Infinite Stupidity 2

Today, children, we are going to have more fun with the stupid liberal commie's. This is getting too easy and too much fun, therefore, the idiot liberals will probably pass a law against having so much fun, especially at their expense. But you will have to admit they deserve this because they rightfully earned this laugh on them.

OK, get this picture, boys and girls; the economy is still in the dumps and getting worse in spite of the lies by the left, Ocommie is trying to milk blaming it all on Bush in spite of his trillions of dollars in guaranteed commie cures which didn't work, and his idiot media and experts are spreading the propaganda that the "Super Recession" ended June 2009 in order to convince the people our economic problems are over thinking we will start spending money we don't have to jump start the economy and end the economic mess they can't figure out how to solve because they are so stupid. I know that some of you can see where this laugh is going and already get the punch line. :-)

This is just another case of the stupid commie's trying to solve the problems they created with more lies because the previous lies not only didn't work, but actually made things worse for them. You know like the lies about the economy recovering bringing those frustrated people who had quit looking for work back into the job market to be counted again and making things look as bad as they really were in spite of the commie lies to the contrary. Their lies not only don't work but always back fire on the commie's and they are too stupid to realize it and stop lying. This is just another lie which will back fire on them.

Now, boys and girls, if the "Super Recession" ended in June 2009, then Ocommie MUST take credit for all the economic problems which have happened since because they can't be Bush's fault any more. After all, the great Ocommie saved the day and brought us out of the "SUPER RECESSION"!!!! Tadah!

Oops! Then the commie's have painted themselves in a corner to where they must now admit that everything which has gone wrong with the economy since June 2009 is Ocommie's fault. Ocommie can't blame Bush any more because Ocommie already saved the day in June 2009. From that point forward, EVERYTHING ELSE has to be Ocommie's fault! All of those lost jobs, frustrated people who have quit looking for work, the homes since being repossessed, the coming economic failure, and everything else has to be Ocommie's fault and can't be blamed on Bush.

So, when the unemployment jumps back up when they start firing all those temporary workers they have been hiring for the last few months now because of the election and Christmas season, that has to be Ocommie's fault. When the housing and banking industries fold again because the banks are being forced to put so many repossessed homes back on the market to save their butts, that has to be Ocommie's fault. When the businesses have to start laying all you people off this next year to save enough money to pay the increased taxes, that has to be Ocommie's fault. When this coming economic flush down the toilet happens, it has to be Ocommie's fault because his idiot liberal media and economic experts said so when they said the "Super Recession" was over effective June 2009.

Yep, these commie's are definitely intellectually superior to the rest of us. ROFL in tears with both sides hurting.

Are these commie's beyond brain dead stupid or what? More and more of you will believe me when I say, "My farts are smarter than the commie's." I am convinced that a group of chimpanzees could do a better job of running this country.

My suggestion to the commie's is,"Quit lying and just solve the problems, stupid!" But we all know by now that commie's are too stupid to do that, boys and girls, so the only thing they can do is lie and lie and lie some more hoping that one day one of their lies will miraculously solve the problem. Maybe a commie fairy will be nice and sprinkle some commie fairy dust on the problem and it will magically go away so we can all live happily ever after in commie never never land. Oooooo, Kumbiyah!

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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