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Today, January 23, 2008, I found this little jewel at Debkafile:

Bolton: Military action to stop Iran acquiring an atomic bomb is left to Israel

At a lecture in Herzliya, Israel, Jan. 22, the former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton said: "One can say with some assurance that in the next year the use of force by the United States is highly unlikely" - especially since a US intelligence report claimed Iran had suspended a nuclear program in 2003.

Bolton went on to estimate that further UN sanctions against the Islamic Republic would be ineffective in stopping Iran's military program. "Another resolution will be even more toothless than the previous two sanction resolutions," he said.

"This increases the pressure on Israel in that period of time… If it feels Iran is on the verge of acquiring that capability, it brings the decision point home to use force," said the US speaker.

"If you are worried about an Iran with nuclear weapons and an extreme theological regime in power, the time to take the plan of action is before Iran acquires the weapons," he said, explaining: "The calculus in the region changes dramatically once Iran has nuclear capability, meaning the preemptive use of force or the overthrow of the Iranian regime has to come before they get the weapon."

Once Tehran has the weapon, said Bolton, there is a risk of retaliation with nuclear capability "and that's why Israel is in danger - it is a very small country and two or three nuclear weapons (and) there is no more country. The window of time available is narrow."

Bolton was of the view that Iran's response "will be a lot more measured than people think." A senior Israeli security official commented on the American ex-official's words: "One should listen very closely to what Bolton has to say."

At Arutz Sheva, "Former Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, who also spoke at the conference, hinted that the military option is growing more likely with time."

The other shoe is getting closer to the floor with each day. Some military experts believe Iran will have nukes by at least 2009 but that was before Russia began shipping tens of tons of nuclear fuel to Iran. Get this straight, people, with Russia shipping tens of tons of nuclear fuel to Iran, Iran is not building one or two nukes; they are building a fleet of them!!! And you better know that they will use them on ANYONE and EVERYONE who refuses to submit to their version of Islamic rule.

Iran already had the missile technology putting Israel, Europe, and Moscow in range of their nukes and then Putin, in his great brilliance, is providing Iran with even more advanced inter continental ballistic missile technology that will put even the US, China, and North Korea along with the rest of the world within Iran's nuclear weapons range.

If you have paid any attention on this site at all, you know that with a very radical religious leader like Kameini in charge of Iran using Amadenijad as his puppet and Islam being a ruthless warrior cult which worships death and martyrdom, you better know those nukes will be used! As a matter of fact, you should also know by now that after Iran has subjugated the rest of the world, Iran absolutely MUST use those nukes on Russia, China, North Korea, and every other non Muslim who helped Iran. Remember that the Koran does NOT require a Muslim to subjugate every non Mulsim who made a military pack with the Muslim to destroy a common foe, THE KORAN ABSOLUTELY REQUIRES THAT THE MUSLIM DESTROY THAT NON MUSLIM WHO MADE THE MILITARY PACK WITH THE MUSLIM!!!! Therefore, Iran will be REQUIRED to nuke Russia, China, North Korea and all others who helped Iran defeat the other non Muslims with the same nukes those countries provided Iran with!

Believe it, the nukes WILL BE USED!!!

Where does this put Israel?

Israel is in a spot to where she has increasingly less time to stage a preemptive strike against Iran to stop the development of Iran's nuclear weapons. She already has very little time and President Rice, Vice President Bush, and Putin keep shortening that time by doing really brilliant things like refusing to attack Iran, giving Iran nuclear fuel and weapons technology, and providing weapons systems to protect that technology. I think that, realistically, Israel has less than a year and probably less than six months to destroy Iran's nuclear weapons.

Israel only has two choices; do nothing and she will be destroyed or destroy Iran's nuclear weapons and she might face a war with the rest of the Muslims and their allies. Personally, I will take might over will any day.

I believe that the Israeli IDf knows that Olmert doesn't have the guts or brains to stage the attack against Iran and, even if he did, he is too stupid to stage the attack before it is too late. Currently, the political opposition is failing to remove Olmert and his corrupt cronies from power to put in some one who will do the right thing, the people have been increasing their efforts to get Olmert out of office, and recently about 50 military officers issued a letter demanding that Olmert step down from office. I think we can safely say that patience's are getting thin as time for action draws closer.

I honestly believe that, if Olmert is not removed very soon and some one else put in who will do the right thing, that the IDF will be forced to stage a coup to make sure the right thing gets done in time. Every day is one day fewer the IDF can wait.

I also believe that when IDF does do the right thing by staging the coup and attacking Iran (protecting themselves and everyone else) that President Rice and the rest of the west will turn on Israel along with the Mulims and commies. The stupid west will say that Israel must be punished for saving their stupid butts. I believe the west will join the war against Israel or at least not try to stop it on the grounds that the military coup needs to be undone and a democracy returned to power. I believe the Muslims, Russia, and others will be more than glad to pretend to do that with the true intention of wiping out all life in Israel to permanently destroy her. In other words, the coup and the attack by a "military dictatorship" will be their excuse to wage war against her under the guise of the UN and no one will try to stop them. It is at that point that God will intervene.

As a side note, examining Putin's lack of intelligence, here is a country leader who is being waged war against by Iran with terrorist armies trained, armed, and financed by Iran giving Iran nuclear fuel and weapons techonlogy. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't that like handing a gun to some one who is punching you in the face? Duh, hello!!!

This leads me to believe that the world leaders are having a stupid contest and it is getting very difficult to tell who is winning because they are all mind bogglingly stupid. Every time I think they couldn't get more stupid, they do. I am not sure, but I think that president Rice, Vice President Bush, Putin, Hu, Olmert, and the liberal media are in the lead but not by very much. I find it amazing at how many people are trying their very best to prove they are the stupidest person in the history of the planet. It is like watching a pack of fools having a contest to see who can knock down a concrete wall first by butting their heads against it while expecting the rest of us to believe they are superior to us in intelligence.

I thank God that He exists and is in control because I believe that our natural elites have inbred so long that they have biologically driven themselves insane. The crazies are running the world and we will soon need God to save our butts from them.

Another side note: I believe that it has been proven by now that President Rice and her State Department cronies along with cronies in other agencies are traitors. The reason I believe this is because everything President Rice has done in relation to the war against terror has worked out in favor of the terrorists and against the US and its allies. I do not believe it is possible any more that she is just stupid because even the stupidest person will occasionally get something right.

Pray long and hard; we need it!!!

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