitler had gotten too carried away with really huge big government programs like building his military, a lot of really huge public buildings, and the world's first freeway system, Das Autobahn, along with a government owned car company, Volks Wagen (which means the people's car, a Marxist name).

So Hitler went against his generals again and again, at first succeeding, which increased his own self confidence and decreased his confidence in his generals. But the only reason he succeeded at first was because everyone else was screwing up even worse than Hitler was screwing up plus a few things our upper class trash have hidden from you.

For example, the liberals love to tell you how brilliant Hitler's Blitzkrieg was to make Hitler look more militarily brilliant than he was so it would make FDR look even more brilliant by defeating Hitler. The truth is that, if Hitler had not been so successful with the Blitzkrieg, he would have been the stupidest world leader in history.

Let's look at the facts. Poland had never recovered from WWI and was still using a WWI military including horseback cavalry and old biplanes. They were at best a third world country being attacked by a first world country but it was even worse than that. At the very same time Hitler attacked impoverished Poland from the West, the mighty Russian power attacked Poland from the east crushing little Poland between them. Poland never had a chance.

What Blitzkrieg?

BTW, the liberals like to make it look like Hitler's mighty Blitzkrieg flew all of the way across Poland but actually never made it more than about half way across Poland before it ran into Russian troops. The two nations divided Poland almost in half.

After WWII, Church Hill publically admitted there were two critical moments in which Britain was within two weeks of losing the war but Hitler screwed up big time. There were actually more than two critical times in which Hitler screwed up, saving Britain's butt, but Church Hill considered these two times the two most important times.

The first time was when Hitler stopped bombing the British RAF (Royal Air Force) and started bombing London and the other cities. Church Hill stated that, if Hitler had continued bombing the RAF for just two more weeks, Britain would have forced to surrender to Hitler because Hitler had so completely devastated the RAF. Oops...number 1.

The second time was when Hitler declared war on the US bringing the US into the European war. Church Hill stated that, if the US had delayed coming into the war just two more weeks, Britain would have been forced to surrender to Hitler because Hitler had so devastated Britain with their bombing. Oops...number 2.

Another major mistake Hitler made was his death camps. The camps originally started out as work camps where pagan Luciferian Hitler sent people like Jews and Christians to work as slaves but the camps later turned into death camps wasting huge human resources for Hitler. The idiot murdered almost 13 million people he needed to maintain and grow his economy and military to conquer the world. Not only that, to control these people, Hitler used his best crack SS troops to guard civilians, especially women and children, which further decreased his top troops he had available for fighting his war. Hitler's death camps were absolute stupidity that cost Hitler the war, just by themselves, but you can't expect a stupid Marxist to understand that.

Another major mistake Hitler made was going to war against Russia before he finished off Britain for two very important reasons. First, and the most commonly stated reason, is that this caused a two front war for Hitler spreading his forces too thin. But rarely mentioned is that Marxist Spain had promised Hitler that, if Hitler could defeat Britain, Spain would have come into the war on Hitler's side giving Hitler's Axis the power of another nation and greatly increasing Hitler's potential for winning the war. They would have owned Europe. So, with one stupid mistake, instead of increasing his military might and chances of winning the war, Hitler decreased his military might and chances of winning the war.

When Hitler made this mistake, it was the last mistake he got to make to prevent him from ever winning the war. After this big mistake, the war was all downhill for Hitler and the war was over by 1945, you know, when Hitler's generals had told him to wait before starting the war.

In the end, Hitler was not a military genius who failed because of a few mistakes but was a complete economic and military idiot who refused to listen to his generals because of his arrogance and even executed many of his best generals because they told him the truth, further decreasing his chances of winning the war. Basically, Hitler was one very big mistake whose generals almost won the war in spite of Hitler and not because of Hitler. Just like Obama, Hitler was the biggest mistake Germany made for WWII.

The truth is that, if Germany had had a good capitalist leader, Germany could have won the war and conquered the world by growing their economy and being able to wait until 1945 or later to start the war. But then again, a really good capitalist would not have gone to war but would have economically conquered the world by picking up the pieces of the already failing Marxists countries in the world, including the US. Without WWII saving FDR's butt, the US would not have even had an economy by 1945 and could never have built a great military.

The only reason we had WWII is because none of the world leaders knew a thing about economics and capitalism, including the US and Japan. Oh, they were all great political leaders who could win elections with their charisma and lies but were all absolute inbred idiots with the right degrees from the right universities. Someday, the people will finally learn that the heavily inbred, all knowing, all wise, highly educated, grossly overpaid liberal upper class trash, who have all gotten the right degrees from the right universities, you know, the wisdom of the world, have caused almost all of our major problems on this planet. The upper class trash are not as intelligent as they like to think they are and tell us they are. They ARE the problem.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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