Iranian Nukes 2

I have been closely monitoring the Iranian nuclear problem and other things waiting for more shoes to drop. Just as I figured, Olmert didn't have the guts to do what needed to be done and the new government is stuck with dealing with a rapidly developing nuclear power which worships death instead of life. That is a very dangerous combination.

As I told you, Iran is working towards a fleet of nukes. They currently have enough nuke dirt for at least 50 nukes and are still turning out more nuke dirt as I write this. They also have a full fleet of missiles which can carry their warheads into orbit and deliver them everywhere and anywhere on earth within a matter of minutes. All they have to do is put the dirt in the warheads, put the warheads on the missiles, and upload them into orbit.

Gingrich has been warning everyone about an aspect of nuclear warfare I didn't feel comfortable in telling you about on the Internet where everyone can read about it but, since the cat is out of the bag, we might as well discuss it. Gingrich is telling everyone that the damage done by the EMP (electromagnetic pulse) generated by a nuclear weapons discharge would result in the death of as much as 90% of the US population within one year.

The lying commie's will tell you he is exaggerating and fear mongering. The truth is that he is being very conservative. Let's do an analysis of what the EMP will do to a country and you will quickly see that it will be much worse than even Gingrich is saying.

First, when the EMP generated by a nuclear weapons detonation crosses any item, from electronic devices to plain eletrical wire, the force of the EMP causes a power surge within that device strong enough to burn the device out which generates enough heat to cause any nearby combustible materials to burn. This includes electronic components, electrical devices such as drills, and even wires not connected to a circuit and just lying in a drawer.

This means that everything which operates using electricity will be incapacitated and have to be replaced. This includes all cars, planes, boats, trains, buildings, computers, phones, water pumps, electric power generation devices, and anything else using electricity. It also means that most of such items within a certain range of the nuclear blast will catch fire and burn from the effects of the EMP. This means that all police, fire departments, and emergency vehicles won't have any vehicles to respond to emergencies except their feet and bicycles. The same will go for you and everyone else within range of the EMP. Most of you won't have any buildings within which to seek shelter from the weather. If you survive, you will stand and watch entire cities burn to the ground while you are being plunged, not into the dark ages, but back into the hunter/gather state of life.

This should tell you that there won't be any vehicles to get food and water into the cities or waste out of them. You will run out of water almost immediately because the pumps moving water into your cities will have been burned out. Within days, the stores will run out of food. You can only live for 3 days without water and two weeks without food before dying from dehydration and starvation. But don't worry. Many of you won't live long enough because, without emergency vehicles to respond to problems the criminal elements will quickly realize that you are at their mercy and begin praying on you to get your food and water for themselves killing many of you. Your cities will rapidly revert to a feudal system being run by the biggest and meanest gangs praying on everyone else until there is just no water or food left. It should also be noted that much of the existing food and water will be destroyed in the fires caused by the EMP.

This will cause a huge exodus from the cities into the country looking for food, water, and shelter. This will result in farms being over run and destroyed further worsening the problem. Open warfare will rage everywhere for food and water.

The truth is that a properly delivered set of strategically placed EMP's will easily cause the death of more than 90% of any current country's population within much less than 3 months and not one year. Within hours, there won't even be an economy or any form of social structure except the most barbaric form of survival of the fittest. Gingrich was being nice and conservative.

Now, we have our commie media telling us that an Israeli strike against Iran cannot stop their development of nuclear weapons and would only delay it for a while. It is more commie garbage and lies.

Keeping in mind what I just told you, it should be obvious that a properly designed Israeli attack can stop Iran from developing a nuke for at least the next 50 to over 100 years. It would only require a simple three part attack by Israel using nukes. The first wave of attacks would be designed to take our Iran's defenses so their second wave can reach the desired nuclear and military targets to destroy their nuclear and military capabilities for retaliating. The third wave would be a series of nukes detonated in the sky over Iran's most strategic cities (not all of them) to plunge Iran into the dark ages for at least the next 50 to 100 years. It should only be common sense that you can't build nukes with stone tipped tools.

This would send a huge message to everyone of Israel's enemies that they should not even think of trying to build nukes to use against Israel. It could even bring peace to the area for at least 50 to 100 years or more.

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