I Told You So!

It looks like I am going to have a whole new series of pages for you. More and more of the stuff I have been telling you would happen is happening. I base my predictions on scriptures and the scriptures can't be wrong.

I told you that the terrorists would use Gaza to begin launching attacks against Israel. I told you that Hizbullah would form their army and attack Israel. I told you that Israel would have to go back into Gaza, the West Bank, and Lebanon. I told you that it would draw the rest of the Muslims and Russia against Israel. It is happening while I write this and there is nothing ANYONE can do to stop it because the scriptures require it.

In Lebanon, Hizbullah formed their army armed with sophisticated rockets and mortars. They were preparing for more conventional warfare because they were forming more conventionally than previously. Since then, Hizbullah staged an attack that resulted in a very large sustained exchange of fire with Israel which lasted long enough that Lebanon officials were able and required to negotiate a cease fire between the two.

Recently Hizbullah staged a very sophisticated attack against Israel that surprised the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) and resulted in the killing of a number of IDF troops and the capture of two. They are still staged for an invasion, Israel is now worried that Syria will join the fray, and Iran has moved and positioned troops into southern Syria, and they just sent one of their top military people to Syria.

Israel has called up reserves for its army and air force. They have declared the attack an act of war by a sovereign nation. Israel has begun shelling and bombing key targets in Lebanon including bridges. It seems they have sent troops back into Lebanon.

In Gaza, the attacks have gotten so bad that Israel was forced to not only go back into Gaza for sustained military operations but also to do so in the West Bank. The terrorists are escalating the fighting in Gaza and I expect it to move to the West Bank soon.

Iran has been trying and succeeding at smuggling weapons and troops into Gaza, the West Bank, and south of the Israeli border. Egypt has staged infiltration missions into Israel and been helping the terrorists get weapons and troops into Gaza.

Others coming into the battle? Qatar just issued a condemnation of Israel for defending itself against these attacks and is trying to stir up a pot of Muslim nations and allies that want to be stirred up.

With the continuing escalations of aggression against Israel, she must soon go into Lebanon, Gaza, and the West Bank to erradicate the threat or perish. She has no other choice because the terrorists leave her no other choice. When she finally does what she must to survive, the Muslim world and her allie, Russia, will "come to their aid." This will be the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. Read it and know it because it gets closer every day and, because God said it will happen, no one can stop it from happening.

Mean while, Olmert is in a typical liberal act of denial about his retreating causing these problems and intends to continue the retreats after the current military actions are over. Some people, no, many people, never learn and insist or repeating their stupid mistakes but, unfortunately, they insist on their right to force their stupid mistakes on the rest of us. No thank you.

If you don't see me posting for a while, it is because I may be waiting for certain things to develop. There is a time to teach and act and a time to just wait on God. I am still here, waiting and watching.

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