How God Works 2

I want to share some of the things I have learned about how God works to help you better understand what God is doing. God almost always has a number of reasons for everything He does.

Remember that I told you that God has had me here living in poverty to teach me things I could not have learned in middle or upper classes?

He was doing more than that. He quickly caused me to learn that, with my experience, training and education, I couldn't get a job working for someone else so I knew I had to start my own business but I didn't have much money, therefore, I had to find a market niche for a business I could finance the start up with just limited pocket money.

God didn't let me find a business I could start up with my limited income, while He was taking care of my basic needs, so I would keep studying different business industries and designing things and businesses within those industries until I had researched about 60 to 100 different industries and designed about as many businesses, with all of that information stored on CDs and a flash drive in almost 130 folders.


Because this escalating war being caused by the left and Muslims will destroy our nation and economy and God is going to use me, the money He will give me, and that information on those files to start new businesses to help others quickly build a new economy so more of you will have jobs sooner so you and your families don't starve to death. With the information I learned and stored in almost 130 folders, I can much more quickly design and start new businesses to create more jobs for you. God plans ahead very well.

That is also part of the reason why God is making me marry the woman I told you about. God is using us to build a management team to quickly start, build, and manage a lot of different businesses in different industries to help others build that new economy so you don't starve to death.

For example, God let me know in a dream that she has an older brother who is a financial manager and remember that I have an MBA. I have no idea what the rest of her family and the other people who will be in our management team are but God knows and is using us to build His management team to save lives and help build a new nation.

That is also why God told me He will give me several large sums of money to invest in and build those businesses. That money and those businesses God will give us are not just about me but are also about you and our new nation. They are a responsibility for me.

God said, "To whom much is given, much is required and to whom little is given, little is required."

For example, that two million dollar sailboat or yacht God told me to build will be used to save about a dozen lives at some point in the future and not just for me and my family to live a life of luxury. God showed me this in a dream.

The WWI themed restaurant will be for several reasons that I already know about and probably more. I had designed that restaurant more than a decade ago but didn't have the cash for startup so I put the info in a file in a folder and forgot about it until less than a year ago, when God told me He also wants me to build that with the first sum of money He will give me.

The most obvious reason is to generate more revenues the family can use for different things but there is also a fun reason for it that tells me I am to build it before I get married because that restaurant is to be used for our wedding and reception and as a form of wedding gift for my wife.

You see, she started dancing competitively when she was 8, she passionately loves dancing, and her preferred music for dancing competition is jazz. Jazz first became popular during WWI and I had designed that restaurant with a dance floor and to have jazz and German music without thinking about it. I was just looking for a market niche to start a new business but God had me design the restaurant more than a decade ago for my wife to have a fun and better wedding and reception and I only realized this less than a year ago when God reminded me about it. You just know she is going to love that restaurant as a wedding gift from God and me.

Of course, this means I am going to have to take dancing lessons for Jazz, you just know it.

Then there is the castle God made me design and ordered me to build with the second set of money God said He will give me. I knew that such a huge home would have a massive cost of ownership and preferred to build a smaller and "more sensible" home for my family. I only designed it because God egged me to and I knew designing it would require researching quite a few business industries, which would increase the potential for finding ye ole elusive market niche for my new business.

Until just the last few weeks, I was still questioning why God ordered me to build that castle with that second set of money. It is going to be pretty expensive and I could think of other ways to spend that money but God said build it.

About a week ago God let me know that me taking a stand against Obama for God and you will make me and my family a prime target for Obama's Antifa/BLM thugs, only half a dozen of which could just kick in the door on a regular home and butcher everyone inside, you know, my entire new family. But the way I designed that castle and its security system, that ain't happening.

God ordered me to build that castle to protect my new family.

You have to understand that I studied quite a bit of military history, all electronics warfare systems, and was also "volunteered" by my shop for perimeter security for Korat AFB in Thailand and had quite a bit of training I used to design the security system for that castle including an office that is designed very much like a military command center like you see in the movies. You will be able to see any threat coming from several miles away and a dozen Marines could hold off a small army with that castle.

Ain't no one kicking in the front door, you know, the draw bridge, and storming the joint unless they can walk on water and then we are just screwed.

Since God let me know about this, I have been thinking about upgrading the security system, you know, throw in a few mini guns, a few 50 cals, shoulder fired rockets, small armed UAVs, and other fun stuff and that small army ain't getting within half a mile of that castle, forget about Antifa/BLM thugs.

My family will be very safe and I was just trying to find a market niche for a new business but God had other plans.

More than a decade ago I designed that castle to be completely off grid before people were talking about off grid and self sufficient with things like a well, water treatment system, and geothermal energy so that a small population could live there under siege for at least a few years.

I have also realized some other good things about that castle. Remember that I told you that I had to make 16 bedrooms very large to fill that castle up?

If I make the bedrooms smaller and reorganize a few things, those dozen Marines, their families, and others can live in the castle and help manage it very effectively, while providing 24/7 rapid response security, especially if you hire the right military personnel who can all fight.

A few of them can be the maintenance people, a few more can be cooks or chefs, their wives can work as maids without the cute outfits, gardeners, and school teachers, and their children can be friends and classmates in our home schooling program with the best education, sports, recreational, and entertainment facilities.

It will be a win-win for everyone.

Then there is the matter of colonizing those 9 planets, you know, 5 in this galaxy and 4 in the next galaxy.

Have you ever thought about the logistics for colonizing a planet light years away from Earth?

I have never heard anyone, not even NASA, even begin to address this topic and it is critical. The success or failure of colonizing a planet depends on your logistics. You don't just send people to a planet and say, "Hey, good luck." You better have a plan or two.

First, you have to realize that, when you land on a planet light years away, you are now in a desperate survival situation with the nearest help being light years away. You better know how to take care of yourself with the only resources you have available to you. If you can't, you die.

Second, when you first get there, except for limited wind and solar energy, the only energy you will have to do things is human, animal, steam (wood burning) and wind (sailing). There will be no gas, oil, or coal. If you can't get critical things done with very limited energy the way our ancestors did, you die. Hint: studying history helps.

Third, the very first people who go there should not be techies, desk jockeys, politicians, bureaucrats, rich people who can't work with their hands, and bankers. They will screw everything up and people will die.

The first people who should go should be farmers, ranchers, fishermen, black smiths, lumber jacks, sawmill operators, and construction workers to get things started.

Forget nail guns, use hammers. Forget power tools, use hand tools. Forget computers, use pencil, paper, and slide rules. Forget cars, trains, buses, and planes, walk, ride an animal, sail a boat, or ride a bicycle. Forget tractors, chase horses with steel plows. Forget backhoes and augers, use pick and shovel.

You will first build small towns and cities and the best travel between those towns will be by boat, either steamboat (rivers and lakes) or sailboat (oceans and lakes), and bicycle travel will be the best land travel, pending terrain. The best travel in town will be bicycle, tricycle, and quad cycle for people, tools, and small loads because they are faster and cleaner. Animals will only be used for larger loads because they are slower and crap everywhere.

For example, a horse with rider normally travels at about 4 to 8 mph and a person on a bicycle can travel at 17+ mph and is much cleaner because they don't crap everywhere (except in Commiefornia) and safer because they won't get startled and bolt.

What God showed me He wants me and my family to do concerning colonizing these 9 planets is to travel to those planets, use the money He will give us to start businesses, and create jobs to get more people to migrate to the planets to settle them faster. More people will be willing to travel to those planets if they know jobs will be waiting for them.

Many of those people will work and save their money to start farms, ranches, orchards, small businesses, and build fishing boats, especially after they have enjoyed the beauty of those planets.

We will start with businesses that provide food and shelter so we will need farms, ranches, orchards, fishing boats with fish markets on docks, logging camps and lumber mills, and we will need river boats to get food and materials to the coastal towns and people and equipment up river. We will need to hire a team of geologists to find such things as mineral ores, coal, and oil for extraction and then hire the people to extract those things for processing for use.

There will be a lot to do and it will start primitive and basic, much the way our ancestors colonized lands, with a lot of people helping our civilizations to quickly grow into the 21st Century.

We can start businesses and sell them to one or more employees to raise the money to do other things or just grow the businesses to generate revenues for doing those needed things.

Do you better understand why God nailed my feet to the floor and made me research so many industries and design so many businesses?

We are going to need them to build a new nation and then colonize those planets.

If we find our nation or colony needs a certain type of business, we just dig into my files, find a similar business in the same industry, make whatever modifications we need, and startup the business to meet that need. God has spent most of my life, more than half a century, preparing me to do this to help others build a new nation and colonize those planets as easily as possible and He has provided me with knowledge in a variety of ways.

This should help you better understand the many ways God works in our lives to do different things so you can better understand what He is doing in your life. God has put me in a lot of places to see a lot of things and learn a lot about many different things to prepare me for this and other things.

See, it ain't just about me, it is also about thee.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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