Hybrid Cars

Long before they began to fund the expanded development of agrifuel or fuel for our cars by converting food crops to fuel for our cars, I warned you that the price of food would go through the roof because they would be seriously increasing the demand for food. Well, they funded the project and began turning food into fuel for our cars and, today, the price of food is climbing rapidly just like I told you it would and, as long as they continue to use food for fuel, the prices of food will continue to climb while we still have huge oil reserves in this country. People will eventually starve while we sit on huge energy reserves we won't touch because of the lies the left keeps telling to discourage the development of those reserves.

I recently had a dream in which the price of food was increasing incredibly fast. The price of food was increasing so fast that it forced more and more people to begin using food stamps but the amount of money they were getting from food stamps and the government being broke and not being able to increase the amount of money each person got along with the increasing demand for that money decreasing how much money each person got began causing those people to get less and less food until, finally, they couldn't even buy a meal with their monthly allotment of food stamps. We are already heading that way and the left refuses to let us develop our existing energy reserves so we can feed our people. It is also important to know that social welfare (Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment - note they didn't include Welfare) now makes up 35% of our total salaries and incomes in the US and 44% in the UK.

Add to this the current crisis with Muslim countries engaged in civil wars driving up the price of oil and gas and we will soon be saying, "What economy?"

I also warned you about using electricity for energy to power our automobiles. I told you that increasing demand for electricity that much will drive the price of electricity through the roof making it impossible for many people to even be able to afford using such things as refrigerators, computers, and TV's. Well, the stupid liberals sold most of America on using electricity for our cars and we have started making a huge move towards achieving this fairy tale with the new hybrid cars.

It turns out that things are going to be even worse than I told you (again) because most of our coal and gas powered electric plants are scheduled to start shutting down in the near future because of EPA regulations. In other words, the idiot liberals are not only going to increase the demand for electricity but are also in the process of greatly decreasing the supply by far more than half. When this happens, many of you will not be able to afford to even read this free blog unless they come up with a steam powered computer.

Just look at this way, you won't need that refrigerator anyway because you won't be able to buy food to put in the thing. Mean while, we will be sitting on huge oil, coal, and gas reserves the liberals have stopped us from being able to use with their lies about destroying our environment. Maybe we can learn to eat oil, coal, and gas? I don't think so.

And, if you study the economic implications behind this rapidly approaching disaster along with the current unemployment growing and rapidly increasing housing crisis with our governments already being broke and Welfare already having increased by far more than 35% in just the first few years of the current mess.....what economy? So how much do you think gas, food, and electricity will cost in just two years? Don't want to go there, do you? Pretty scary thought, is it? Me too.

I am pretty sure I have told you that liberals are the stupidest people on the planet. Well, they insist on proving that as well. I am pretty sure I have also told you that my farts are smarter than liberals. Is there anything liberals have not messed up yet?

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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