The Islamic State is rapidly spreading around the world by accepting local Muslim terrorist groups into its organization. In this way, ISIS has spread into the Egyptian Sinai peninsula, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Algeria, and other nations.

It is accepted by everyone except the liberals that Obama has caused this mess and is causing it to continue spreading by not trying to stop ISIS in Iraq/Syria. The recent spread of ISIS to Libya was caused by Obama and his European pals when they dethroned Moammar Gadhafi in 2011. We are very likely to have to go back into Libya to clean up the ISIS mess Obama created, you know, like the ISIS mess Obama created in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan and...

Concerning winning the war against Muslim terrorism, it has been proposed by both sides of the fence, Commiecrats and Commiepublicans that we cannot win this war by killing all of the terrorists but we can win this war by providing jobs and a better life for the young men going off to play jihad by killing innocent people, you know, you can offer them a better deal than fighting a jihad.

These arrogant and very ignorant experts think they are so brilliant and intellectually superior (they think too much of themselves and too little of others) they can talk or persuade these Muslims into not waging jihad killing people. Romney was the first to propose this ignorance and stupidity, proving that having a right degree from a right university and/or being worth billions of dollars doesn't mean you are intelligent or informed. Basically, Romney belongs to the class of arrogant, stupid rich people with a right degree from a right university.

These geniuses have no idea why these men are running off to play jihadi.

The reason why these young men, many of whom quit nice jobs and have college degrees and families, are going off to fight in a jihad with these terrorist organizations is because it says repeatedly in the Koran that, if you go to war for Islam, you are guaranteed paradise, even if you go to war and die before you can kill anyone. So these men are going off to fight in these jihads, killing non Muslims, to earn a guaranteed pass to paradise or heaven and then, if they survive, they can go home to their families and nice jobs knowing they don't have to worry about going to paradise. They are guaranteed salvation by waging war against non Muslims, especially if they kill some.

You never heard that from any of these upper class geniuses running this nation and planet. Not even the academic experts have said that. They are all clue less or lying.

OK, let's play a little game. We will pretend I am a radical Muslim going off to fight in a jihad killing non Muslims to earn a guaranteed pass to paradise. Now, offer me something better than heaven.

Yeah, right, no one can offer you anything better than going to heaven.

We are going to get these terrorists to turn down going to heaven for a job or a better life on earth? Just how stupid are these geniuses?

Get real, this shows that none of the experts who think they have the answer for winning this Muslim war against the world know what they are talking about. The upper class geniuses don't even know why the Muslims are fighting us because they keep blindly believing the lies or Al-taqiyya the Muslims keep telling them. These over educated ignoramuses keep trying to understand these jihadis from our Western perspective and logic never realizing that the terrorists are using a completely different perspective and logic. The Muslim logic, perspective, and belief system is completely backwards to the Western logic, perspective, and belief system so you cannot possibly understand the Muslims using Western logic. You have to know Muslim logic to beat them because the Muslim logic tells you how to beat them.

You must first get in their heads and learn what they believe by reading the Koran and studying Islam, as I have. Then you use that to learn their logic and I can guarantee that I have not heard one Western expert who has even come close to getting it right. They are ALL wrong, even the military leaders.

To win this war against Muslim terrorism, you have to go after the money people who are financing the terrorists, kill them, and take all of their money. You also have to go after and kill the people who are providing them with weapons and training. You also have to kill the leaders of these armies and the Muslim religious leaders who are recruiting terrorists for these terrorist armies. Then you go after the terrorists themselves to eradicate them.

If you don't do all of that, you lose. There is no other way to win this thing. You MUST kill them all, everyone involved in any way because of their belief system and logic.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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