How Bad?

One of my three site readers noted that things have reached a critical point by the FCC takeover of the Internet and the BATF banning of ammo. As he put it, "the train has reached runaway status".

So, just how bad is this going to get?

There are several things you must understand about this mess being caused by the pagan liberals and the Muslims. First, this is going to be a real 100% dictatorship and tyranny, which the FCC taking over the Internet and the BATF banning ammo will cause it to quickly become. These are two very critical moves. This won't be pleasant for anyone but the criminals causing it, well the ones who don't get purged.

Second, remember me telling you that God is letting the liberal commie traitor pagans and Muslims have what they want to open everyone's eyes so everyone will see the truth and chose sides with an informed decision. No one will be able to say, "But, I didn't know." Before this is over, everyone will know. You will all either be part of the problem or a victim of the tyranny, with many being both. You will all know the truth.

When I look around and see so many affluent people who are able to remain oblivious to what is going on because this mess has not yet effected them, this causes me to flinch and tells me it must get much, much worse. People are going to have to die for some of these people to see what is really going on. NO ONE will mock the tin hatters because the tin hatters were right.

But, hey, this is already starting to happen.

Remember that Obama is bringing the illegal aliens into this country and giving them your jobs to impoverish and enslave ALL US citizens because Obama hates the US so much? Remember those spoiled rich liberal techies in Silicone Valley like Zuckerberg who think this is all so wonderful and they won't be effected?

Well, the rich upper class trash spoiled children in Silicone Valley have started laying off their spoiled rich techies and hiring illegal aliens, who will work for less money, increasing the wealth of the greedy upper class techies, you know, the old commie "redistribution of wealth" thingy. Obama is also going to use the provisions in Obamacare to seize your bank accounts, retirement savings, and all other wealth you have. But don't worry, Obama is also going to get around to stealing all of the money of the upper class trash white crackers like Zuckerberg, Gates, Soros, and others when Obama purges them.

Do you really think that greedy, power mad, selfish, spoiled two year old tyrant, Obama, is going to allow anyone to have more wealth than himself? Remember that Obama took GM stocks from the upper class and gave them to a union to bribe the union?

Just think of all the luxury, fun vacations, golf trips, fun parties, and everything else Obama can enjoy with all of that wealth. Obama has already shown how much he loves such luxury but he loves even more when others pay for it.

While we are talking about unions, did you notice that not one commie dictatorship has ever had a union?

That is right, there was not one union in the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Vietnam, or Cuba to represent the people. Tyrannical dictators tend to not like organizations which represent the people.

Gee, does that mean that Pharaoh Obama is going to throw all of those corrupt unions, which helped cause this mess under the bus, with the rest of those traitors?

Almost certainly.

Believe me, when Obama's CNSF kicks down the front and back doors of the upper class trash at 2 am, hauls all of their butts, every man, woman, and child out into the back yard, and uses them for target practice, their eyes will open to the truth just before those bullets smash into their faces. Believe me, power mad people like Obama, dont' share power with others well. He WILL purge all of the non Muslim upper class trash and take all of their wealth for himself. And even the white crackers who have converted to Islam will get vaccinated with Obama's hot steel jackets.

Remember the people who convert to Islam in hopes of saving their lives and are still being beheaded by ISIS, whom Obama is supporting? Do you really think any of those upper class trash white crackers converting to Islam will prevent Obama from killing them and stealing all of their wealth for himself?

So, how bad is this going to get before enough people will cry out to God and God will save them?

Look around the world to see how bad it is everywhere else and it will get much worse here because our sins are even greater than theirs. Think not? God said, "To whom much is given, much is required but, to whom less is given, less is required." We were given the most by God (the greatest nation in history) and still turned our backs on God so we will be required to endure the most. Our sins are the greatest ever, therefore, our punishment must be the greatest ever. Many will die before this is over and it will happen within about three to five years.

The sooner we repent of our sins, turn to God, and obey His Law, the sooner this will end. We could prevent this from happening by all of us repenting now but I just don't see that happening right now. Too many people love their sins, especially adultery. It will take too much eye opening and too many bad people repenting of their evil.

You want to know just how evil and perverted we have become?

Remember that I told you that the pagans, who are openly denying God and the Bible actually believe in God and the Bible but they choose to hate God and the Bible because they prefer the one law of Satan, which says, "Do as you will." Because of this, they find God's Law oppressive because it keeps them from doing every evil thing they want to do, especially adultery.

Did you know that the Jews and increasing numbers of Christians are teaching that single people cannot commit adultery, they commit fornication and, since fornication is not specifically mentioned in the Law as being illegal, they teach that single people can commit adultery or that fornication is not a sin.

What happened?

At some point in the last few thousand years, they changed the definition of adultery so it doesn't include sex between single people, only sex if one or both of the people having sex outside of marriage are married. (Gee, I wonder if it was the Catholic Church who did that so all of those single priests and monks could screw whomever they wanted and technically not be committing adultery?)

Listen, just because you change the definition of a word, it doesn't change the meaning of God's Law. Having ANY sex outside of marriage is adultery in God's eyes and it is God who is going to judge us, not the Pope, your rabbi, or any other person.

There is a law in the Bible which says, "If a man and a woman commit adultery and they get married, it will not be counted as adultery." Oops!

Hold it, how can they get married, if one or both of them is already married?

And note that God said that two single people having sex is adultery unless they get married.

Also note that Jesus said, "If a man looks on a woman to lust after her, he has already committed adultery in his heart." Note that he didn't say a single or married man but any man and he didn't say a single or married woman but any woman. Note that none of His apostles asked whether either of them were married or which was married because, at that time, adultery included singles having sex.

That kind of shoots the crap out of that Satanic lie. The point is that we have done everything we could to corrupt God's Law including changing the definitions of words to make sin alright. But, when we find ourselves standing in judgment before God, you will find out it isn't alright. You can fool yourselves but you can't fool God.

BTW, journalist, Scott Rasmussen, wrote an article titled, "Time to Deflate the Bloated Military Budget". In it, he said, "We are currently spending nearly a trillion dollars annually on our military, including compensation for our veterans." Note that he included caring for our veterans as part of the military budget, without which, the military budget is less than 700 thousand per year.

Our military has been reduced down to a one front military and he wants to "trim" it down even more to "save money".

Have you ever noticed that every time we have "trimmed" the military budget to "save money" we have not cut total spending once. We don't save money and he knows it. What we do is spend the money somewhere else so that it always goes into some one else's pocket.

Hey, I know, why don't we cut the military budget out completely. Soon Russia, China, or the Muslims will conquer us and they will tax us into poverty to support their military occupying our country without any of the socialist programs we currently have. Well, that is what the commie traitors want.

What we need to do is change our military strategy. We need to drop this failed Containment strategy which has run our military costs sky high and turn to a proven strategy of leaving enemy countries a pile of smoldering rubble with a lot of dead bodies and crying widows then get out and let them rebuild their own nations. If you do that a few times, no one will mess with you.

The liberal containment and nation building crap has utterly failed. We didn't contain Germany and Japan, we destroyed Germany and Japan. Today, we don't worry about Germany and Japan. We contained North Korea, China, Russia, and Cuba and, today, we are still worrying about and spending defense money containing all of those countries. If we had destroyed those countries when we much more easily could have, instead of containing them, we wouldn't be spending any money today to contain those countries and that would be a huge savings. Over the last 60 years, we have easily spent tens of trillions of dollars containing all of those countries and others when it would have only cost us no more than a few billion to destroy them 50 to 60 years ago AND they would not have helped our traitors destroy our nation, the worst cost of all.

BTW, Obama is getting resistance from ICE and the Border Patrol, you know, like God told me he would. Yep, there are still good guys in the different government agencies. I keep seeing what I call shadows moving in the background.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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