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This morning I saw a young free roaming feral kitten that had been somehow injured about three days ago to where, when I went to bed last night, he could barely walk. I have been thinking and praying about how to deal with this because a crippled free roaming feral cat won't survive long, I can't afford to take him to a vet, who might kill the kitten anyway, who is still trying to survive, and he wouldn't even make it to adulthood. He would probably die as a kitten.

I prayed about such things as adopting him out to someone who would take care of an injured kitten and then cat.

This morning God answered my prayers because the kitten was mostly but not completely recovered and could even run and play with the other kittens, with a limp, something that only God can cause to happen, especially when you know the biology about how bad his hind leg was injured.

As I thought about this, I realized that most people show with their comments that they don't understand how God works with judgments and punishments for our sins and how God demonstrates his power to us to show us how well He cares for us when we obey His Laws.

You have to understand that it is normal human behavior for us stupid humans to stop appreciating what God is always doing for us so He will stop doing it so we will relearn to appreciate what He was doing for us. Hey, everyone knows that you appreciate things most when you lose them.

God will also sometimes let people be sick, injured, or impoverished so He can show how He cares for you while you are sick, injured, or impoverished.

First, you have to understand that it is our sins that cause almost all, but not all, of our problems and the Bible and God's Law are a diver's manual for how to live a healthier and better life. He tells you in the Bible that, if you live by His Law, you will live long and prosper but, if you break His Law, you will have certain types of problems.

The reason for the latter is that, if you commit crimes against His Law or sin, those crimes will cause the problems He warned you about but you chose to ignore the warning because we stupid humans just love our sins.

A really great example is what is going on this world right now that is causing more problems than ever before or the selfish, self centered, greedy, power mad lefties destroying our nations and cultures to setup their beloved global communist dictatorship to steal everything you have and enslave or murder you to depopulate "their planet", which is stealing your lives, your work, and your planet from you. This is God's planet and He lets us use it as our home, while we are here.

The lefties are causing these problems by breaking God's Laws and, to keep it simple, we will just use the 10 Commandments for our analysis so it is time for a little more math.

Their first crime and the essence of all forms of Marxism and other dictatorships is the law that you will not covet or want to take what belongs to others. Basically, they are coveting or wanting to steal everything you have to live lives of luxury so they don't have to work to earn it. Hey, they are selfish, self centered, and lazy.

Their second crime is the law that you shall not steal because, when they start working towards setting up their dictatorship to steal everything you have that they covet, they are already in the process of stealing from you and all forms of Marxism and dictatorships are the process of stealing from others.

You also have to understand that, when you destroy someone else's property, you are taking it from them or stealing it from them because they don't have it any more because of you. Basically, you take control of it (steal it) and destroy it.

Their third crime is the law that you shall not lie because they are telling real whoppers to get stupid people to let them set up their coveting dictatorship so they can steal your things, the fruits of your work, your lively hood, your freedoms, and everything else you have including your actual lives. They lie so much you can't blindly believe a thing the lefties say. If they breath or think, it is a lie.

Their fourth crime is that they insist you give up Yahweh as the one true God and worship government as your false pagan god, you know, you must submit to the absolute rule of their god, government, instead of to the rule of Yahweh. Dictatorships are fanatical pagan cults that use government as their god.

They are breaking the first of those 10 Commandments that you shall have no other gods before God, which is why God gave us that law because all pagan gods will teach you to break the Laws God gave you to protect you.

Their fifth crime is they have set up false pagan idols called money, wealth, and things, for which they steal from others to have and breaks the law that says you will have no idols before God. Basically, you don't put nuttin' between you and God.

Some of the other crimes the lefties are committing include but are not limited to:

You shall honor your father and mother, which they teach you not to do and is causing so very many problems because, if you don't respect your father and mother, you won't respect anyone else.

Then they murder people all of the time with no remorse for those they murder. The lefty basic rule is that they do anything to promote their agenda to get what they want, including murder.

They also commit adultery like pagan religious fanatics and teach your children to also commit adultery, which spreads those sexually transmitted diseases that cause so many health and medical problems and kill people every year.

Then, after they get the STDs because of their adultery, they whine and cry because you are supposed to pay for their medical bills and save their stupid butts from those STDs.

Have you also noticed that they bear false witness against anyone they don't like or who is telling the truth to discredit those people?

Then they religiously take God's name in vain.

Now look at all of the many and terrible problems those things are causing in our lives and it proves that it is your sins or crimes against God's Laws that cause almost all of our problems, which means we cause almost all of our problems with our sins.

Get the picture yet?

You shouldn't do those things because they cause almost all of the problems in our lives but we stupid humans just love to do those things and, when we cause those problems in our lives, we love to blame God.

"Why, don't you know, it is God's fault we are causing all of these problems in our lives?"

In the Bible, God also tells us how to get Him to fix the problems we cause with our sins and He tells you the order in which to do it.

He tells you that, if you get your butts in trouble, you 1) repent of or stop your crimes against His Laws that are causing your problems, 2) turn back to God away from Satan and your crimes, and 3) call on his name.

Now you have the sin loving poser Christians who love to teach that you don't have to repent of your crimes against God's Laws because Jesus paid for our crimes so we can commit all of the crimes we want and God will just keep cleaning up the stupid messes we keep making while we are still making those stupid messes.

People, that is like your breaking the windows out of your car with a hammer and wanting someone to fix those windows you are breaking while you are still breaking those windows.

It is kind of stupid, isn't it?

And it insults the intelligence of God. NO ONE is going to fix the windows in your car while you are still breaking them out with your hammer, NO ONE, especially not God.

My suggestion to those who want God to fix your windows you have broken?


If you don't quit sinning, then you are still causing the problems in your life and NO ONE in their right mind is going to try to fix problems you are still causing, ESPECIALLY NOT GOD!!!!

Why would God heal one STD you got by committing adultery, if you are still committing adultery and will get five more STDs?

Therefore, it is only common sense that the very first thing you MUST do in order for God to fix the problems you have caused in your life is for you to stop causing those problems by stopping sinning or "Repent of your sins", stupid.

Then you have to turn from your sins and Satan back to God and focus on God's love for you instead of Satan's hate for God. As long as you are still following Satan, you will be hating God and NO ONE you are actively hating is going to fix the problems you have made in your life, not even God.

Then you have to call on God's name, not some false pagan god's name or Satan's name, you know, the guy who encouraged you to cause those problems in your life.

Listen, my name is Carl and do you really think I am going to answer you, if you disrespect me by calling me some other name?

Of course not and, if I disrespected you by calling you some name other than your own name, you would ignore me too.

Now, do you better understand how and why God works the way He works?

I hope that helped you.

Now, are you ready for a Christian Theocracy using God's Laws to protect you from your sins and the sins of others or do you want to keep having all of these terrible problems because you won't put the hammer down?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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