I think the way they are currently handling these social media is stupid and is based on pleasing stupid, simple minded snowflakes.

They should not censor people who make comments that offend people, especially not people who make statements that are racist or show potential criminal activity. That is stupid and is denying law enforcement and the military valuable knowledge.

What they should do is set up an easy to use system for reporting the site, the company managing the site looks the site over to see what is there and contacts the appropriate people concerning the content.

For example, someone admitting to have committed or is planning a crime, they contact the appropriate law enforcement authorities who can use that site to gain evidence for a trial to get that person off of the street to protect other people. They can have one of their people feign agreement with the person to get that person to open up and provide more evidence for trial and to help their investigation.

If it is someone who is racist, they can use the site to gain additional information about a probable organization that may have or might commit a racist crime.

It is very simple minded and stupid to deny law enforcement and the military such valuable tools for investigation and prosecution to protect law abiding citizens but, hey, dey gots to make the stupid lefty snowflakes happy. Forget about protecting the stupid lefty snowflakes, dey gots to make dem happy before dey get murdered.

The censorship thingy is really stupid, isn't it?

They shouldn't censor anyone because, if the post is offensive, it might lead to a criminal investigation to prevent or solve a crime and should be considered potential evidence or cause a snowflake having to grow up, which we know would be traumatic to the stupid snowflake.

Also, here is an easy prediction. The items, especially pictures and videos, being posted on the Internet on a daily basis require considerable amounts of data storage, which takes up computer memory space, costing these businesses money, and any and every computer only has so much computer memory space.

With the tens of millions to billions of people posting these items on these computers, it should only be common sense that sooner or later, these companies are going to reach a point to where continuing to invest in and maintain additional memory storage will become impractical so that these businesses will be required to start cutting back somewhere and at least start dumping as much every day as is being posted, especially on YouTube but also FB, Twitter, and others.

From what I am seeing, this may already be quietly going on.

For example, I am seeing FB putting little sucker punches or games like "what does your name tell you about this, that or something else" to get their customers to tell FB more about those customers so FB can sell that information to businesses. Those games are clearly FB mining intel from their customs to sell to major corporations.

Also, they keep adding things on my "wall" that I need to fill out more information about me "for the people on my friends list", which I know is just them trying to get more intel about me to sell so I don't take that sucker punch and don't fill out those new items of information.

Why would FB do this?

Because they have already sold everything else they know about their existing customers and need more intel to sell so they are dreaming up new ways to mine more intel about their existing customers.

Plus Stupidberg has chased off tens of millions of their customers for political gain, which means he has tens of millions fewer customers to mine information to sell, which is why he recently started being a nicer guy to conservatives instead of costing his business billions of dollars in intel mining revenues. Oops!!!

And you think he is smarter than you because he has more money?

No, he was just in the right place at the right time doing the right thing and his recent screw ups prove that. He only thinks he is a smarty pants. The biggest mistake the lefty upper class trash always makes is that they think they are smarter than they are and that you are dumber than you are. It is called arrogance.

And God said, "Pride goes before the fall."

Then you have to understand that there is only so much valuable marketing information about any one person and as soon as they have mined everything worth selling about any one person, that person is no longer of value to that mining business and can no longer make them more money.

Then you have to understand that there are only so many people on the planet for which you can mine intel and sell and, with these massive super computers mining so much intel so quickly, they will very quickly, probably within just one or two decades, run out of people to sell intel about, then what?

Normal human behavior is that, when you have a large number of things to deal with concerning resources like dollars, people, or anything else, we humans tend to think there is no bottom to the well so we just charge ahead not planning for when that well might go dry and these tech geniuses have clearly made that mistake. People, there is a bottom to every well and the only thing that is infinite is God.

The proper attitude should be that there are ONLY 7 to 8 billion people on this planet and when your super computers have mined everything that is marketable about those people and sold it all to all of your marketing customers, of which there are only so many who can pay that much money for that information, then what? Then your business is going to go broke because you hit the bottom to your well.

Then you have to understand that all of the top and most publically owned corporations in the world are owned by just a handful of other major corporations.

Now, if you are managing a major corporation that owns a number of other corporations, are you going to have each of your corporations pay the same money to the same intel vendor for the same information or are you going to decrease your overhead to increase your profits by sharing that intel between all of those corporations?

That limits the potential customers for these intel mining corporations even more.

Having so many major corporations owned by so few major corporations limits the earning potential of the intel mining corporations and these genius kiddies running these intel mining corporations didn't figure that one out. This means that all of these mergers that should have never been permitted, giving too much control of our economy to too few people to destroy our free market wasn't such a great idea, except for the few people controlling those few major corporations, which is why those few people bribed our political whores to permit them to have those mergers.

Then you have to understand that there are a lot of intel mining corporations like FB, Twitter, Google, the cloud, and others selling the same intel about the same people to the same corporations, which limits the earning potential of those intel mining corporations even more.

And, hey, how about that Internet "cloud" thingy where they have conned most of you into putting everything from your computer on their computer so they can mine all of that intel to sell to those limited number of corporations? After they have sold everything they can about everyone they can to everyone they can, then what? Where are they going to make more money to maintain that cloud thingy to keep your intel, you know, that cost of ownership thingy I have been teaching you about? Oops!

Listen, people, those massive computers don't just cost a fortune to buy but to also maintain and run, you know, ye ole cost of ownership thingy. Those massive computers eat up tons of money in electricity (what about climate change?), parts wear out and break down (the second Law of Thermodynamics), and they have to hire people to run, manage, and maintain those massive computers and all of that costs massive amounts of money. It ain't free, baby, somebody has to pay for it.

When those businesses run out of money to manage, maintain, and run those computers and they have to unplug those computers, what will happen to all of your intel? Do you think you should be backing up all of your intel and keeping at least the most important of it on your computer and/or else where?

Let me be the first to predict that these smarty pants idiots running these Internet social media giants have created an economic bubble that, when it bursts and it will burst, will cause the single greatest economic disaster in history on a global basis. That is an easy prediction just requiring a little common sense, people, because there is a bottom to EVERY well. You will soon find out just how stupid these intellectually superior natural elites really are and that lesson will hurt a lot. Hey, you may end up hanging a few of these greedy, power mad Internet tyrants.

That is right, these intellectually superior, natural elite, all-knowing, all-wise, geniuses who got the right degrees from the right universities have created an economic Internet bubble that will be worse than any economic bubble in history and it will be global.

What economy?

Most and possibly all of these people depending on such things as YouTube for revenues, may end up going broke because of this. A lot of people are going to get hurt because of the stupidity of our upper class trash.

Properly manage resources? Oh heck no, pillage and plunder, baby, pillage and plunder!

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil." Man plans, God laughs.

Keep an eye on this because I am seeing shadows moving in the background that are telling me it is getting closer faster than I thought. Remember that I told you that I am trained in espionage or intel gathering and analysis and this is an easy one, people.

The math for the mess these smarty pants have created sucks big time. It ain't going to be purdy.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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